1984 Mestaruussarja

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Statistics of Mestaruussarja in the 1984 season.


It was contested by 12 teams, and Kuusysi Lahti won the championship.

FC Lahti association football club in Finland

FC Lahti is a Finnish football club based in the city of Lahti. It currently plays in the Finnish Premier League (Veikkausliiga) after placing first in the Finnish First Division (Ykkönen) during season 2011. The homeground of FC Lahti is Lahden Stadion. FC Lahti is famous of being the local team of the most successful Finnish player, Jari Litmanen. Litmanen played in FC Lahti two times, 2004 and 2009-2010. In his youth years and the start of his career, he played in Reipas Lahti.


Preliminary stage

1 Haka Valkeakoski (Q)2211924326+1731
2 TPS Turku (Q)2211745631+2529
3 Kuusysi Lahti (C, Q)2210844124+1728
4 Ilves Tampere (Q)2212464228+1428
5 HJK Helsinki 2210664937+1226
6 RoPS Rovaniemi 229673338524
7 KePS Kemi 227783536121
8 KuPS Kuopio 226792532719
9 PPT Pori 22731232421017
10 Koparit Kuopio (O)2239102328515
11 KPV Kokkola (O)22631330562615
12 MP Mikkeli (R)22271322533111
Source: rsssf.com
(C) Champion; (O) Play-off winner; (Q) Qualified to the phase indicated; (R) Relegated.

Championship Playoffs


FC Haka Finnish association football team

FC Haka is a Finnish football club based in the industry town of Valkeakoski, and currently competing in Finland's second division, Ykkönen. It is one of the most successful clubs in Finland, with nine Finnish championships and 12 Finnish Cup wins.

Ilves ice hockey club in Tampere, Finland

Ilves is a Finnish ice hockey team. They play in the Liiga at the Hakametsä.

Turun Palloseura Finnish football team

Turun Palloseura, commonly known as TPS, is a professional football club based in Turku, Finland, that competes in the Veikkausliiga, the top flight of Finnish Football. Nicknamed "Tepsi", the club was founded in 1922.

For Third Place


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Veikkausliiga association football league

Veikkausliiga is the premier division of Finnish football, comprising the top 12 clubs of the country. Its main sponsor is the Finnish national betting agency Veikkaus, hence the league's name. Veikkausliiga was founded in 1990; before that the top division was called Mestaruussarja since 1930 which was an amateur or semi-professional league. Between 1908 and 1930 the championship was decided in a cup competition.

FC Kuusysi association football club

FC Kuusysi (‘sixty-nine’) is a football club in Lahti, Finland. Its men’s team is currently playing in the third tier of Finnish football (Kakkonen) under the name FC Lahti Akatemia, and its women's team is playing in Women's Ykkönen. The homeground of FC Kuusysi is Lahden kisapuisto.

2006 Veikkausliiga

The 2006 season of the Veikkausliiga the 17th season in the league's history, began on April 19 and ended on October 29.
The league was originally supposed to have 14 teams, but AC Allianssi was refused a license, and the league was subsequently played with only 13 teams.

The 2007 season of the Veikkausliiga, the 18th season in the league's history, began on April 21.

The 2008 season of Veikkausliiga was the seventy-eighth season of top-tier football in Finland. It started on 27 April 2008 and ended on 26 October 2008. The defending champions were Tampere United.

Statistics of Mestaruussarja in the 1985 season.

The 1990 Futisliiga was won by Kuusysi Lahti. However during the playoff Helsingin JK won the Finland national championship.

Statistics of Veikkausliiga in the 2000 season.

The 2001 season was the 71st completed season of Finnish Football League Championship, known as the Veikkausliiga. At the same time it was the 12th season of the Veikkausliiga.

The 2002 season was the 72nd completed season of Finnish Football League Championship, known as the Veikkausliiga. At the same time it was the 13th season of the Veikkausliiga. This season 3 teams could promote from the 2nd division and only one would relegate, because the Veikkausliiga would extend its number of participating teams from 12 to 14, starting the 2003 season.

The 2003 season was the 73rd completed season of Finnish Football League Championship, known as the Veikkausliiga. At the same time it was the 14th season of the Veikkausliiga.

The 2009 season was Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi's 79th competitive season, 29th consecutive season in the Veikkausliiga, and 102nd year in existence as a football club.

Michael Robert Belfield in Wandsworth, London, England, is an English retired professional footballer and a football manager who is currently working as a youth coach in Finnish club RiPS.

The 1956–57 SM-sarja season was the 26th season of the SM-sarja, the top level of ice hockey in Finland. 10 teams participated in the league, and Ilves Tampere won the championship.

Tampereen-Viipurin Ilves-Kissat

Tampereen-Viipurin llves-Kissat is a Finnish football club from Tampere. As of 2017 are playing in the Kolmonen league.

Naisten Ykkönen is the second highest division of women's football in Finland. The league was established in 1984 as "Naisten I divisioona", the current name has been used since 1996. It is composed of two sections with 8 teams in each. The four best teams of each group will play a promotion group and the winner is promoted to Naisten Liiga for the 2015 season.

The 2016 Finnish Cup(Suomen Cup) is the 62nd season of the Finnish Cup. 125 clubs entered the competition.

The 2016–17 Finnish Cup(Suomen Cup) was the 62nd season of the Finnish Cup. It was the first edition of the tournament to be played on a fall-spring schedule, running from July to September of the following year. The introduction of this new competition format meant that the Finnish League Cup was discontinued.

The 2019 Finnish Cup will be the 64th season of the Finnish Cup football competition.