Botswana Prison Service

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The Botswana Prison Service (BPS)
Location Botswana

The Botswana Prison Service (BPS) is the corrections agency of Botswana. It holds pre-trial and convicted prisoners. [1]



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Transport in Botswana Transport in Botswana

Transportation in Botswana is provided by internal and extensive network of railways, highways, ferry services and air routes that criss-cross the country.

Molepolole village in Kweneng District, Botswana

Molepolole is a large town in Kweneng District, Botswana.

Central District (Botswana) District in Botswana

Central is the largest of Botswana's districts in terms of area and population. It encompasses the traditional homeland of the Bamangwato people. Some of the most politically connected Batswana have come from the Central District, including former President Sir Seretse Khama, former President Festus Mogae, and former President Lt. General Seretse Ian Khama. The district borders the Botswanan districts of Chobe in the north, North-West in the northwest, Ghanzi in the west, Kweneng in southwest, Kgatleng in the south and North-East in the northeast, as well as Zimbabwe also in the northeast and South Africa in the southeast.

Botswana Railways

Botswana Railways (BR) is the national railway of Botswana.

Sub-districts of Botswana

The districts of Botswana are subdivided into sub-districts. The sub-districts are listed below, by district:

The Internet in Botswana is used by about 28.4% of the population. This is slightly lower than the figure of 28.6% for Africa as a whole in 2015.

List of Railway stations in Botswana include:

Yarona FM

Yarona FM is a Botswana FM radio based in Gaborone with a core broadcast audience of youth, with a spill out to ages 35. The network plays a relatively freeform mix of indie music, including rock, pop, alternative hip hop, motswako and electronic music.

Vehicle registration plates of Botswana for normal motor vehicles begin with the letter B, followed by three digits, followed by three letters. The digits and letters are assigned by a registrar. The three letters will never include the letter Q so as to avoid confusion with the letter O. The front number plates have black lettering on a white reflective background. The rear number plates have black lettering on a yellow reflective background. Public passenger number plates have blue lettering on a white reflective background in the front and white lettering on blue background at the rear.

Bechuanaland National Airways

Bechuanaland National Airways was the national airline of the Bechuanaland Protectorate and was based in Francistown.

Letsibogo Dam Dam in Urban water supply

The Letsibogo Dam is a dam on the Motloutse River in Botswana, built to initially provide water to the industrial town of Selebi-Phikwe and surrounding local areas, with potential for use in irrigation. The dam now supplies Gaborone, the capital of the country, via a 400 kilometres (250 mi) pipeline, as well as major villages along the pipeline route.

Water Utilities Corporation

The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) is a government-owned corporation that provides water and waste water management services in Botswana. The Board is appointed by the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources. The water supply is critically important in the arid or semi-arid environment of Botswana.

The Dutch Reformed Church in Botswana was founded by Swiss missionaries led by Rev. Henri Gronin begun working in 1863 among the tribe Bakgatla, Kgafela in Saulsport and Rustenburg in South Africa. In 1870 part of the tribe moved north to Botswana and the missionaries followed them. The great chief was baptised and most of the tribe followed him. In 1966 when Botswana become independent, a Synod of the Reformed Church was formed. In the 1970s the church gained independence. The church in the following years expanded to Basarwa, Bakalanga and Bakgatla.

Ministry of Education and Skills Development

The Ministry of Tertiary Education Research, Science and Technology is a government ministry of Botswana. Its offices are in Gaborone.The Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research Science and Technology exists to provide and build knowledge and innovation through the development and implementation of Policy on Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology to transform Botswana in to a knowledge based society through effective stakeholder collaboration

The Baháʼí Faith in Botswana begins after ʻAbdu'l-Bahá, then leader of the Baháʼí Faith, wrote letters encouraging taking the religion to Africa in 1916. The first Baháʼí pioneers arrived in Botswana about October 1954, where they befriended many Africans. The first election of Botswana's Baháʼí National Spiritual Assembly was in 1970. The 2001 national census counts approximately 700 Baháʼís. However, the Association of Religion Data Archives estimated some 16,500 Baháʼís in Botswana as of 2010.

Dumelang Saleshando

Dumelang Saleshando is a politician from Botswana who is the Leader of the Opposition of Botswana.

Radio Botswana Radio station

Radio Botswana- abbr RB1 is a radio station in Botswana operated by the Government of Botswana in the capital city Gaborone. The Radio station provides news, current affairs about the country Botswana, the culture of Botswana, education and also provides entertainment to its followers. Radio Botswana station 1 started diffusing to its crowd in the year 1965 and during that time it was initially called the Radio Bechuanaland before the country became independent. During the time it was called Radio Bechuanaland, the station got assistance of wave transmition from the Mafikeng Veterinary, and it served the department with communication covering a circle of 20 miles. The partnership between the Mafikeng veterinary and radio Bechuanaland was to broadcast the agricultural agenda/programmes.
Radio Bechuanaland from the year 1967 was on air at a band of 90 meters every night. The station is called Seroma mowa sa Botswana in Setswana language.

The Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology is a government ministry of Botswana.


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