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The Winnipeg Rugby Club was formed on May 14 at the annual meeting of the MRFU. The team played as the Winnipegs and adopted the colours of green and white.


On September 29 in the first game played in Canada under floodlights, the Hamilton Tigers defeated the University of British Columbia in an exhibition game at Athletic Park.

The first game in Eastern Canada under floodlights was on October 29 between Oshawa and Toronto Balmy Beach in Toronto's Ulster Stadium.

The convert kicking spot was moved from the 35-line to the 25 but only drop kicks were allowed.

Regular season

Final regular season standings

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points

Interprovincial Rugby Football Union
Hamilton Tigers 6402871110
Toronto Argonauts 641140246
Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers 623135446
Ottawa Senators 60607900
Ontario Rugby Football Union
Eastern Section
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers 440074448
Toronto Varsity Orphans422066634
Camp Borden404039890
Western Section
Hamilton Cubs6510744410
Sarnia Imperials 642076258
Kitchener Panthers624037764
Windsor Greyhounds615022642
Intercollegiate Rugby Football Union
Queen's Golden Gaels 6510391210
Varsity Blues 632134327
Western Ontario Mustangs 624018184
McGill Redmen 614113423

*Bold text means that they have clinched the playoffs.

Manitoba Rugby Football Union
Winnipeg St.John's 44007558
Winnipegs 40405750
Saskatchewan Rugby Football Union
Regina Roughriders44004668
Saskatoon Quakers422044104
Moose Jaw Maroons40406800
Alberta Rugby Football Union
Calgary Tigers 541069328
University of Alberta Polar Bears422019374
Edmonton Boosters 514042612
BCRFU - BC Big Four
Vancouver Meralomas 6600733012
University of British Columbia Varsity642076418
Vancouver Athletic Club Wolves 523022194
Victoria Capitals413036282
New Westminster Wildcats50508970

League Champions

Football UnionLeague Champion
IRFU Hamilton Tigers
WCRFU Regina Roughriders
CIRFU Queen's University
ORFU Toronto Balmy Beach
MRFU Winnipeg St.John's
SRFU Regina Roughriders
ARFU Calgary Tigers
BCRFU Vancouver Meralomas

Grey Cup playoffs

Note: All dates in 1930

ORFU final

November 10Hamilton Cubs 6 Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers 18

East semifinal

November 22 Hamilton Tigers 8 Queen's University 3

East final

November 29 Hamilton Tigers 5 Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers 8

West quarterfinal

November 1 Winnipeg St.John's 0 Regina Roughriders 23

West semifinal

November 10 Regina Roughriders 9 Calgary Tigers 6

Western Finals

1November 13 Regina Roughriders 17 Vancouver Meralomas 0
2November 15 Regina Roughriders 4 Vancouver Meralomas 0

Playoff bracket

QuarterfinalsSemifinalsGrey Cup final
ORFU Toronto Balmy Beach 18
ORFU Hamilton Tiger Cubs 6
ORFU Toronto Balmy Beach 8
IRFU Hamilton Tigers 5
IRFU Hamilton Tigers 8
CIRFU Queen's University 3
ORFU Toronto Balmy Beach 11
SRFU Regina Roughriders 6
BCRFU Vancouver Meralomas
BCRFU Vancouver Meralomas 0-0
SRFU Regina Roughriders 17-4
SRFU Regina Roughriders 9
ARFU Calgary Tigers 6

Grey Cup Championship

December 6

18th Annual Grey Cup Game: Varsity Stadium - Toronto, Ontario

Regina Roughriders 6 Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers 11
The Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers are the 1930 Grey Cup Champions

1930 Canadian Football Awards

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The Edmonton Eskimos faced the Montreal Alouettes in the Grey Cup game for the third consecutive year. And for the third consecutive year, the Edmonton Eskimos were Grey Cup champions. It was the first time in a Grey Cup that a touchdown was worth six points instead of five.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Grey Cup.

The Ottawa Trojans were a Canadian football team based in Ottawa, Ontario and competed in the Ontario Rugby Football Union from 1943-1947. After winning the 1947 ORFU championship, the team would merge with the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1948.

The Toronto Indians were a football team from Toronto, Ontario and a member of the Ontario Rugby Football Union, a league that preceded the Canadian Football League. After the Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers moved to the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union in 1941, the Indians began play in the ORFU to fill the void. Ironically, these two teams would merge in 1948 and would continue to be known as the Beachers after that season.

The Kingston Granites were a football team from Kingston, Ontario and a member of the Quebec Rugby Football Union and the Ontario Rugby Football Union, which were leagues that preceded the Canadian Football League. The team played for four seasons between 1898 and 1901 between the two leagues and while the team was slated to return in 1903, the team ultimately withdrew from the ORFU due to a player eligibility dispute.

The 1935 Calgary Bronks season was the first in franchise history where the team finished in 1st place in the Alberta Rugby Football Union with a 2–0 division record. The Bronks played in the Western Title game, but lost to the eventual Grey Cup champion, the Winnipegs.

Bruce Irving Rankin, was a Canadian diplomat.


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