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Coordinates: 24°54′25″S30°31′59″E / 24.907°S 30.533°E / -24.907; 30.533 Coordinates: 24°54′25″S30°31′59″E / 24.907°S 30.533°E / -24.907; 30.533
Country South Africa
Province Mpumalanga
District Ehlanzeni
Municipality Thaba Chweu
Time zone UTC+2 (SAST)

Krugerspos is a hamlet 25 km north-east of Lydenburg and 25 km south-west of Ohrigstad. It was named after Pieter Ernst Kruger, owner of the farm on which it was laid out. [1]

Lydenburg Place in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Lydenburg is a town in Thaba Chweu Local Municipality, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Alternatively known as Mashishing, Lydenburg is situated on the Sterkspruit/Dorps River tributary of the Lepelle River at the base of the Long Tom Pass. The name is derived from the Dutch Lijdenburg, or "Town of Suffering". Lydenburg has become the centre of the South African fly-fishing industry and is an agricultural and mining hub.

Ohrigstad Place in Limpopo, South Africa

Ohrigstad, formerly Andries Orieg Stad, is a small town to the north of Lydenburg in the Limpopo province, South Africa.

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