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Bishop of Selsey
Appointedbetween 772 and 780
Term endedbetween 781 and 787
Predecessor Osweald
Successor Tota
Consecrationbetween 772 and 780
Personal details
Diedbetween 781 and 787

Gislhere (died c. 785) was an English Bishop of Selsey in the eighth century.


In 780 Gislhere witnessed a charter of Ealdorman Oslac of Sussex. [1]

Gislhere was present at the Synod of Brentford, Middlesex, in 781. [2]

Gislhere was consecrated between 772 and 780, and died between 781 and 787. [3]


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Higbald of Lindisfarne was Bishop of Lindisfarne from 780 or 781 until his death on 25 May 803. Little is known about his life except that he was a regular communicator with Alcuin of York; it is in his letters to Alcuin that Higbald described in graphic detail the Viking raid on Lindisfarne on 8 June 793 in which many of his monks were killed.

Eadberht of Selsey was an abbot of Selsey Abbey, later promoted to become the first Bishop of Selsey. He was consecrated sometime between 709 and 716, and died between 716 and 731. Wilfrid has occasionally been regarded as a previous bishop of the South Saxons, but this is an insertion of his name into the episcopal lists by later medieval writers, and Wilfrid was not considered the bishop during his lifetime or Bede's.

Eolla, Bishop of Selsey, was the successor of Eadberht, and seems to have previously been Abbot of Selsey, as he witnessed a charter of Noðhelm together with Osric and Eadberht. He seems to have succeeded as bishop in either 716 or 717. His date of death is sometime between 716 and 731.

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Christian titles
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Bishop of Selsey
flourished about 775
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