Nancy Karetak-Lindell

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2006 Canadian federal election: Nunavut
Nancy Karetak-Lindell
ᓇᓐᓰ ᑲᕆᑕᒃ-ᓕᓐᑎᓪ
Member of Parliament
for Nunavut
In office
June 2, 1997 October 14, 2008
Liberal Nancy Karetak-Lindell 3,67339.98−11.32$10,669
Conservative David Aglukark2,67029.06+14.62$5,486
New Democratic Bill Riddell1,57617.15+1.98$11,990
Marijuana D. Ed deVries7247.88$1,162
Green Feliks Kappi5445.92+2.59$3,950
Total valid votes/expense limit9,187100.0   $74,506
Total rejected ballots64 0.70
Liberal hold Swing −12.97
2004 Canadian federal election : Nunavut
Liberal Nancy Karetak-Lindell 3,81851.30−17.71$18,035
Independent Manitok Thompson 1,17215.74$5,945
New Democratic Bill Riddell1,12915.17−3.09$12,810
Conservative Duncan Cunningham1,07514.44+6.24$16,838
Green Nedd Kenney2483.33−1.19$190
Total valid votes7,442100.00  
Total rejected ballots330.44
Liberal hold Swing −16.72
Change for the Conservatives is based on the results of the Progressive Conservatives.
2000 Canadian federal election : Nunavut
Liberal Nancy Karetak-Lindell 5,32769.01+23.13$35,282
New Democratic Palluq Susan Enuaraq1,41018.26−5.50
Progressive Conservative Mike Sherman6338.20−15.93$6,045
Green Brian Robert Jones3494.52$9,304
Total valid votes7,719100.00  
Total rejected ballots540.69
Liberal hold Swing +14.32
1997 Canadian federal election : Nunavut
Liberal Nancy Karetak-Lindell 3,30245.88−23.87$30,212
Progressive Conservative Okalik Eegeesiak1,73724.13+3.54$11,251
New Democratic Hunter Tootoo 1,71023.76+14.10$11,918
Reform John Turner4476.21
Total valid votes7,196100.00  
Total rejected ballots480.66
Liberal notional hold Swing −13.70

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Rankin Inlet Place in Nunavut, Canada

Rankin Inlet is an Inuit hamlet on Kudlulik Peninsula in Nunavut, Canada. It is the largest hamlet and second-largest settlement in Nunavut, after the territorial capital, Iqaluit. On the northwestern Hudson Bay, between Chesterfield Inlet and Arviat, it is the regional centre for the Kivalliq Region.

Arviat Hamlet in Nunavut, Canada

Arviat is a predominantly Inuit hamlet located on the western shore of Hudson Bay in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut, Canada. Arviat is derived from the Inuktitut word arviq meaning "Bowhead whale". Earlier in history, its name was Tikirajualaaq, and Ittaliurvik,.

Same-sex marriage in Nunavut

Same-sex marriage in Nunavut has been legal since 20 July 2005. The Canadian territory began granting marriage licences to same-sex couples upon the passage of the federal Civil Marriage Act. Previously, beginning in October 2003, same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions were legally recognized in Nunavut.

Cambridge Bay Hamlet in Nunavut, Canada

Cambridge Bay is a hamlet located on Victoria Island in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada. It is the largest settlement on Victoria Island. Cambridge Bay is named for Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, while the traditional Inuinnaqtun name for the area is Ikaluktutiak or Iqaluktuuttiaq meaning "good fishing place".

Baker Lake, Nunavut Hamlet in Nunavut, Canada

Baker Lake is a hamlet in the Kivalliq Region, in Nunavut on mainland Canada. Located 320 km (200 mi) inland from Hudson Bay, it is near the nation's geographical centre, and is notable for being Nunavut's sole inland community. The hamlet is located at the mouth of the Thelon River on the shore of Baker Lake. The community was given its English name in 1761 from Captain William Christopher who named it after Sir William Baker, the 11th Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Nunavut Arctic College

Nunavut Arctic College is a public community college in the territory of Nunavut, Canada. The college has several campuses throughout the territory and operates as a public agency funded by the territorial government.

Ann Meekitjuk Hanson was the third commissioner of Nunavut. She served from April 21, 2005 until April 10, 2010. Hanson, like all Inuit born between the 1940s and the 1970s, was labelled with a disc number by the Government of Canada, which, in her case was E7-121.

Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated is the legal representative of the Inuit of Nunavut for the purposes of native treaty rights and treaty negotiation. The presidents of NTI, Makivik Corporation, Nunatsiavut, and the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, the four regional land claims organizations, govern the national body, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) as its board of directors. NTI continues to play a central role in Nunavut, even after the creation of the Government of Nunavut. As the successor of the Tunngavik Federation of Nunavut, which was a signatory of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement on behalf of Inuit, NTI is responsible for ensuring that the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement is implemented fully by the Government of Canada and the Government of Nunavut and that all parties fulfill their obligations.

Hunter Tootoo Canadian politician

Hunter A. Tootoo is a Canadian politician who served as the Member of Parliament for Nunavut from 2015 to 2019. Elected as a Liberal to the House of Commons, he was appointed Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard by Justin Trudeau on November 4, 2015. Tootoo resigned from that position on May 31, 2016, to take a leave from Parliament to seek treatment for alcohol addiction. He returned to Parliament by the end of July 2016 after the completion of his treatment program, but sat as an independent member for the remainder of the 42nd Parliament and did not run for re-election.

Whale Cove, Nunavut Place in Nunavut, Canada

Whale Cove, is a hamlet located 74 km (46 mi) south southwest of Rankin Inlet, 145 km (90 mi) northeast of Arviat, in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada, on the western shore of Hudson Bay.

Tagak Curley is an Inuit leader, politician and businessman from Nunavut. As a prominent figure in the negotiations that led to the creation of Nunavut, Tagak is considered a living father of confederation in Canada. He was born in a hunting camp at Coral Harbour, Northwest Territories.

Leona Aglukkaq Canadian politician

Leona Aglukkaq is a Canadian politician. She was a member of the non-partisan Legislative Assembly of Nunavut representing the riding of Nattilik from 2004 until stepping down in 2008; then was a Conservative Member of Parliament representing the riding of Nunavut after winning the seat in the 2008 federal election. She was the first Conservative to win the seat, and only the second centre-right candidate ever to win it. Leona Aglukkaq is the first Inuk woman to serve in cabinet. She remained an MP until she was defeated in the 2015 federal election by Liberal candidate Hunter Tootoo. Aglukkaq unsuccessfully contested the 2019 federal election.

Ennadai Lake Body of water

Ennadai Lake is a lake in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is 52 mi (84 km) long, and 3 to 14 mi wide. It is drained to the north by the Kazan River. A 615 km section of the Kazan River from the outlet of Ennadai Lake to Baker Lake, was designated as a part of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System in 1990.

Jose Kusugak was an Inuk politician from Repulse Bay, Northwest Territories, Canada. He moved, along with his family, to Rankin Inlet in 1960.

Nunavut Territory of Canada

Nunavut is the largest and northernmost territory of Canada. It was separated officially from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999, via the Nunavut Act and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act, which provided this territory to the Inuit for independent government. The boundaries had been drawn in 1993. The creation of Nunavut resulted in the first major change to Canada's political map in half a century since the province of Newfoundland was admitted in 1949.

Inuvialuit Settlement Region Region in Canada

The Inuvialuit Settlement Region, abbreviated as ISR, located in Canada's western Arctic, was designated in 1984 in the Inuvialuit Final Agreement by the Government of Canada for the Inuvialuit people. It spans 90,650 km2 (35,000 sq mi) of land, mostly above the tree line, and includes several subregions: the Beaufort Sea, the Mackenzie River delta, the northern portion of Yukon, and the northwest portion of the Northwest Territories. The ISR includes both Crown Lands and Inuvialuit Private Lands.

Pat Angnakak is a Canadian politician, who was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut in the 2013 election and reelected in 2017. She represented the electoral district of Iqaluit-Niaqunnguu until 2021; she resigned her seat in the legislature in August 2021 in order to run as a Liberal Party of Canada candidate in the 2021 Canadian federal election, but was defeated by Lori Idlout of the New Democratic Party.

Mumilaaq Qaqqaq is a Canadian activist and former politician who served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nunavut in the House of Commons of Canada from 2019 to 2021.

Lori Idlout Canadian politician

Lori Idlout is a Canadian politician who has served as member of parliament for the riding of Nunavut in the House of Commons of Canada since 2021. She is a member of the New Democratic Party.


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