1886 in Canadian football

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1886 in Canadian football
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Canadian Football News in 1886

Final regular season standings

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points


Quebec Rugby Football Union [1]
Montreal Foot-Ball Club 2200276
Britannia Football Club21102215
McGill University2020937

*Bold text means that they have clinched the playoffs

League Champions

Football UnionLeague Champion
ORFU Ottawa College
QRFU Montreal Foot-Ball Club



QRFU Final

no QRFU Final

ORFU College Final

ORFU Final

ORFU Final
Ottawa College 13Toronto Foot-Ball Club 0

Dominion Championship

No dominion championship was played.

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The 1885–86 British Home Championship was the third annual international football tournament played between the British Home Nations. As common for the time, the matches were punctuated by some high scorelines and for the first time two teams finished level on points at the top of the table, thus sharing the championship as goal difference would not be introduced to separate teams for over nearly 90 years.

The 1886–87 British Home Championship was the fourth international football tournament between the British Home Nations. Played during the second half of the 1886–87 football season, the competition was won by Scotland for the fourth consecutive time. Ireland also achieved their first placing above the bottom of the table, finishing above Wales due to victory at home in their final match.

1888 VFA season

The 1888 Victorian Football Association season was the 12th season of the Australian rules football competition.

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The 1886 Harvard Crimson football team represented Harvard University in the 1886 college football season. The team finished with a 12–2 record and outscored opponents 765 to 41 under first-year head coach Frank A. Mason. On November 3, 1886, in a game played at Exeter, New Hampshire, the Crimson defeated the team from Phillips Exeter Academy by a score of 158-0, the highest point total ever achieved in a football game to that point. The team's two losses were against rivals Princeton (0–12) and Yale (4–29). Princeton and Yale are recognized by various selectors as the 1886 national champions.

1886–87 in Scottish football

The 1886–87 season was the 14th season of competitive football in Scotland. This season saw the inaugural playing of the Scottish Junior Cup.

The 1886 Navy Midshipmen football team represented the United States Naval Academy in the 1886 college football season. The team marked the second time that the school played a multiple-game season. The squad was captained by halfback Clarence Stone. The year began with consecutive wins over rivals St. John's College and Johns Hopkins, but then regressed with a loss to the former and a close victory over the latter. The year concluded with shutout losses to the Princeton reserve squad and Gallaudet. The season was the program's longest until 1890, when that year's team played seven games.

The 2015–16 Serbian SuperLiga is the tenth season of the Serbian SuperLiga since its establishment. The season was started on 17 July 2015 and will be finished on 21 May 2016 with a matches of the last round of the play-offs. Partizan are the defending champions.

1891 Purdue football team American college football season

The 1891 Purdue football team was an American football team that represented Purdue University during the 1891 college football season. The team compiled a 4–0 record in the university's fourth season fielding an intercollegiate football team. For the 1891 season, Purdue hired Knowlton Ames as its football coach. Ames played for Princeton from 1886 to 1889 and was considered one of the greatest players ever to play college football, after scoring 730 points for Princeton. The 1891 Purdue team shut out all four opponents, outscoring Wabash, DePauw, Indiana, and Butler by a combined score of 194 to 0. Purdue's 60–0 victory over Indiana was the first installment in a rivalry which later became noted for the award of the Old Oaken Bucket trophy.

The 1886 Northwestern Purple football team was an American football team that represented Northwestern University during the 1886 college football season. The Northwestern team played only one game, a 32–4 loss at Evanston to a team representing the Harvard School Athletic Club. The loss to the Harvard School was only the fourth game played by a Northwestern football team, one game having been played in 1876 and two games having been played six years later in 1882.

1886 Mens Tennis tour

The 1886 Men's tennis tour was composed of the tenth annual pre-open era tour incorporating 85 tournaments. The tour began in April in London, Great Britain and ended in December in Napier, New Zealand.


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