List of world flyweight boxing champions

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This is a List of World Flyweight Boxing Champions by organization, as recognized by four of the better-known sanctioning organizations:



Reign BeganReign EndedChampionRecognition
April 11, 1913June 2, 1913 Sid Smith Universal
The organization which eventually became the British Boxing Board of Control recognized the flyweight division in 1911 and declared Sid Smith the first champion. Smith's bout with Eugene Criqui of France on April 11, 1913, was the first international flyweight championship contest. [1]
June 2, 1913January 26, 1914 Bill Ladbury Universal
January 26, 1914May 15, 1914 Percy Jones Universal
Jones stripped of title after failing to make weight for a defense against Tancy Lee.
January 25, 1915October 18, 1915 Tancy Lee Universal
October 18, 1915February 14, 1916 Joe Symonds Universal
February 14, 191618 June 1923 Jimmy Wilde Universal
When Jimmy Wilde defeated American flyweight champion the Young Zulu Kid by an 11 round KO for the title in London on December 18, 1916, he was recognized in both Europe and America as the world flyweight champion.
18 June 192314 July 1925 Pancho Villa Universal
Pancho Villa's death on July 14, 1925, following a loss to Jimmy "Baby Face" McLarnin on July 4, caused the title to be vacated. A bout on August 22, 1925, between Fidel La Barba and American Flyweight Champion Frankie Genaro saw the title go to La Barba who defeated Genaro in a 10-round decision.
22 August 192525 August 1927 Fidel LaBarba Universal
22 October 19273 December 1927 4 Pinky Silverberg NBA
The title again became vacant when Fidel La Barba retired to attend Stanford University in 1927. Soon after, several fighters claimed different versions of the title and it remained disputed until 1937. Of the champions who initially emerged following Barba's retirement Pinky Silverberg was the first when he briefly reigned as the NBA champion after his victory over Ruby Bradley via DQ on October 22, 1927, until he was stripped in January of 1928 when the NBA instead decided to hold a flyweight tournament for the title. [2] After stripping Silverberg, the NBA did not include the former champion in the tournament. Instead, on November 28, 1927, Frenchy Belanger and Frankie Genaro fought a 10 round elimination bout where Belanger won via split decision. Belanger then advanced into a vacant title fight on December 19, 1927 where he defeated Ernie Jarvis, becoming the new NBA flyweight champion. The NYSAC held their own separate tournament in which Corporal Izzy Schwartz would ultimately win the vacated NYSAC title on December 16, 1927 when he defeated Newsboy Brown, who also went on to claim the California flyweight title by defeating Johnny McCoy in his first fight after the loss."
16 December 192722 August 1929 2 Corporal Izzy Schwartz NSYAC
Schwartz was defeated by Willie LaMorte on August 22, 1929 when attempting to defend his NYSAC version of the title, however, the NYSAC refused to recognize LaMorte as champion when it was revealed that both boxers were being handled by the same manager."
22 August 192916 May 1930Willie LaMorteDisputed World
21 Mar 193016 September 1935 Midget Wolgast NYSAC
Wolgast had won an 18-man tournament defeating Black Bill on March 21, 1930, in the tournament finals, for the vacant NYSAC flyweight title and in his first title defense defeated LaMorte, who had been claiming the championship since his victory over then NYSAC champion Corporal Izzy Schwartz."
16 September 193519 January 1937 Small Montana NYSAC/NBA
"Montana was awarded the NBA title at the annual NBA conference in 1936 after Jackie Brown had been stripped "
19 December 19276 February 1928Frenchy BelangerNBA
6 February 19282 March 1929 Frankie Genaro NBA
2 March 192918 April 1929 Emile Pladner NBA/IBU
18 April 192926 October 1931 Frankie Genaro NBA/IBU
There was much confusion about who was the real champion and in order to create a consensus champion, NBA champion Frankie Genaro and NYSAC champion Midget Wolgast met in the ring December 20, 1930 for the undisputed championship in Madison Square Garden. The encounter ended in a 15 round split decision draw with both champions retaining their titles. Rather than having another fight to clear the air, both fighters moved on and Wolgast lost to Small Montana while Genaro lost to Victor Perez"
26 October 193131 October 1932 Victor "Young" Perez NBA/IBU
31 October 19329 September 1935 Jackie Brown NBA/IBU/British
After Brown was sent to prison for four months for assault on 6 July, (1934) he was stripped by the NBA for contravening their rules. [3] He maintained his British flyweight title, but the NBA were not the only ones to strip the champion as the IBU stripped Brown of the title when Brown did not honor a rematch with Velentin Anglemann after they fought to a draw for his world title. The organisation then matched Velentin Angelmann and Kid David for the vacant title. The IBU later stripped Angelmann for losing a bout to Peter Kane. [4]
9 September 193529 June 1938 4 Benny Lynch Universal
Lynch defeated Jackie Brown for his British title which he still held despite being stripped of the NBA title. Despite the fact that Small Montana was the undisputed NBA and NYSAC champion, the fight between Lynch and Montana was seen to be the true undisputed match as Lynch was the linear NBA champion and Montana was awarded the title. This being the first undisputed fight in the weight class in 7 years as well as being between the consensus #1 and #2 fighters of the division, the vacant Ring Magazine flyweight title was also on the line for the fighters. The title was vacated when Lynch failed the weight requirement to qualify for the flyweight division and surrendered the title. Peter Kane defeated Jackie Jurich on September 22, 1938, to win the championship.
September 22, 1938May 1939 Peter Kane NBA
Kane was stripped of the NBA and The Ring (magazine) titles on December 11, 1939, but continued claiming the title until he was reinstated as champion by the NBA in 1942.
December 14, 19391942 Little Dado NBA
The NBA proclaimed Dado as champion in 1939. After one defense Dado could no longer make weight and the NBA reinstated Kane as champion in 1942. [5]
1942June 19, 1943 Peter Kane NBA
June 19, 1943July 31, 1947 Jackie Paterson NBA
Paterson stripped of title by NBA and BBBC because he was unable to make weight for a title defense against Dado Marino. [5]
March 23, 1948March 30, 1950 Rinty Monaghan Universal
Monaghan wins NBA and BBBC title by defeating Dado Marino on October 20, 1947. He wins universal recognition of champion after defeating Jackie Paterson on March 23, 1948. The title is vacated after Monaghan announces his retirement due to chronic bronchitis on March 30, 1950. The title is won by Terry Allen defeating Honore Pratesi in London, England by a 15-round decision on April 25.
25 April 19501 August 1950 Terry Allen Universal
1 August 195019 May 1952 Dado Marino Universal
19 May 195226 November 1954 Yoshio Shirai Universal
26 November 195416 April 1960 Pascual Pérez Universal
16 April 196010 October 1962 Pone Kingpetch Universal
10 October 196212 January 1963 Masahiko "Fighting" Harada Universal
12 January 196318 July 1963 Pone Kingpetch Universal
18 July 196323 September 1964 Hiroyuki Ebihara Universal
23 September 196423 April 1965 Pone Kingpetch Universal
23 April 196514 June 1966 Salvatore Burruni Universal
14 June 196630 December 1966 Walter McGowan Lineal
30 December 196623 February 1969 Chartchai Chionoi Lineal


Title inaugurated
1963-09-181964-01-23 Flag of Japan.svg Hiroyuki Ebihara WBC
1964-01-231965-04-23 Flag of Thailand.svg Pone Kingpetch WBC
1965-04-231965-11-18-Stripped Flag of Italy.svg Salvatore Burruni WBC
1966-03-011968-10-02-Retired Flag of Argentina.svg Horacio Accavallo WBC
1968-11-101969-02-23 Flag of Thailand.svg Chartchai Chionoi WBC
1969-02-231970-03-20 Flag of Mexico.svg Efren Torres WBC
1970-03-201970-12-07 Flag of Thailand.svg Chartchai Chionoi WBC
1970-12-071971-12-29-Stripped Flag of the Philippines.svg Erbito Salavarria WBC
1972-06-031972-09-29 Flag of Venezuela.svg Betulio González WBC
1972-09-291973-07-10-Vacated Flag of Thailand.svg Venice Borkhorsor WBC
The title is vacated when Venice Borkosor abandons the title following his last fight against Julio Guerrero on July 10, 1973. The title is won when Miguel Canto Solis was defeated by Betulio González in Caracas by a 15-round decision on August 4.
1973-08-041974-10-01 Flag of Venezuela.svg Betulio González WBC
1974-10-011975-01-08 Flag of Japan.svg Shoji Oguma WBC
1975-01-081979-03-18 Flag of Mexico.svg Miguel Canto WBC
1979-03-181980-05-18 Flag of South Korea.svg Chan-Hee Park WBC
1980-05-181981-05-12 Flag of Japan.svg Shoji Oguma WBC
1981-05-121982-03-20 Flag of Mexico.svg Antonio Avelar WBC
1982-03-201982-07-24 Flag of Colombia.svg Prudencio Cardona WBC
1982-07-241982-11-06 Flag of Mexico.svg Freddy Castillo WBC
1982-11-061983-03-15 Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Eleoncio Mercedes WBC
1983-03-151983-09-27 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Charlie Magri WBC
1983-09-271984-01-18 Flag of the Philippines.svg Frank Cedeno WBC
1984-01-181984-04-09 Flag of Japan.svg Koji Kobayashi WBC
1984-04-091984-10-08 Flag of Mexico.svg Gabriel Bernal WBC
1984-10-081988-07-24 Flag of Thailand.svg Sot Chitalada WBC
1988-07-241989-06-03 Flag of South Korea.svg Yong-Kang Kim WBC
1989-06-031991-02-15 Flag of Thailand.svg Sot Chitalada WBC
1991-02-151992-06-23 Flag of Thailand.svg Muangchai Kittikasem WBC
1992-06-231997-11-12 Flag of Russia.svg Yuri Arbachakov WBC
1997-11-121998-12-04 Flag of Thailand.svg Chatchai Sasakul WBC
1998-12-041999-09-17-Stripped Flag of the Philippines.svg Manny Pacquiao WBC
1999-09-172000-05-19 Flag of Thailand.svg Medgoen Singsurat WBC
2000-05-192001-03-02 Flag of the Philippines.svg Malcolm Tuñacao WBC
2001-03-022007-07-18 Flag of Thailand.svg Pongsaklek Wonjongkam WBC
2007-07-182009-11-29 Flag of Japan.svg Daisuke Naito WBC
2009-11-292010-03-27 Flag of Japan.svg Kōki Kameda WBC
2010-03-272012-03-02 Flag of Thailand.svg Pongsaklek Wonjongkam WBC
2012-03-022012-07-16 Flag of the Philippines.svg Sonny Boy Jaro WBC
2012-07-162013-04-08 Flag of Japan.svg Toshiyuki Igarashi WBC
2013-04-082014-09-05 Flag of Japan.svg Akira Yaegashi WBC
2014-09-052016-09-29-Vacated Flag of Nicaragua.svg Román González WBC
2017-03-042017-05-20 Flag of Mexico.svg Juan Hernández WBC
2017-05-202018-04-14 Stripped Flag of Japan.svg Daigo Higa WBC
2018-04-152018-12-22 Flag of Nicaragua.svg Cristofer Rosales WBC
2018-12-222019-10-05 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Charlie Edwards WBC
2019-12-20present Flag of Mexico.svg Julio Cesar Martinez WBC


Title inaugurated
1962-10-021963-01-12 Flag of Japan.svg Fighting Harada WBA
1963-01-121963-12-18 Flag of Thailand.svg Pone Kingpetch WBA
1963-12-181964-01-23 Flag of Japan.svg Hiroyuki Ebihara WBA
1964-01-231965-04-23 Flag of Thailand.svg Pone Kingpetch WBA
1965-04-231965-11-01-Stripped Flag of Italy.svg Salvatore Burruni WBA
1966-03-011968-10-02-Retired Flag of Argentina.svg Horacio Accavallo WBA
1969-03-301969-10-19 Flag of Japan.svg Hiroyuki Ebihara WBA
1969-10-191970-04-05 Flag of the Philippines.svg Bernabe Villacampo WBA
1970-04-051970-10-22 Flag of Thailand.svg Berkrerk Chartvanchai WBA
1970-10-221973-01-24-Died Flag of Japan.svg Masao Ohba WBA
1973-05-171974-10-18 Flag of Thailand.svg Chartchai Chionoi WBA
1974-10-181975-04-01 Flag of Japan.svg Susumu Hanagata WBA
1975-04-011976-02-27 Flag of the Philippines.svg Erbito Salavarria WBA
1976-02-271976-10-02 Flag of Panama.svg Alfonso Lopez WBA
1976-10-021978-08-12 Flag of Mexico.svg Guty Espadas WBA
1978-08-121979-11-17 Flag of Venezuela.svg Betulio González WBA
1979-11-171980-02-17 Flag of Panama.svg Luis Ibarra WBA
1980-02-171980-12-13 Flag of South Korea.svg Tae-Shik Kim WBA
1980-12-131981-03-28 Flag of South Africa (1928-1994).svg Peter Mathebula WBA
1981-03-281981-06-06 Flag of Argentina.svg Santos Benigno Laciar WBA
1981-06-061981-09-26 Flag of Panama.svg Luis Ibarra WBA
1981-09-261982-05-01 Flag of Mexico.svg Juan Herrera WBA
1982-05-011985-07-19-Vacated Flag of Argentina.svg Santos Benigno Laciar WBA
1985-10-051987-02-13 Flag of Panama.svg Hilario Zapata WBA
1987-02-131989-09-30 Flag of Colombia.svg Fidel Bassa WBA
1989-09-301990-03-10 Flag of Venezuela.svg Jesus Kiki Rojas WBA
1990-03-101990-07-29 Flag of South Korea.svg Yul-Woo Lee WBA
1990-07-291991-03-14 Flag of Japan.svg Leopard Tamakuma WBA
1991-03-141991-06-01 Flag of Colombia.svg Elvis Álvarez WBA
1991-06-011992-09-26 Flag of South Korea.svg Yong-Kang Kim WBA
1992-09-261992-12-15 Flag of Venezuela.svg Aquiles Guzman WBA
1992-12-151994-02-13 Flag of Venezuela.svg David Griman WBA
1994-02-131996-11-24 Flag of Thailand.svg Saen Sor Ploenchit WBA
1996-11-241998-05-29 Flag of Venezuela.svg Jose Bonilla WBA
1998-05-291999-03-13 Flag of Argentina.svg Hugo Rafael Soto WBA
1999-03-131999-09-03 Flag of Venezuela.svg Leo Gamez WBA
1999-09-032000-08-05 Flag of Thailand.svg Sornpichai Kratingdaenggym WBA
2000-08-052003-12-06 Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Eric Morel WBA
2003-12-062007-03-18-Stripped Flag of Venezuela.svg Lorenzo Parra WBA
2007-03-192008-12-31 Flag of Japan.svg Takefumi Sakata WBA
2008-12-312010-02-07 Flag of Thailand.svg Denkaosan Kaovichit WBA
2010-02-072011-01-04-Vacated Flag of Japan.svg Daiki Kameda WBA
2011-01-042011-04-02 Flag of Panama.svg Luis Concepcion WBA
2011-04-022012-11-17 Flag of Mexico.svg Hernan Marquez WBA
2012-11-172013-04-06 Flag of the United States.svg Brian Viloria WBA Super Champion
2012-11-172015-04-22 Flag of Argentina.svg Juan Carlos Reveco WBA Regular Champion
2013-04-062016-09-14-Vacated Flag of Mexico.svg Juan Francisco Estrada WBA Super Champion
2015-04-222017-09-11 Vacated Flag of Japan.svg Kazuto Ioka WBA Regular Champion
2018-02-24Present Flag of Ukraine.svg Artem Dalakian WBA Regular Champion


Title inaugurated
1983-12-241985-12-20 Flag of South Korea.svg Kwon Soon-chun IBF
1985-12-201986-04-27 Flag of South Korea.svg Chung Jong-kwan IBF
1986-04-271986-08-02 Flag of South Korea.svg Jung Bi-won IBF
1986-08-021987-02-22 Flag of South Korea.svg Shin Hi-sup IBF
1987-02-221987-09-05 Flag of the Philippines.svg Dodie Boy Peñalosa IBF
1987-09-051988-01-16 Flag of South Korea.svg Chang-Ho Choi IBF
1988-01-161988-10-05 Flag of the Philippines.svg Rolando Bohol IBF
1988-10-051989-06-07 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Duke McKenzie IBF
1989-06-071992-06-11 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Dave McAuley IBF
1992-06-111992-11-29 Flag of Colombia.svg Rodolfo Blanco IBF
1992-11-291994-11-25-Retired Flag of Thailand.svg Pichit Sitbangprachan IBF
1995-02-181995-04-22 Flag of Colombia.svg Francisco Tejedor IBF
1995-04-221996-Vacated Flag of the United States.svg Danny Romero IBF
1996-05-041999-04-Vacated Flag of the United States.svg Mark Johnson IBF
1999-04-102004-12-16 Flag of Colombia.svg Irene Pacheco IBF
2004-12-162007-07-07 Flag of Armenia.svg Vic Darchinyan IBF
2007-07-072009-Vacated Flag of the Philippines.svg Nonito Donaire IBF
2009-11-202014-01-13-Vacated Flag of South Africa.svg Moruti Mthalane IBF
2014-01-222016-05-25 Flag of Thailand.svg Amnat Ruenroeng IBF
2016-05-252016-12-21-Vacated Flag of the Philippines.svg Johnriel Casimero IBF
2017-04-29Present Flag of the Philippines.svg Donnie Nietes IBF
2018-07-15Present Flag of South Africa.svg Moruti Mthalane IBF


Title inaugurated
1989-03-031990-03-Vacated Flag of Colombia.svg Elvis Álvarez WBO
1990-08-181992-03-18 Flag of Mexico.svg Isidro Perez WBO
1992-03-181993-05-15 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Pat Clinton WBO
1993-05-151995-02-11 Flag of South Africa.svg Jacob Matlala WBO
1995-02-111996-12-13 Flag of Mexico.svg Alberto Jiménez WBO
1996-12-131998-08-14 Flag of Argentina.svg Carlos Gabriel Salazar WBO
1998-08-141999-04-23 Flag of Mexico.svg Ruben Sánchez León WBO
1999-04-231999-Vacated Flag of Spain.svg José Antonio López Bueno WBO
1999-12-182000-12-15 Flag of Mexico.svg Isidro García WBO
2000-12-152001-09-08-Vacated Flag of Mexico.svg Fernando Montiel WBO
2002-05-042002-07-13 Flag of Nicaragua.svg Adonis Rivas WBO
2002-07-132010-05-Vacated Flag of Argentina.svg Omar Andres Narvaez WBO
2010-06-122011-07-16 Flag of Mexico.svg Julio César Miranda WBO
2011-07-162013-04-06 Flag of the United States.svg Brian Viloria WBO
2013-04-062016-09-14-Vacated Flag of Mexico.svg Juan Francisco Estrada WBO
2016-11-052017-06-28 Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Zou Shiming WBO
2017-06-282018-09-24 Flag of Japan.svg Sho Kimura WBO
2018-09-242020-01-31 Vacated Flag of Japan.svg Kosei Tanaka WBO
2020-11-06Present Flag of Japan.svg Junto Nakatani WBO


1 Disputed. See article on Pedro Carrasco.
2 Relinquished championship title.
3 Retired as champion, relinquishing title.
4 Championship recognition withdrawn by sanctioning organization.

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