Valsala Menon

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Valsala Menon
Born1945 (age 7778)
Thrissur, Kerala, India
Years active1985–present
SpouseKalappurakal Haridasan Nair
Children3 [1]
Parent(s)Raman Menon

Valsala Menon (born 1945) is an Indian actress who works in Malayalam films. She has acted in over 200+ films. Currently she is active in Malayalam television serials.


Early life

Valsala Menon was born in 1945 to Raman Menon and Devakiyamma in Thrissur District. She has three elder brothers. [2] Since early childhood she has learned classical dancing and has performed on various stages in the august audience of leaders and rulers of the time. She came into industry as a child artist Baby Valsala in Malayalam movie Thiramala in 1953. She got married at the age of 16 and settled at Bombay. She became Miss Thrissur in 1970 after giving birth to three children. She had taken dance, Malayalam classes in Bombay. She was active in Ladies Club also, there. Although there was innumerable offers for her to act in films post her marriage, she made a comeback to films in Kiratham released in 1985 once her children had finished their schooling and was on their own. She became noted through Parinayam 1994. Since then she is acting in movies in supporting characters . [3] as well as in a number of tele serials in character roles. She has also appeared in advertisements.

Personal life

She was married to Late Kalappurakal Haridas in 1961. Haridas was working as an engineer at Bombay. The couple have three sons Prakash, Prem and Priyan. Prakash Menon is working in Australia, Prem Menon in Singapore and Priyan Menon in Kochi. [4] Her husband died in 1991.

Partial filmography

Malayalam films
Tamil films
Telugu films

Voice only


1997-2000Manasi DD Malayalam
2001Marubhoomiyile Pookkalam DD Malayalam as Mangalathamma
2001-2002Mangalyam Asianet Muthassi
2002-2003Valslyam Surya TV
2003 - 2004Swapnam Asianet as Paatiyamma
2004Avicharitham Asianet
2004Jalam DD Malayalam
2004ChittaSurya TV
2005Swaram Amrita TV
2005Swantham Malootty Kairali TV
2006Indumukhi Chandramathi Surya TV
2006Makalude Amma Surya TV
2006Summer in AmericaKairali TV
2007Naarmadi PudavaDD
2007-2008Amma Manassu Asianet as Rahelamma
2007Ente Alphonsamma Asianet
2007Ellam Mayajalam DD Malayalam
2007Velankani Mathavu Surya TV
2010Ponnum PoovumAmrita TV
2011-2012Swaamiye Saranamayappa Surya TV as Devakiyamma
2010-2011Alaudinte Albuthavilakku Asianet
2012Sreeparvathiyude PaadamDD Malayalam
2012Parinayam Mazhavil Manorama as Ramabhadran's mother
2013Ullkadal Kairali TV
2013Sreepadmanaabham Amrita TV
2013Hello Robo Surya TV
2011-2012Ilamthennalpole Surya TV as Meenakshi's Muthassi
2013–2018 Parasparam Asianet as Muttashi (Krishnan's Mother)
2013-2014 Bhagyadevatha Mazhavil Manorama as Rahelamma
2012-2013Mohakkadal Surya TV as Chempakassery Mahalakshmiyamma
2014Bl. Mariam ThresiaShalom TV as Ittyanam's grandmother
2015Vivahita Mazhavil Manorama as Shalini's Ammayi
2015 Mayamohini Mazhavil Manorama as Yamini's and Mohini's mother
2015Sangamam Surya TV
2015Snehasangamam Surya TV
2015Chembaraththi Surya TV
2015-2016Manasariyathe Surya TV
2015-2016Meghasandesham Kairali TV as Muttashi
2016 Krishnathulasi Mazhavil Manorama as Madhaviamma
2016Mizhi Randilum Surya TV as Muttashi
2016 Nonachiparu Asianet as Karinkanni Madhavi
2017 Chempattu Asianetas Nangemma
2018Decemberinte AkashamAmrita TVas Ammayi
2018PranayiniMazhavil Manoramaas Kochuthresia
2018PriyankariEuropean TV Seriesas Valyammachi
2018-2019GauriSurya TVas Sanyasiniamma
2018-2019Thenum VayambumSurya TVas Paattiyamma
2019-2021 Pookkalam Varavayi Zee Keralamas Karthyayani
2021PriyankariFlowers TVas Valyammachi
2021 Ente Maathavu Surya TVas Valyammachi
2022BaaniYouTubeas Muthassi

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