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The Toronto Argonauts lost their first two games of the season, only to storm back and win eight straight, including their first Grey Cup win in 12 years.


The Winnipeg St.John's were a no show at the annual meeting of the Manitoba Rugby Football Union. It was later learned that the St.John's had suspended operations for one season while they got their finances in order.

The MRFU made attempts to get another organization to take over the operations of the St.John's for the 1933 season. Although there was interest in taking over the team on a permanent basis, there was no interest in being custodian of the team for just one season.

In August, the players of the St.John's were dispersed between the Winnipegs and the Garrison. The Garrison was an Army team and only servicemen were eligible to play on the team. The Garrison claimed the only player who qualified (Alf Woods) and the remainder of the players ended up in the camp of the Winnipegs.

With an abundance of players available the Winnipegs operated two teams in 1933. The best players ended up on the Winnipegs who were wearing brand new blue jerseys (they weren't blue & gold until 1934). The remaining players wore the old green jerseys and they played under the name Shamrocks. [1]

The Winnipeg St.John's failed to re-form in 1934.

The British Columbia Rugby Football Union did not have regular season play, but did play 8 games in 3 multi-game series to determine a western semi finalist, and later another final for the league championship.

Regular season

Final regular season standings

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points

Interprovincial Rugby Football Union
Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers 642067558
Toronto Argonauts 642086548
Ottawa Rough Riders 633061756
Hamilton Tigers 615043732
Ontario Rugby Football Union
Sarnia Imperials 6510952510
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers 532052646
St. Michael's College 513126463
Hamilton Tiger Cubs614136743
Intercollegiate Rugby Football Union
Varsity Blues 642066428
Queen's Golden Gaels 642038358
McGill Redmen 633041326
Western Ontario Mustangs 615037732

*Bold text means that they have clinched the playoffs.

Manitoba Rugby Football Union
Winnipegs 22007264
Garrison Rugby Club20206720
Saskatchewan Rugby Football Union
Regina Roughriders6510542310
Moose Jaw Millers6510601510
University of Saskatchewan Huskies624026194
Saskatoon Hilltops60603860

*The Huskies defaulted the final game of the season to the Millers

Alberta Rugby Football Union
Calgary Altomahs431038146
University of Alberta Varsity413014382

League Champions

Football UnionLeague Champion
IRFU Toronto Argonauts
WCRFU Winnipegs
CIRFU University of Toronto
ORFU Sarnia Imperials
MRFU Winnipegs
SRFU Regina Roughriders
ARFU Calgary Altomahs
BCRFU Vancouver Meralomas

Grey Cup playoffs

Note: All dates in 1933

BCRFU Semifinals series

September 23New Westminster Dodekas 6 Victoria Capitals 1
October 4 Victoria Capitals 10New Westminster Dodekas 8

New Westminster Dodekas win series on points, 14-11, advance to BCRFU finals series

September 23 Vancouver Athletic Club Wolves 7 Vancouver Meralomas 6
September 30 Vancouver Meralomas 12 Vancouver Athletic Club Wolves 8
October 9 Vancouver Athletic Club Wolves 3 Vancouver Meralomas 12

Vancouver Meralomas win series 2 games to 1, advance to BCRFU finals series

BCRFU finals series

October 14 Vancouver Meralomas 8New Westminster Dodekas 2
October 21New Westminster Dodekas 8 Vancouver Meralomas 23

Vancouver Meralomas win series on points, 31-10

BCRFU final

November 25 Vancouver Athletic Club Wolves 5 Vancouver Meralomas 12

Vancouver Meralomas, evidentially playing a second final, win the BCRFU championship

WICRFU final

November 11University of Alberta Polar Bears 5University of British Columbia Varsity 12

University of British Columbia Varsity, in front of a sellout crowd of 2500, win the western collegiate championship

CIRFU final

November 18 Queen's Golden Gaels 3 Varsity Blues 10

West semifinals

Western Semifinal 1
November 4 Regina Roughriders 1 Winnipegs 11
Western Semifinal 2
November 4 Vancouver Meralomas 11 Calgary Altomahs 13
  • Calgary advances to the Western Final.


Western Final
November 11 Calgary Altomahs 1 Winnipegs 15
Eastern Final
November 18 Toronto Argonauts 5 Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers 4
November 25 Toronto Argonauts 15 Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers 5

East semifinal

November 25Toronto Varsity BluesSarnia Imperials

Grey Cup semifinal

December 2 Toronto Argonauts 13 Winnipegs 0

Playoff bracket

QuarterfinalsSemifinalsGrey Cup final
ORFU Sarnia Imperials
ORFU Sarnia Imperials
CIRFU University of Toronto Forfeit
CIRFU University of Toronto 10
CIRFU Queen's University 3
ORFU Sarnia Imperials 3
IRFU Toronto Argonauts 4
IRFU Toronto Argonauts 5–15
IRFU Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers 4–5
IRFU Toronto Argonauts 13
MRFU Winnipegs 0
ARFU Calgary Altomahs 1
MRFU Winnipegs 15

Grey Cup Championship

December 9

21st Annual Grey Cup Game: Davis Field – Sarnia, Ontario

Toronto Argonauts 4 Sarnia Imperials 3
The Toronto Argonauts are the 1933 Grey Cup Champions

1933 Ontario Rugby Football Union All-Stars

NOTE: During this time most players played both ways, so the All-Star selections do not distinguish between some offensive and defensive positions.

1933 Canadian Football Awards

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The Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup for the second time in five years.

For the second consecutive season the Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers met for the Grey Cup. The Argonauts won the game.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers played in their third consecutive Grey Cup final. A last-second rouge gave Winnipeg its second title in five years.

The only two-game total point series in Grey Cup history was played between the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers. It was Ottawa's first Grey Cup championship since the Senators won back-to-back titles in 1925 and 1926. It was Balmy Beach's fourth and final appearance at a Grey Cup, winning two times in four opportunities.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were once again permitted to challenge for the Grey Cup following a rule dispute a year earlier. In a meeting of the previous two Grey Cup champions, the Blue Bombers prevailed, sending the coveted mug west for the third time.

Football returned to relative normal in 1945 following the conclusion of World War II. Two rivals from the pre-war years met once again in the annual Grey Cup, but on this occasion, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were no match for the Toronto Argonauts. For Winnipeg, it was the worst loss by a western team in the Grey Cup since 1923 when Queen's University routed the Regina Roughriders 54-0.

After a 17-year absence, the Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to the Grey Cup final. Their losing streak in the big game continued, however, as it was the other Rough Riders that took home the prize.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the annual Grey Cup in 1953.

The Edmonton Eskimos upset the Montreal Alouettes to send the Grey Cup trophy back west for the first time since 1948.

The Edmonton Eskimos defeat the Montreal Alouettes in the first Grey Cup held in the west. This was also the first year that the Grey Cup was open to professional teams only, as the amateur Ontario Rugby Football Union was not invited to compete in an inter-union playdown, leaving only the Eastern Canadian Interprovincial Rugby Football Union and the Western Canadian Western Interprovincial Football Union to compete for the Canadian championship.

The Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers were a Canadian football team based in Toronto, Ontario and a member of the Ontario Rugby Football Union, a league that preceded the Canadian Football League. Spanning three decades, they appeared in four Grey Cup championships, winning twice in 1927 and 1930, and were the longest lasting member of the ORFU.

The 1935 Calgary Bronks season was the first in franchise history where the team finished in 1st place in the Alberta Rugby Football Union with a 2–0 division record. The Bronks played in the Western Title game, but lost to the eventual Grey Cup champion, the Winnipegs.


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