Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security (Botswana)

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Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security
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The Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security of Botswana aims to provide safety, protection and promote human rights and rule of law via the implementation of pertinent policies and programming in order to achieve peace and tranquility. The ministry oversees the following departments: [1] [2]


List of ministers Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security (Botswana)



Took officeLeft office
1 Seretse Khama 19661966
2 Quett Masire 19661967
3Seretse Khama19671968
4 Quett Masire 19681970
5Seretse Khama19701975
6Quett Masire19751979
7Seretse Khama19791980
8Quett Masire19801982
9 Ruth Williams Khama 19821982
10 No image.png Lenyeletse Seretse 19821983
11 No image.png Peter Mmusi 19831989
12 Gladys Olebile Masire 19891992
13 Festus Mogae 19921 April 1998
14 Barbara Mogae 19981998
15 Ian Khama 19982008
16 Tshekedi Khama II 20082008
17 Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse 20082010
18 Lesego Motsumi 20102011
19 Mompati Merafhe 20112012
20Lesego Motsumi20122012
21Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse20122013
21 Shaw Kgathi 20132013
22 Ponatshego Kedikilwe 20132014
23Shaw Kgathi20142014
24 Mokgweetsi Masisi 20142015
25 Neo Masisi 20152015
26Shaw Kgathi20152018
27 Mokgweetsi Masisi 20182018
28 Neo Masisi 20182018
29 Slumber Tsogwane 20182018
30Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse20182018
31 Shaw Kgathi 2018Incumbent

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