Dan Payne (Canadian football)

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Dan Payne
Born:June 7, 1966
New Westminster, British Columbia
Career information
Position(s) Offensive tackle
Height6 ft 7 in (201 cm)
Weight300 lb (140 kg)
College Simon Fraser University(Purdue University)
CFL draft 1989 / Round: 2 / Pick: 9
Drafted by Saskatchewan Roughriders
Career history
As player
1989 Saskatchewan Roughriders
1990 BC Lions
1992 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1993–1995Saskatchewan Roughriders
1996BC Lions
1996–1997 Toronto Argonauts
1998–2003BC Lions
Dan Payne

Dan Payne (born June 7, 1966 in New Westminster, British Columbia, raised in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia) is a former professional Canadian football offensive lineman who played fourteen seasons in the Canadian Football League for four teams, mostly at right guard. He attended Purdue University on a full football/wrestling scholarship before transferring to Simon Fraser University. He played football and wrestled at Simon Fraser University. He was a member of four Grey Cup-winning teams: the Saskatchewan Roughriders (1989), the Toronto Argonauts (1996, 1997), and the B.C. Lions (2000). During his career, he also played for Hamilton. [1]

Prior to his football career, he competed as an amateur wrestler, winning two NAIA national championships. In international competition, he won bronze at the 1987 Pan American Games in freestyle and Greco-Roman before representing Canada in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, where he competed in both the freestyle (6th place) and Greco-Roman (13th place) competitions in the 130 kg division. [2]

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