Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway

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Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway
Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway logo.png
Headquarters LaFayette, Georgia
Reporting mark CCKY
Locale Georgia and Tennessee
Dates of operation1989
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge

The Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway( reporting mark CCKY) is a short-line railroad which is headquartered in LaFayette, Georgia, USA. The railroad operated 22 miles (35 km) of the Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railway (a.k.a. the TAG route) from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Kensington, Georgia, which reverted to the Norfolk Southern System and was partially removed after the Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex LLC plant in Kensington closed in August 2008. [1] The "C&C" also operates 42 miles (68 km) of the former Central of Georgia Railroad from Chattanooga to Lyerly, Georgia. That line is leased from the state of Georgia.


The CCKY is owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation, and operated by CAGY Industries. The operating lease was acquired in 2008 by Genesee & Wyoming Inc. The line does see regular operations of passenger trains between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Chickamauga, Georgia during weekends in the summer months and on other published dates during the year. The passenger trains are owned and operated by the nearby Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and may be powered by steam locomotives or early vintage diesel electric locomotives.


The locomotives the C&C operates are 102 (former Chicago and North Western Transportation Company EMD GP7), 103 (former Santa Fe CF7, now retired), 2050 (EMD GP38) and Columbus & Greenville 1804 (former Illinois Central GP11). Also, they use a Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum GP7 if one of their three locomotives is in repair or out of service.

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