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Martzal(in German)
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The Roman Catholic Church of Marcali
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Coat of arms
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Location of Marcali
Coordinates: 46°35′09″N17°24′46″E / 46.58582°N 17.41279°E / 46.58582; 17.41279 Coordinates: 46°35′09″N17°24′46″E / 46.58582°N 17.41279°E / 46.58582; 17.41279
Country Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Region Southern Transdanubia
County Somogy
District Marcali
RC Diocese Kaposvár
  Total101.5 km2 (39.2 sq mi)
  Total11,216 [1]
Demonym(s) marcali
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code (+36) 85
Patron Saint Holy Mary
NUTS 3 code HU232
MP József Attila Móring (KDNP)
Website Marcali Online

Marcali (German : Martzal) is a town in Somogy County, Hungary and the seat of Marcali District.


The settlement is part of the Balatonboglár wine region. [2]


It lies 14 km south of Lake Balaton, next to the main road 68 and the Somogyszob-Balatonszentgyörgy Railway Line.


Near the village Kisperjés, which belongs to Marcali, there is at 46°36′53.5″N17°27′53.63″E / 46.614861°N 17.4648972°E / 46.614861; 17.4648972 (Kisperjes transmitter) a mediumwave broadcasting station with a 126 metres tall guyed mast radiator broadcasting on 1188 kHz with 300 kW.

Notable residents


Twin towns — sister cities

Marcali is twinned with:

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