Den Haag Laan van NOI railway station

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Den Haag Laan van NOI
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LocationLaan van Nieuw Oost-Indië, The Hague
Coordinates 52°4′44″N4°20′35″E / 52.07889°N 4.34306°E / 52.07889; 4.34306 Coordinates: 52°4′44″N4°20′35″E / 52.07889°N 4.34306°E / 52.07889; 4.34306
Operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Line(s) Amsterdam–Rotterdam railway
Platforms4 (Nederlandse Spoorwegen),
2 (RandstadRail)
ConnectionsAiga railtransportation 25.svg RET Rotterdam Metro: E
Aiga railtransportation 25.svg HTM Den Haag Tram: 2, 3, 4
Aiga bus trans.svg HTM: 23
Other information
Station codeLAA
Opened1 May 1907 (current)
Preceding station  Nederlandse Spoorwegen  Following station
toward  Vlissingen
NS Intercity 2200
Terminus NS Intercity 2400
2x/hour; Not on evenings and Sundays
NS Intercity 2400
2x/hour; Evenings until +/- 10:00pm and Sundays from +/- 10:30am until +/- 10:00pm
NS Sprinter 4600
toward  Zwolle
NS Sprinter 6300
2x/hour; Not on evenings and weekends
toward  Haarlem
Rotterdam Metro
toward  Slinge
Line E (RET)
toward  Centrum West
Line RR3 (HTM)
toward  Javalaan
Line RR4 (HTM)
toward  De Uithof
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Den Haag Laan van NOI
Location within Southwest Randstad
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Den Haag Laan van NOI
Den Haag Laan van NOI (Netherlands)

Den Haag Laan van NOI railway station is a railway station in the Netherlands, on the border between The Hague and the town of Voorburg. It is served by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch railway) and by the RandstadRail light-rail network. The station is named after the road on which it is located, Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië, which literally translates as New East Indies Avenue, but probably refers to a former inn called Nieuw Oosteinde (New East End).



Train stations in The Hague; situation between 1908 and 1953. Den Haag - ligging van stations in 1936.jpg
Train stations in The Hague; situation between 1908 and 1953.

Laan van NOI is located on the oldest railway line in the Netherlands, the "Old Line" between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The part of the line between Leiden and The Hague opened in 1843. The station "Nieuw Oosteinde" was located on the crossing with the Laan van Nieuw Oosteinde, near the inn "Nieuw Oosteinde". [1] Nieuw Oosteinde was open from 1843 to 1864. [2]

A new station opened in the same location on 1 May 1907 on the new line Den Haag Hollands Spoor - Scheveningen, and in 1908 the Hofpleinlijn between Hollands Spoor and Rotterdam Hofplein via Laan van NOI was opened: the first electrified railway in the Netherlands. Both new lines followed the "Old Line" between Hollands Spoor and Laan van NOI. Although the new station was located on the old line, it did not have platforms on that line, and trains between The Hague and Leiden did not stop there until 15 May 1931. [3]

The line to Scheveningen closed in 1953. In 1979, a new connection was opened to Zoetermeer. Both the Hofpleinlijn to Rotterdam and the line to Zoetermeer were converted to light rail in 2006.

A RandstadRail Tram and an NS Train at Laan van NOI HTM 4021 Den Haag Station Laan van NOI 16-11-2006 Infrastructuur.jpg
A RandstadRail Tram and an NS Train at Laan van NOI

Name of the station

The first station was named after an inn, "Nieuw Oosteinde". When the station re-opened in 1907, it took the name of the road. The road crosses an administrative border at the railway station, and changes its name at that point: it is currently called "Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië" in The Hague, and "Laan van Nieuw Oosteinde" in Voorburg. Both names were formerly used for the entire road, and for the railway station; in recent years, the "Oost-Indië" variant was most common for the station, possibly because the station is located on the Hague side of the border.

In 1978, the city name was added, and the road name was abbreviated: since then, the railway station has been called "Den Haag Laan van NOI". The name of the RandstadRail stop is just "Laan van NOI".

Current services

Den Haag Laan van NOI is served by the following services:

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