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There are seven school districts in the province of New Brunswick, Canada . The Minister of Education in New Brunswick is currently Dominic Cardy, MLA for Fredericton West-Hanwell. [1]



Merging and renaming of 2012

As of September 2012, the Government of New Brunswick decided to merge and rename all the school districts changing the number of districts from 14 to 7. [6] By doing this, the provinces minister of education estimates $5 million would be saved in administrative costs. [7] This was done by merging by language, francophone and anglophone as described below:

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New Brunswick Province of Canada

New Brunswick is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. It is one of the three Maritime provinces and one of the four Atlantic provinces. It is the only province with both French and English as its official languages.

Bathurst, New Brunswick City in New Brunswick, Canada

Bathurst is the seat of government of Gloucester County, New Brunswick, and is at the estuary of the Nepisiguit River.

Campbellton, New Brunswick City in New Brunswick, Canada

Campbellton is a city with a population of 6,883 (2016) in Restigouche County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Shawn Graham Canadian politician

Shawn Michael Graham is a Canadian politician, who served as the 31st premier of New Brunswick from 2006 to 2010. He was elected leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party in 2002 and became premier after his party captured a majority of seats in the 2006 election. After being elected, Graham initiated a number of changes to provincial policy especially in the areas of health care, education and energy. His party was defeated in the New Brunswick provincial election held September 27, 2010, and Graham resigned as Liberal leader on November 9, 2010.

Official bilingualism in Canada Policy that the English and French languages have equal status and usage in Canadian government

The official languages of Canada are English and French, which "have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament and Government of Canada," according to Canada's constitution. "Official bilingualism" is the term used in Canada to collectively describe the policies, constitutional provisions, and laws that ensure legal equality of English and French in the Parliament and courts of Canada, protect the linguistic rights of English- and French-speaking minorities in different provinces, and ensure a level of government services in both languages across Canada.


Franco-Albertans are francophone residents of the Canadian province of Alberta. Franco-Albertans may also refer to residents of Alberta with French Canadian ancestry, although publications from the government of Alberta use the term Franco-Albertan to refer to its francophone residents. In the 2016 Canadian Census, there were 86,705 Albertans that stated their mother tongue was French. In the same census, there were 411,315 Albertans that claim partial or full French ancestry.

Rothesay (electoral district) Provincial electoral district in New Brunswick, Canada

Rothesay is a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada. The riding consists of the Town of Rothesay and its surroundings.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (New Brunswick)

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is an executive agency of the Government of New Brunswick. It is responsible for the administration of the New Brunswick public education system. Its primary and secondary schools are divided into seven districts in separate units; four anglophone districts and three francophone districts.

Kelly Lamrock is a lawyer and political consultant in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. He was previously a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick for Fredericton-Fort Nashwaak, and Minister of Social Development in the New Brunswick cabinet before opening Lamrock's Law in Fredericton.

Miramichi Valley High School High school in Miramichi, New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Canada

Miramichi Valley High School is one of two public, English language high schools in the city of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. It serves principally residents from the north side of the Miramichi River, both from the city of Miramichi, and smaller communities distributed from Tabusintac in the east, to Upper Blackville in the west. The school opened its doors in January 1972 to students in grades 10–12, with Charles Hubbard as principal. In 1994 grade 9 classes were added. The school's mascot is Samoo the Pulamoo a boxing Salmon.

École LOdyssée High school in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

École L'Odyssée is a public francophone high school in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It is part of the province's Francophone Sud School District, offering education to students from grade nine to twelve. The school opened on September 30, 2005 as part of a $24.2 million project, alongside the adjoining middle school, École Le Mascaret. École L'Odyssée was conceived as a way to alleviate the overcrowding problem at École Mathieu-Martin in nearby Dieppe, a problem the district has had in the past. The Odyssée-Mascaret project, as well as the future Carrefour de l'Acadie middle school, replaced the former École Beauséjour and École Vanier complexes. This move allowed the Moncton Hospital to expand, while the Vanier establishment made way for medical offices. On September 9, 2009, the school was given permission to begin an $884,000 expansion for its far side, allowing for a larger space to be reserved for its infirmary and orientation center.

Higher education in New Brunswick

Higher education in New Brunswick refers to education provided by higher education institutions in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Higher education has a rich history in New Brunswick. The first English-language university in Canada was the University of New Brunswick. Mount Allison University was the first in the British Empire to award a baccalaureate to a woman, Grace Annie Lockhart, B.Sc. in 1875. Education is the responsibility of the provinces in Canada and there is no federal ministry governing it.

Oromocto High School Public high school in Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada

Oromocto High School (OHS) is a high school located in Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada. It is the third largest school in the Anglophone West School District (ASD-W) which contains 70 institutions and around 23 000 students total. OHS is the source of education for about 1032 of those students, with between 1000 and 1100 annually. Oromocto High School is also the location for the Oromocto Education Centre which looks over different schools within ASD-W within Oromocto and the surrounding area. The principal is Jeff Holder, vice-principals are Darla Day, Maxine McConnell, and Kevin Inch.

Blaine Higgs Canadian politician

Blaine Myron Higgs is a Canadian politician who is the 34th and current premier of New Brunswick since 2018 and leader of the New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party since 2016.

The 2013 New Brunswick electoral redistribution was undertaken through the process set out in the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Act of New Brunswick, Canada. The legislation establishes a statutory requirement for redistribution of electoral districts after every second New Brunswick general election.

Dominic Cardy French-Canadian politician

Dominic William Cardy is a Canadian politician. He is Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development in the New Brunswick government of Blaine Higgs and a Member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick representing the electoral district of Fredericton West-Hanwell for the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick since the 2018 New Brunswick general election.

Anglophone North is a Canadian school district in New Brunswick, operated under the direction of the Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Bonar Law Memorial School (BLMS) provides service to grade 9 - 12 students in Rexton, New Brunswick. BLMS serves approximately 400 students from Rexton and the surrounding communities. The cultural make-up of the school is varied and includes representation from the local English and Acadian populations. By far the single largest population, however, is First Nation, with representation from Elsipogtog, Indian Island and Bouctouche Federal Reserves. The First Nations students comprise approximately 52% of the total population.

The education system of New Brunswick comprises public and private primary and secondary schools and post-secondary institutions. By the British North America Act, 1867, education falls entirely under provincial jurisdiction. There is no federal government department or agency involved in the formation or analysis of policy regarding education. Also by constitutional right, Roman Catholics are entitled to their own school system; this led in New Brunswick to contention in the early years of the nation, and, in 1871, to the first case sent from Canada to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Maher v Town Council of Portland.


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