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Events in 1963 in Japanese television.



ShowStationPremiere DateGenreOriginal Run
8 Man TBS November 7animeNovember 7, 1963 – December 31, 1964
Akatsuki NHK April 1dramaApril 1, 1963 – April 4, 1964
Galaxy Boy Troop [1] NHK April 7animeApril 7, 1963 – April 1, 1965
Mighty Atom [2] Fuji TV January 1animeJanuary 1, 1963 – December 31, 1966
Sennin Buraku Fuji TV September 4animeSeptember 4, 1963 – February 23, 1964
Tetsujin 28-go Fuji TV October 20animeOctober 20, 1963 – May 25, 1966
Shisukon Ōji Fuji TV December 20stop motion animeDecember 20, 1963 – March 27, 1964
The New Adventures of Pinocchio Fuji TV December 20stop motion animeDecember 20, 1963 – March 27, 1964

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Events in 1965 in Japanese television.

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Events in 2015 in Japanese television.

Events in the year 1963 in Japan.

Events in 1964 in Japanese television.


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