Central Railroad of Indianapolis

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Central Railroad of Indianapolis
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Reporting mark CERA
Locale Indiana
Dates of operation1989 [1] present
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length39 miles (63 km)
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana

Central Railroad of Indianapolis( reporting mark CERA) is a Class III short-line railroad that operates approximately 39 miles (63 km) [1] miles of rail line in north central Indiana.

Reporting mark alphabetic code ID used on the North American railroad network

A reporting mark is an alphabetic code of two to four letters used to identify owners or lessees of rolling stock and other equipment used on certain railroad networks.

Indiana state of the United States of America

Indiana is a U.S. state in the Midwestern and Great Lakes regions of North America. Indiana is the 38th-largest by area and the 17th-most populous of the 50 United States. Its capital and largest city is Indianapolis. Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th U.S. state on December 11, 1816. Indiana borders Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south and southeast, and Illinois to the west.

One leg of the railroad begins near Marion at the unincorporated town of Michaelsville, passes west-southwest through Herbst, Swayzee and Sims, then through the Howard County communities of Sycamore, Greentown, and finally Kokomo, where it interchanges with U.S. Rail Corporation's Winamac Southern Rail System (see: https://web.archive.org/web/20170820211926/http://www.usrailcorp.com/divisions.php ).

Michaelsville, Indiana Unincorporated community in Indiana, United States

Michaelsville is an unincorporated community in Franklin Township, Grant County, Indiana.

Herbst, Indiana Census-designated place in Indiana, United States

Herbst is an unincorporated census-designated place in Franklin Township, Grant County, Indiana, in the United States. As of the 2010 census, the population was 112.

Swayzee, Indiana Town in Indiana, United States

Swayzee is a town in Sims Township, Grant County, Indiana, United States. The population was 981 at the 2010 census.

Central Railroad of Indianapolis is a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming. G&W had purchased the RailAmerica empire in 2012. RailAmerica had itself bought CERA and then parent Railtex in 2000. [1] CERA was formed in 1989 when Norfolk Southern leased several lines, including the now mostly-abandoned Tipton-Peru line and the Marion to Frankfort former "Cloverleaf" line to the then-new company through NS's "Thoroughbred Shortline program. [2] For a time, Norfolk Southern interchanged with CERA via its Frankfort to Kokomo line. The latter route was embargoed after the Norfolk Southern Conrail merger allowed Norfolk Southern to move CERA interchange to Marion.

Genesee & Wyoming American short-line railroad holding company

The Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) is an American short line railroad holding company, that owns or maintains an interest in 120 railroads throughout six countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom. It operates more than 15,500 miles (24,900 km) of owned and leased track, with more than 3,300 miles (5,300 km) under track-access arrangements. The company had its roots in the Class III Genesee and Wyoming Railroad, which began in 1899.

The railroad's main traffic comes from grain and metal products. The CERA hauled around 8,000 carloads in 2008. [1]

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The Chattahoochee and Gulf Railroad was a short line railroad operating from 2003 to 2006 between Columbus, Georgia and Dothan, Alabama, on former Central of Georgia and Norfolk Southern tracks. Initially the railroad was a subsidiary of Gulf and Ohio Railways. In 2006, the railroad was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming Inc. and combined with the adjacent H and S Railroad out of Dothan to form the Chattahoochee Bay Railroad.

Eastern Alabama Railway

The Eastern Alabama Railway is one of many short line railroad companies owned by Genesee & Wyoming. On November 26, 1990, the line was sold by CSX to the Eastern Alabama Railway, a subsidiary of Kyle Railways. Kyle Railways later sold the EARY to RailAmerica in 2002 and RailAmerica was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in 2012.

Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad

The Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad is a short-line railroad that operates 68 miles (109 km) of track from Chesapeake, Virginia to Edenton, North Carolina.

Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway short-line railroad in Illinois & Indiana

The Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway is a short line railroad that operates 247 miles (398 km) of track from Mapleton, Illinois, through Peoria across Illinois to Logansport, Indiana. TP&W has trackage rights between Galesburg, Illinois, and Peoria, between Logansport and Kokomo, Indiana, and between Reynolds, Indiana, and Lafayette, Indiana. TPW has connections with UP, BNSF, NS, CSXT, CN, CP, CERA, CIM, KBSR and T&P. The railroad is now owned by Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

The Indiana Railroad (IR) was the last of the typical Midwestern United States interurban lines. It was formed in 1930-31 by combining the operations of the five major interurban systems in central Indiana into one entity. The predecessor companies came under the control of Midland Utilities, owned by Samuel Insull. It was Insull's plan to transform the Indiana interurban network into a new Indiana Railroad by modernizing the profitable routes and abandoning the unprofitable ones. With the onset of the Great Depression, the Insull empire collapsed and the Indiana Railroad was left with a decaying infrastructure and little hope for overcoming the growing competition of the automobile for passenger business and the truck for freight business. The IR faced bankruptcy in 1933, and receiver Bowman Elder was designated to run the company. Payments on bonded debt were suspended. Elder was able to keep the system virtually intact for four years, and IR operated about 600 miles (970 km) of interurban lines throughout Indiana during this period. During the late 1930s, the routes were abandoned one by one until a 1941 wreck with fatalities south of Indianapolis put an abrupt end to the last operation of interurbans in Indiana.

Indiana Southern Railroad

The Indiana Southern Railroad is a short line or Class III railroad operating in the United States state of Indiana. It began operations in 1992 as a RailTex property, and was acquired by RailAmerica in 2000. RailAmerica was itself acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in December 2012.

The Indian Creek Railroad is a short-line railroad in Madison County, Indiana, United States. The 4.55-mile (7.32 km) line is owned by Kokomo Grain Company, an agricultural products and services company, and connects their property at 40°11′30″N85°44′40″W with the Norfolk Southern Railway's Marion Branch in northern Anderson, carrying outbound grain and inbound fertilizer.

Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad

The Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad is a short line railroad offering service from Tolleston, Indiana to Crestline, Ohio, United States over the former Fort Wayne Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad. It began operations in 2004 as a division of the Central Railroad of Indianapolis (CERA), under the overall corporate ownership of RailAmerica. CFE operates 273 miles (439 km) of rail leased from CSX.

Yadkin Valley Railroad

The Yadkin Valley Railroad is the trade name of the Piedmont and Atlantic Railroad and is a shortline railroad operating two lines leased from the Norfolk Southern Railway originating out of Rural Hall, North Carolina for a distance of 93 miles (150 km). The railroad began operation in 1989 and is currently a subsidiary of Gulf and Ohio Railways.

Camp Chase Industrial Railroad

The Camp Chase Railway is a short-line switching and terminal railroad in and near Columbus, Ohio, United States, running past the former Camp Chase. Currently owned by Indiana Boxcar Corporation as of 2015. It was previously known as Camp Chase Railroad and was owned by Carload Express, Inc. when it acquired a former New York Central Railroad line between Columbus and Lilly Chapel from Conrail in 1994. Through trackage rights, the CCRA interchanges with the Norfolk Southern Railway at Buckeye Yard.

Otter Tail Valley Railroad

The Otter Tail Valley Railroad is a Class III railroad operating 64 miles (103 km) of track between Moorhead, Minnesota and Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and short branch lines from Fergus Falls to French and from Fergus Falls to Hoot Lake.

The Winamac Southern Railway is a short-line railroad in northern Indiana, United States, operated under lease by the Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway. It owns two lines radiating from Logansport to Kokomo and Bringhurst, and formerly a third to Winamac, all former Pennsylvania Railroad lines acquired from Conrail in 1993. It hauls mainly outbound grain and inbound agricultural supplies, connecting with the Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway at Logansport and with the Central Railroad of Indianapolis at Kokomo. Until 2009, the Central Railroad of Indianapolis operated the company as agent.

The Wabash Central Railroad is a short-line railroad that operates between Van Buren and Craigville, United States, crossing a Norfolk Southern Railway line in Bluffton. It began operations in 1997, replacing the Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation on an ex-Toledo, St. Louis and Western Railroad line.

South Carolina Central Railroad Railroad in South Carolina, USA

The South Carolina Central Railroad is a class III railroad that operates 42 miles (68 km) of former CSX Transportation trackage in South Carolina. Originally a RailTex subsidiary upon its start in 1987, the railroad passed to RailAmerica following their acquisition of RailTex in 2000 and passed to the Genesee & Wyoming Railroad upon its acquisition of RailAmerica.

The Thoroughbred Shortline Program was a system of shortline creation devised by Norfolk Southern in the late 1980s. It involved an alternative to the typical practice of a Class I railroad selling rail lines outright to shortlines in the post-Staggers Act era. Defining features of the program included leasing lines to shortline operators as opposed to outright sales, keeping stations available in Norfolk Southern marketing campaigns, and crediting carloads delivered to Norfolk Southern towards the lease and eventual purchase of the line. The program ran from 1988 to 1991, creating more than a dozen new shortline railroads, nearly all of which are still in operation today.

The Andalusia and Conecuh Railroad was a shortline railroad formerly operating between Gantt and Andalusia, Alabama, United States 8.7 miles (14.0 km). It was largely abandoned in 1987, with the remainder leased to the Alabama and Florida Railway. A portion of the railroad survives today as part of the Three Notch Railroad.

The Georgia Great Southern Railroad was a shortline railroad formerly operating between Dawson and Albany, Georgia, 24.2 miles (38.9 km). The railroad was partially abandoned in 1994. RailTex consolidated its holdings in the area into the Georgia Southwestern in 1995, and the Georgia Great Southern ceased to exist as a separate railroad.

The Hoosier Heritage Port Authority is a quasi-governmental organization in the U.S. state of Indiana. It is the owner of a Heritage railway, operated by the Indiana Transportation Museum, over former Norfolk Southern trackage from Tipton, Indiana, to Indianapolis, a distance of 37 miles (59.5 km). This trackage is the southernmost section of the former Indianapolis to Michigan City main line operated by several railroad companies since its original construction in the mid-19th Century, the best known being the Nickel Plate.

U S Rail Corporation is a family-owned short-line railroad operating the Winamac Southern Railway in Indiana.


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