1878 Manitoba general election

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1878 Manitoba general election
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  1874 December 18, 1878 (1878-12-18) 1879  

The 1878 Manitoba general election was held on December 18, 1878 to elect representatives to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.

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Mackenzie Bowell 5th prime minister of Canada

Sir Mackenzie Bowell was a Canadian newspaper publisher and politician, who served as the fifth prime minister of Canada, in office from 1894 to 1896.

1878 in Canada

Events from the year 1878 in Canada.

Manitoba Liberal Party Political party in Canada

The Manitoba Liberal Party is a political party in Manitoba, Canada. Its roots can be traced to the late 19th century, following the province's creation in 1870.

Donald Gunn was a Scottish-Canadian businessman, judge, astronomer and politician. He was a member of the Manitoba Provincial Legislative Council.

Dominion City

Dominion City is an unincorporated community in the Municipality of Emerson – Franklin, Manitoba Canada. It is located in southeastern part of the province, approximately 20 kilometres north of the Canada–United States border.

William Bernard ODonoghue Irish-American treasurer

William Bernard O'Donoghue was an Irish-American noted as having been the treasurer in the provisional government established by Louis Riel at the Red River Colony during the Red River Rebellion of 1869 – 1870. However, after fleeing to the United States with Riel on 24 August 1870, he subsequently broke with him following a meeting on 17 September where O'Donoghue unsuccessfully argued that the American government should be asked to intercede on behalf of the Métis people. O'Donoghue had by 1871 formed an association with the Fenian Brotherhood, and on 5 October of that year led a force of 35 men on a cross-border raid into Manitoba. The raid failed to attract the support of the Métis, and in fact, O'Donoghue was arrested by them and released to American authorities in Minnesota. Following the failed Fenian invasion of Manitoba, O'Donoghue was employed as a schoolteacher. He died of tuberculosis in St. Paul, Minnesota on 16 March 1878.

Winnipeg Route 95

Route 95 is a city route located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It runs in the southwest part of the city from Route 105 east to Route 42, near the Confusion Corner intersection. It is named Roblin Boulevard west of Assiniboine Park, where it then becomes Corydon Avenue for the remainder of its route.

Joseph Royal Canadian politician

Joseph Royal was a Canadian journalist, lawyer, politician, businessman, and Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories.

Edward James McMurray was a Canadian politician.

St. Jean Baptiste is an unincorporated community recognized as a local urban district in Manitoba. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Montcalm along Highway 75, 40 km north of Emerson at the United States border, and 60 km south of Winnipeg.

St. Malo is a local urban district located in the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry, approximately 70 km south of The Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most of the community's residents are bilingual francophone of Métis or Québécois heritage.

Samuel Clarke Biggs was a Canadian politician in the province of Manitoba.

Norquay is a town in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It was named after John Norquay, premier of Manitoba from 1878 to 1887. It is the administrative headquarters of the Key Saulteaux First Nation band government.

William James Winram was a Canadian politician in the province of Manitoba.

Alexander Murray was a Canadian politician in the province of Manitoba.

William Herbert Burns was a Canadian politician and merchant. He was elected to the House of Commons of Canada as a Member of the Conservative Party of Canada in the 1930 election to represent the riding of Portage la Prairie. He was defeated in the 1935 election.

Arrow River is an unincorporated community in southwestern Manitoba, Canada. It is located approximately 10 kilometers east of Miniota, Manitoba in the Prairie View Municipality.

Kenneth McKenzie was a Scottish-born rancher and political figure in Manitoba. He represented Portage la Prairie from 1874 to 1878, Burnside from 1878 to 1879 and Lakeside from 1886 to 1892 in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as a Liberal.

The members of the 3rd Manitoba Legislature were elected in the Manitoba general election held in December 1878. The legislature sat from February 1, 1879, to November 26, 1879.

Cornish Canadians are Canadians of Cornish descent, including those who were born in Cornwall. The number of Canadian citizens of Cornish descent cannot be determined through census statistics, though speculative estimates place the population as high as 20,000.