Cardiff Combination League

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Cardiff Combination League
Cardiff Combination Football League Logo.png
Founded10 August 1939 [1]
CountryFlag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Number of teams26
Level on pyramid79
Promotion to South Wales Alliance League
Current championsVoided
Most championships Caerau (Ely) 10
Website Cardiff Combination League

The Cardiff Combination Football League is a football league covering the city of Cardiff and surrounding areas in South Wales. The leagues are at the seventh, eighth and ninth levels of the Welsh football league system.


The most successful club in the league's history is Caerau (Ely), with ten top division titles.


The league is composed of three divisions.

Member clubs 2020–21

Premier Division

  • Aberystwyth Exiles
  • Avenue Hotspur
  • Cathays Conservatives
  • Docks Albion AFC
  • Fairwater
  • Glamorgan AFC
  • Homeguard
  • St Mellons Athletic
  • Thornhill AFC
  • Tiger Bay AFC

Division One

  • Aberystwyth Exiles 2nds
  • Avenue Hotspur 2nds
  • Cardiff Hibernian
  • Cardiff Jets
  • Glamorgan AFC 2nds
  • Grange Allstars
  • Llanishen Wanderers

Division Two

  • Cardiff Central
  • Cathays Conservatives 2nds
  • Cathays United
  • Chuffy's Ely
  • CSKA Sophia Gardens
  • Fairwater 2nds
  • Pontprennau Pumas
  • Radyr Rangers
  • The Cardiff Sueño

Promotion and relegation

Promotion from the Premier Division is possible to the South Wales Alliance League, with the champion of the league playing the other tier 7 champions from the South Wales regional leagues via play-off games to determine promotion.

Champions - Top Division

The top division has been called the Senior Division or Premier Division throughout its history. A full set of the champions can be found below. [2]


  • 1941–42: Fairoak
  • 1941–42: Grange Albion
  • 1942–43: No competition
  • 1943–44: No competition
  • 1944–45: No competition
  • 1945–46: Grange Albion
  • 1946–47: A – Cardiff City Colts; B – Cogan British Legion
  • 1947–48: Fairoak
  • 1948–49: Fairoak
  • 1949–50: Fairoak


  • 1950–51: Fairoak
  • 1951–52: Cogan
  • 1952–53: Cogan
  • 1953–54: Fairoak
  • 1954–55: Roath Rangers
  • 1955–56: Roath Rangers
  • 1956–57: Roath Rangers
  • 1957–58: The Nomads
  • 1958–59: Roath Rangers
  • 1959–60: Roath Rangers


  • 1960–61: Roath Rangers
  • 1961–62: The Nomads
  • 1962–63: Caerau (Ely)
  • 1963–64: Bell Rangers
  • 1964–65: Roath Rangers
  • 1965–66: Roath Rangers
  • 1966–67: Roath Rangers
  • 1967–68: Cardiff Draconians
  • 1968–69: Galbalfa
  • 1969–70: Ely Rangers





  • 2000–01: AFC St Mellons
  • 2001–02: Heath Park United
  • 2002–03: AFC Butetown
  • 2003–04: Avenue Hotspur
  • 2004–05: AFC Butetown
  • 2005–06: Baybridge
  • 2006–07: Avenue Hotspur
  • 2007–08: Thornhill United
  • 2008–09: Adamsdown Athletic
  • 2009–10: STM Sports (promoted)


  • 2010–11: Cardiff Hibernians (promoted)
  • 2011–12: Rafa
  • 2012–13: Avenue Hotspur
  • 2013–14: FC Zenith
  • 2014–15: STM Sports Old Boys
  • 2015–16: Thornhill
  • 2016–17: STM Sports Old Boys
  • 2017–18: STM Sports Old Boys (promoted to South Wales Alliance League)
  • 2018–19: Fairwater
  • 2019–20: Fairwater [3]


Number of top flight championships by club

  • Caerau (Ely) – 10 titles
  • Roath Rangers – 9 titles
  • Cardiff Draconians – 8 titles (4 named as Galbalfa Draconians after amalgamation with Gabalfa in 1983–84)
  • Fairoak – 7 titles
  • Ely Rangers – 5 titles
  • Avenue Hotspur – 3 titles
  • STM Sports Old Boys – 3 titles
  • AFC Butetown – 2 titles
  • Anthony's – 2 titles
  • Butetown YC – 2 titles
  • Cogan – 2 titles
  • Fairwater – 2 titles
  • Grange Albion – 2 titles
  • The Nomads – 2 titles
  • Adamsdown Athletic – 1 title
  • AFC St Mellons – 1 title
  • Baybridge – 1 title
  • Bell Rangers – 1 title
  • Cardiff City Colts – 1 title
  • Cardiff Hibernians – 1 title
  • Cavalier – 1 title
  • Cogan British Legion – 1 title
  • Ely West End – 1 title
  • Galbalfa – 1 title
  • Heath Park Avenue – 1 title
  • Home Guard (Ely) – 1 title
  • FC Zenith – 1 title
  • Rafa – 1 title
  • STM Sports – 1 title
  • Thornhill – 1 title
  • Thornhill United – 1 title
  • Whitchurch – 1 title
  • Whitchurch Hospital Grasshoppers – 1 title

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Butetown is a district and community in the south of the city of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It was originally a model housing estate built in the early 19th century by The 2nd Marquess of Bute, for whose title the area was named. Commonly known as "Tiger Bay", this area became one of the UK's first multicultural communities with people from over 50 countries settled here by the outbreak of the First World War, working in the docks and allied industries. Some of the largest communities included the Somalis, Yemenis and Greeks, whose influence still lives on today. A Greek Orthodox church still stands at the top of Bute Street. It is known as one of the "five towns of Cardiff", the others being Crockherbtown, Grangetown, Newtown and Temperance Town. The population of the ward and community taken at the 2011 census was 10,125. It is estimated that the Butetown's population increased to 14,094 by 2019.

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Canton, Cardiff Human settlement in Wales

Canton is an inner-city district and community in the west of Cardiff, capital of Wales, lying 2 miles (3.2 km) west of the city's civic centre. Canton is one of the most ethnically diverse of Cardiff's suburbs, with a significant Pakistani and Indian population. The total population of Canton increased to 14,304 at the 2011 census. It is also the most Welsh-speaking district of central Cardiff, with 19.1% of the population speaking Welsh.

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Cycling in Cardiff, capital of Wales, is facilitated by its easy gradients and large parks. In the mid-2000s between 2.7% and 4.3% of people commuted to work by cycling in the city. In 2017 12.4% of workers cycled to work at least 5 days a week. However, cyclists in the city are deterred from cycling by poor facilities and aggressive traffic, according to research by Cardiff University.

The 2009–10 FAW Welsh Cup was the 123rd edition of the annual knockout tournament for competitive football teams in Wales, excluding those who play in the English League System. The 2009–10 tournament commenced on 14 August 2009 and concluded at Parc y Scarlets on 1 May 2010. Bangor City won the cup with a 3–2 win against Port Talbot Town.

The Cardiff Deanery is a Roman Catholic deanery in the Archdiocese of Cardiff that oversees several churches in the city of Cardiff. It replaced the previous Cardiff East Deanery and Cardiff West Deanery, combining the two into one. The dean is centred at the Parish of St Mary's Canton.

The centre of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is relatively flat and is bounded by hills on the outskirts to the east, north and west. Its geographic features were influential in its development as the world's largest coal port, most notably its proximity and easy access to the coal fields of the south Wales valleys.

Libraries in Cardiff

Public libraries in Cardiff are owned and operated by Cardiff Council. There are 20 public libraries in the capital of Wales, the largest of which is Cardiff Central Library. A mobile library service is also provided. In 2018/19, there were almost 91,000 Cardiff residents, around 25% of the city's population, who borrowed an item from a municipal library. Increases in visits, active borrowers and library members have taken place during 18/19 as the service continues to grow in popularity with Cardiff's citizens.

The South Wales Senior League is a former football league in South Wales. The league consisted of two divisions, named Divisions One and Two. Division One was a feeder to the Welsh Football League Division Three, and therefore sat at levels 5 of the Welsh football pyramid.

Cardiff County Borough Council

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The South Wales Alliance League is a football league structure in South Wales, currently known for sponsorship reasons as The Highadmit Projects South Wales Alliance League. The top tier of the league, the Premier Division is at the fourth tier of the Welsh Football Pyramid and offers promotion opportunities to the tier 3 Football Association of Wales administered Ardal Leagues. The league is run by the South Wales Football Association.

The Cardiff & District League is a football league covering the city of Cardiff and surrounding areas in South Wales. The leagues are at the seventh to tenth levels of the Welsh football league system.

Cardiff Draconians Football Club is a Welsh football team based in Gabalfa, Cardiff, Wales. They play in the Ardal Leagues South West which is in the third tier of the Welsh football league system.