Oshawa City Council

Last updated
Oshawa City Council
Term limits
New session started
December 3, 2018
Mayor of Oshawa
Dan Carter
since December 3, 2018
Deputy Mayor of Oshawa
Bob Chapman
since December 3, 2018
Length of term
4 years
Last election
October 22, 2018
(11 seats)
Next election
October 24, 2022
(11 seats)
Meeting place
Council Chamber
Oshawa City Hall
Oshawa, Ontario
Official website

Oshawa City Council is the governing body of the city of Oshawa, Ontario. The council has 11 members, consisting of 10 councillors plus the mayor. Prior to 1985, city councillors were elected at large, with "regional and city" councillors who would serve on both city council and the Durham Region council, and "local city" councillors who would only serve on city council. From 1985-2010, the city moved to a ward-based system, ensuring equal representation for all residents. The city would return to at large elections in 2010 and 2014, before abandoning the failed idea and returning to a ward-based system in 2018, with five wards which each elect one city councillor and one "regional and city" councillor.


The city posts agendas for council and committee meetings.


In January 1978, the Oshawa City Council considered converting the former World War II paramilitary and commando training installation Camp X" into a $6-million museum complex. [1] The plan called for the 275-acre tract of land between Oshawa and Whitby to include an air museum, a naval display, and a war industries museum. [1] However, by 2009, the tract had been converted into an industrial park and Intrepid Park, a city park characterized as "a barren patch of grass". [2]

On September 3, 2013, undercover Durham Regional Police officers arrested three citizens in the council chamber while a police canine unit was stationed outside. [3] A video of the event was posted on YouTube a day later. [3] That same month, the council gave the staff of Oshawa city the power to bar individuals from entering Oshawa city hall under the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario. [3] At the time, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association attributed the September 2013 events to knowing "how to push each others' buttons." [3]


There are 4 standing committees of council:



Council elected in the 2014 Durham Region municipal elections:

John Henry Mayor
John AkerRegional and city councillors
Dan Carter
Bob Chapman
Nancy Diamond 2014-2017; died in office.
Amy McQuaid-England
John Neal
Nester Pidwerbecki
Doug Sanders2017-2018 [4]
Gail BatesCity councillors2017-2018 [4]
Rick Kerr
Doug Sanders2014-2017; transferred to a regional + city seat after death of Nancy Diamond. [4]
John Shields


Council elected in the 2018 Durham Region municipal elections:

Dan Carter Mayor
John NealWard 1 - R
Rosemary McConkeyWard 1 - C
Tito-Dante MarimpietriWard 2 - R
Jane HurstWard 2 - C
Bob ChapmanWard 3 - R
Bradley MarksWard 3 - C
Rick KerrWard 4 - R
Derek GibersonWard 4 - C
Brian NicholsonWard 5 - R
John Gray Ward 5 - C

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Durham Regional Council is the political body for the Regional Municipality of Durham in Ontario, Canada. Created in 1974, it consists of 20 elected representatives plus the Regional Chair. Durham Region is governed by Durham Regional Council, which consists of the mayors of the local municipalities and regional councillors directly elected in each municipality. These members are elected via double direct election. Each municipality elects the following number of regional councillors:

Nancy Diamond was a municipal politician in Ontario, Canada, who served as mayor of Oshawa from 1991 to 2003. Previously she served as a city councillor from 1988 to 1991. In 2010, she returned to council and served as a city and Durham regional councillor until her death in February 2017.

Dan Carter (Canadian politician) Canadian politician

Dan Carter is a Canadian politician, currently the mayor of Oshawa, Ontario. Elected in the 2018 municipal election, he succeeded John Henry on December 1, 2018.

Don Mitchell is a Canadian politician. He is currently the mayor of Whitby, Ontario. As mayor, he also sits on Durham Regional Council.


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