1879 Manitoba general election

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1879 Manitoba general election
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  1878 December 16, 1879 (1879-12-16) 1883 Manitoba general election  

The 1879 Manitoba general election and was held on December 16, 1879.

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1878 and 1879 United States House of Representatives elections House elections for the 46th U.S. Congress

Elections to the United States House of Representatives were held in 1878 and 1879 for Representatives to the 46th United States Congress. These elections occurred in the middle of President Rutherford B. Hayes's term.

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1879 New Zealand general election

The New Zealand general election of 1879 was held between 28 August and 15 September 1879 to elect a total of 88 MPs to the 7th session of the New Zealand Parliament. The Māori vote was held on 8 September. A total of 82,271 (66.5%) European voters turned out to vote, plus 14,553 Māori voters. Following the election, John Hall formed a new government.

The 1879 FA Cup Final was contested by Old Etonians and Clapham Rovers at the Kennington Oval, London Borough of Lambeth, South London. Old Etonians won by 1–0, the only goal scored by Charles Clerke.

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The 1879 Victorian Football Association season was the third season of the Australian rules football competition. The premiership was won by the Geelong Football Club. It was the club's second VFA premiership, and the second in a sequence of three consecutive premierships won from 1878 to 1880; for the second consecutive season, Geelong was unbeaten during the year.

The 1879 United States Senate election in New York was held on January 21, 1879, by the New York State Legislature to elect a U.S. Senator to represent the State of New York in the United States Senate.

Solar eclipse of January 22, 1879

An annular solar eclipse occurred on January 22, 1879. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun's, blocking most of the Sun's light and causing the Sun to look like an annulus (ring). An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region of the Earth thousands of kilometers wide. The path of totality crossed southern Africa.

The United States Senate elections of 1878 and 1879 were elections which had the Democratic Party retake control of the United States Senate for the first time since before the Civil War.

Events in the year 1879 in India.

The 1879–80 Scottish Cup was the seventh season of Scotland's most prestigious football knockout competition. With 142 entrants, this season saw the largest number of teams to compete for the trophy since its inception. Defending champions Vale of Leven were knocked out in the first round when the lost 4–3 to rivals Dumbarton. Queen's Park won the competition for the fourth time after they beat Thornliebank 3–0 in the final on 21 February 1880.

1879 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania

The 1879 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania was held on January 20, 1879. J. Donald Cameron was re-elected by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to the United States Senate.

1879 SAFA season

The 1879 South Australian Football Association season was the 3rd season of the top-level Australian rules football competition in South Australia.

1879 California gubernatorial election

The 1879 California gubernatorial election was held on September 3, 1879 to elect the governor of California.

Elections to Liverpool Town Council were held on Saturday 1 November 1879. One third of the council seats were up for election, the term of office of each councillor being three years.

The 1879 City of Nelson by-election was a by-election held on 6 February 1879 in the City of Nelson electorate during the 6th New Zealand Parliament.

The 1879 City of Dunedin by-election was a by-election held on 15 July 1879 in the City of Dunedin electorate in Dunedin during the 6th New Zealand Parliament.

The 1879 Mataura by-election was a by-election held on 15 January 1879 during the 6th New Zealand Parliament in the electorate of Mataura in Southland.