Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

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Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
TypeSports Hall of Fame and Museum

The Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is a museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, dedicated to the history of sports in Manitoba and honouring the best in sports. The organization began in 1980 and in 1993, a museum was opened in The Forks. After five years, the museum moved to The Bay store on Portage Avenue.


However, the museum has moved to the Sport Manitoba building (145 Pacific Ave.), and had a grand opening on October 27, 2012. [1]

Exhibits of Manitoba's sports teams and honoured athletes are displayed in the museum.


2004 Bev (Hall) McKenzie
1984 Vivian (King) Thompson
1996 Mary (Rutton) Robinson
2006 Joanne (Mucz) Vergara
1987 Janet (Maddin) Neale
1996 Isny (Johnson) Gallimore
1997 Merlene (Wach) Netterfield
2010 Jo-Ann (Percy) Lindsay
2001 Eileen Whalley Richards
1984 Robina (Higgins) Haight
1989 Betty (Mitchell) Olson
1992 Evelyn (Wawryshyn) Moroz
1995 Doreen (McCannell) Botterill
1984 Mary Rose (Thacker) Temple
1986 Elizabeth (Appleby) Levin
1981 Howard Wood Sr.
2004 Bill Heindl Sr.
1999 Ward Wood McVey
2007 Emile St. Godard
2007 Angela (Johnson) Straub
2011 Ronald G. Turnbull
1994 Robert "Bud" Tinsley
1992 Robert "Bobby" Summers
1997 Gordon Rowland
1988 Steve Patrick
2004 Ches McCance
2004 Jim Henry
1993 Tom Casey
1994 Mark Berger
1985 Gordon Hudson
2012 Terry Ball
1993 Tom Johnson
1991 Martin Riley
1997 Jack Stewart
1981 Frank Stack
1995 Herb Gray
2004 Eddie James
2011 Bob Cameron
1989 Charlie Gardiner
2013 Harold Edward Joseph "Bullet Joe" Simpson
1984 Ab Gowanlock
1996 Ab McDonald
1996 Al Sparks
1982 Alfred Wurr
2004 Alistair Swanson
1983 Allan Boes
1993 Andy Bathgate
2001 Angela Chalmers
1994 Anne Tachan
2000 Army Howard
1990 Babe Pratt
2013 Barney Hartman
2009 Ben Szymkow
1983 Bert Snart
2007 Beth Cochran
1992 Bill Bridgen
2001 Bill Ceretti
2004 Bill Ezinicki
2007 Bill Fairbairn
1992 Bill Juzda
1980 Bill Mosienko
1995 Bill Pidlaski
2004 Billy Marquardt
2004 Bob Dunbar
1991 Bob Hamerton
2004 Bob Harley
1996 Bob McEachern
2007 Bob Town
1987 Bobby Clarke
1989 Bobby Hull
1986 Bobby Reith
1992 Bonnie Wittmeier
1989 Brian MacLaren
1987 Bruce Pirnie
1985 Bryan Hextall
2004 Bud Marquardt
1992 Butch Goring
1983 Carl Ridd
1985 Catherine Kerr
1980 Cecil Browne
2004 Ching Johnson
1999 Chris McCubbins
2006 Chris Walby
2010 Christine O'Connor
2002Christian Weber
2012 Clarice Fitzpatrick
1998 Cliff Bishop
2004 Cliff Roseborough
1982 Conrad Riley
1982 Cyril Coaffee
2007 Dale Iwanoczko
2007 Dallas Smith
1981 Dan Bain
2007 Dan Halldorson
2009 Derek Riley
2004 Dick Buckingham
1983 Dick Irvin
1998 Don Raleigh
2006 Don Starkell
1993 Donald Sewell
1990 Donny Lalonde
1999 Doran Sewell
1983 Doug Groff
1997 Dylis Turner
1995 Eddie Mazur
1980 Eric Coy
1985 Erick Oland
1991 Ethel Bieber
1981 Frank Fredrickson
2010 Frank Rigney
1989 Fred Dunsmore
2000 Fred Ingaldson
1999 Fred Shero
1980 Fritz Hanson
1989 Garth Pischke
1999 Gene Turk
1988 George Knudson
1982 Gerry James
2011 Glenn McWhinney
1988 Gordon Audley
2005 Grant Ledyard
2003 Grant Skinner
2009 Greg Lacomy
2004 Harold Eidsvig
2004 Henry Gerow
2003 Herbert Olafsson
2004 Jack Jacobs
1984 Jack McCulloch
2004 Jack Secter
1982 Jack Smyth
1982 James Houldon
1990 James Tettamanti
1986 Janet Nutter
2004 Jeff Nicklin
2004 Jim McFadden
1981 Jim Trifunov
1997 Jim Ursel
1980 Jimmy Ball
1984 Joe Keeper
2004 Joe Poplawski
2011 Joe Wiwchar
2004 John McCreedy
2001 Joy Knudson
1980 Judy Moss
2000 June Bagley
2004 Kas Zabowski
1993 Kaye Minions
2004 Ken Aseltine
1987 Ken Ploen
1996 Ken Reardon
1980 Ken Watson
2011 Kerry Burtnyk
1989 Laurie Cohen
1981 Leible Hersfield
2005 Leo Lewis
1997 Lindsay Gould
2004 Lisa Fraser-Gilmore
1990 Lloyd Gunnlaugson
1993 Lyndon Johnston
2005 Marcel Mangin
1998 Margeret Homenuik
1984 Marjorie Edey
2003 Mary Dempster
1988 Maureen Dowds
2004 Mauriel Rogers
2004 Max Kantor
2004 Mel Hill
2004 Mel Wilson
1986 Merv Deckert
1991 Monica Goermann
2004 Nick Mickoski
1994 Norm Shanas
1985 Olive Little
1990 Ollie Hynduik
2006 Peter Kawulia
1997 Reggie Leach
2006 Rick Watts
1994 Robert Boucher
2005 Roger Savoie
2002 Russ Ford
2000 Sandy Gibb
2010 Shane Moffatt
2001 Sherman Greenfeld
1991 Steve Trojack
2003 Susan Auch
1982 Svein Sigfusson
1983 Sylvia Burka
2002 Tanya Dubnicoff
2003 Ted Green
2006 Ted Homenuik
1982 Terry Sawchuk
1981 Theo Dubois
2005 Theresa Brick
2001 Tim McIsaac
1985 Tommy Town
2003 Tony Nocita
2000 Trevor Porritt
1983 Turk Broda
2007 Vailla Hoggan
2004 Victor Lindquist
2004 Wally Stanowski
2002 Willard Reaves
1986Bruce Reid
2007Bryan Wood
1990Charlie Johnstone
1998Colleen Miller
1995David McKay
2001Elaine Jones
1981 Frankie Battaglia
2010George Phillips
2004Glenn Murphy
1997Hugh Gustafson
1995Jimmy Doyle
2002Joan Ingram
2007John Carson
1987Keith Carter
1998Ken Little
2004 Élie Blanchard
1999 Ken McKenzie


The Museum is affiliated with: CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada.

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The Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum was established in 1985 when the first honoured members were named and plaques were erected in their honour. The first group of inductees was large in order to recognize the accomplishments of Manitoba players, coaches, builders and teams at the international, national, provincial and local levels for many years. Induction ceremonies were held on an annual or bi-annual basis through 1993. Since 1995, the Foundation has added to its honour roll every second year.

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The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame is a hall of fame and museum in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, dedicated to the preservation and history of sports within the province. It was created in 1957 by the Alberta Amateur Athletic Union (AAAU). The museum was eventually taken over by Sport Alberta in 1973 when the AAAU ceased operations. It has been maintained by the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Society since 1997. The first permanent display for the Hall of Fame was established in Edmonton in 1962. The museum relocated between Edmonton and Calgary on numerous occasions until settling in Red Deer in 1999.

Jerry D. Hemmings is a former American basketball coach and former professional basketball player.

Joanne Mucz is a Canadian retired Paralympic medalist in swimming. She won eight medals at the Paralmypic Games with five of them at the 1992 Summer Paralympics. After her retirement in 1996, Mucz was named into the Terry Fox Hall of Fame and the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in 2006.


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