2019 Veikkausliiga

Last updated
Champions KuPS
6th title
Relegated KPV
Champions League KuPS
Europa League Inter Turku
Matches played162
Goals scored396 (2.44 per match)
Top goalscorer Filip Valenčič (16)
Highest scoring IFK Mariehamn 3–4 KuPS
(1 May 2019)

The 2019 Veikkausliiga was the eighty-ninth season of top-tier football in Finland. Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi were the defending champions. [1]


New league format

Veikkausliiga adopted a new league format for the 2019 season. Each team played against each other twice in the regular season. After the regular season the top six teams advanced to the Championship Series which determines the champion and European tournament qualification places. The bottom six teams advanced to the Challenger Series. The best team from the Challenger Series plays in a tournament against the Championship Series' 4th, 5th, and 6th place teams. The winner from that plays in a final series against the 3rd best team from the Championship Series. The last UEFA Europa League qualification place goes to the winner of that final series. [2]

The bottom team from the Challenger Series will relegate to the Ykkönen, and second to last team will play in a relegation play-off series against the 2nd best team from Ykkönen.


Palloseura Kemi Kings were relegated to Ykkönen after finishing at the bottom of the 2018 season. Their place was taken by Ykkönen champions HIFK Fotboll.

Turun Palloseura as 11th-placed team lost their Veikkausliiga spot after losing to second-placed Ykkönen team Kokkolan Palloveikot in a relegation/promotion playoff.

Stadia and locations

Finland adm location map.svg
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Location of teams in 2019 Veikkausliiga
FC Honka Espoo Tapiolan Urheilupuisto Natural 6,000
Inter Turku Turku Veritas Stadion Natural 10,000
FC Lahti Lahti Lahden Stadion Natural 15,000
HIFK Helsinki Telia 5G -areena Artificial 10,770
HJK Helsinki Telia 5G -areena Artificial 10,770
IFK Mariehamn Mariehamn Wiklöf Holding Arena Natural 4,000
Ilves Tampere Tammelan Stadion Natural 5,040
KPV Kokkola Kokkolan Keskuskenttä Natural 2,000
KuPS Kuopio Savon Sanomat Areena Artificial 5,000
RoPS Rovaniemi Rovaniemen keskuskenttä Artificial 4,000
SJK Seinäjoki OmaSP Stadion Artificial 6,000
VPS Vaasa Elisa Stadion Artificial 6,000

League table

Regular season

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsQualification or relegation [lower-alpha 1]
1 KuPS (C)2715844624+2253Qualification for the Champions League first qualifying round.
2 Inter Turku 2715394229+1348Qualification for the Europa League first qualifying round. [lower-alpha 2]
3 FC Honka (O)2714584129+1247Qualification for the national Europa League qualification final.
4 Ilves 2713863425+947Qualification for the Europa League first qualifying round. [lower-alpha 2]
5 HJK 2791083329+437Qualification for the national Europa League qualification tournament.
6 IFK Mariehamn 2795133134332
7 HIFK 2710983734+339Qualification for the national Europa League qualification tournament.
8 FC Lahti 279992936736
9 SJK 27791118291130
10 RoPS 27861323351230
11 KPV (R)27741632471525Qualification for the relegation play-offs
12 VPS (R)273101430451519Relegation to the Ykkönen
Source: Veikkausliiga, Soccerway
Rules for classification: 1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Goals scored; 4) Head-to-head points; 5) Head-to-head goal difference; 6) Head-to-head away goals scored; 7) Play-off
(Note: Play-off is only played if need to decide champion, teams for relegation or UEFA competition and will be played on a neutral ground).
(C) Champion; (O) Play-off winner; (R) Relegated.
  1. Teams played against each other twice (22 matches) after which the league split in two (top 6 and bottom 6 teams).
  2. 1 2 Ilves qualified for the Europa League first qualifying round by winning the 2019 Finnish Cup


HIFK 0–22–01–12–21–13–21–10–11–01–02–1
HJK 1–10–12–10–02–13–11–14–02–22–21–1
FC Honka 3–00–11–31–23–20–11–22–01–00–01–1
IFK Mariehamn 1–30–22–20–11–23–03–40–12–01–01–0
Ilves 3–11–11–10–00–14–20–21–02–23–00–0
FC Inter 3–24–13–11–02–32–11–02–03–01–21–1
KPV 1–12–10–10–40–21–32–10–00–11–22–1
KuPS 1–10–00–30–01–02–03–15–12–20–15–0
FC Lahti 0–03–03–20–11–01–11–03–31–21–11–1
RoPS 1–00–11–21–20–10–20–00–13–01–12–1
SJK 1–00–01–20–20–12–11–01–30–20–01–0
VPS 3–21–12–32–11–21–22–21–21–10–11–1
Source: Veikkausliiga
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

European competition

Five teams will play for a spot in the 2020–21 UEFA Europa League first qualifying round.

HJK 2–2 (a.e.t.) FC Lahti
Telia 5G -areena , Helsinki
Referee: Mattias Gestranius
IFK Mariehamn 0–0 (a.e.t.) HIFK
Wiklöf Holding Arena , Mariehamn
Referee: Mohammed Al-Emara
HJK 1–2 (a.e.t.) IFK Mariehamn
Telia 5G -areena , Helsinki
Referee: Antti Munukka


23 October 2019 (2019-10-23)
HJK 2(4)
27 October 2019 (2019-10-27)
FC Lahti 2(2)
23 October 2019 (2019-10-23)
IFK Mariehamn 2
IFK Mariehamn 0(4)
HIFK 0(2)
IFK Mariehamn 101
FC Honka 213

Final stage

IFK Mariehamn 1–2 FC Honka
Referee: Joni Hyytiä
FC Honka 1–0 IFK Mariehamn
Referee: Petri Viljanen

Relegation play-offs

Veritas Stadion , Turku
Attendance: 3,376
Referee: Kalle Mäkinen
Report Ääritalo Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Jakonen Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Duah Soccerball shade.svg 90+2'
Kokkolan keskuskenttä , Kokkola
Attendance: 1,200
Referee: Ville Nevalainen

Season statistics

Top scorers

Final standings [3]

1 Flag of Slovenia.svg Filip Valenčič Inter Turku 16
2 Flag of Finland.svg Lauri Ala-Myllymäki Ilves 12
Flag of Spain.svg Borjas Martín Honka
4 Flag of Finland.svg Timo Furuholm Inter Turku 10
Flag of Brazil.svg Tiquinho HIFK
6 Flag of Brazil.svg Luís Henrique HIFK 8
Flag of Ukraine.svg Denys Oliynyk SJK
Flag of Brazil.svg Lucas Rangel KuPS

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The 2018 Veikkausliiga was the eighty-eighth season of top-tier football in Finland. HJK were the defending champions.

The 2019 Finnish Cup was the 64th season of the Finnish Cup football competition.

The 2019 season is Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi's 111th competitive season.

The 2019 season was FC Honka's 11th season in the Veikkausliiga. On 3 November 2019, Honka secured a spot in the Europa League 2020–21 first round of qualification by winning IFK Mariehamn 3 - 1 on aggregate in the European competition play-off finals.

The 2019 season is Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho's 12th competitive season, and sixth in the Veikkausliiga.

The 2019 season was RoPS's 7th Veikkausliiga season since their promotion back to the top flight in 2012. RoPS finished the season in 10th position, reached the Quarterfinals of the Finnish Cup where they were knocked out by KPV and the First Qualifying Round of the UEFA Europa League where they were beaten by Aberdeen.

The 2019 Ykkönen was the 48th season of Ykkönen, the second highest football league in Finland. The season started on 27 April 2019. The winning team will qualify directly for promotion to the 2020 Veikkausliiga, the second has to play a play-off against the eleventh team from Veikkausliiga to decide who will play in that division. The bottom 2 teams will qualify directly for relegation to Kakkonen.

The 2020 Veikkausliiga was the ninetieth season of top-tier football in Finland with KuPS being the defending champions.


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