Pontiac Solstice

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Pontiac Solstice
Manufacturer General Motors
Model years 2006–2010
Assembly Wilmington, Delaware (Wilmington Assembly)
Body and chassis
Class Sports car
Body style
Layout FR layout
Platform GM Kappa platform
Wheelbase 2,416 mm (95.1 in)
Length3,993 mm (157.2 in)
Width1,811 mm (71.3 in)
Height1,276 mm (50.2 in)
50.9 in (1,293 mm) (coupe)
Curb weight 1,305 kg (2,877 lb)
Predecessor Pontiac Fiero

The Pontiac Solstice is a sports car that was produced by Pontiac. Introduced at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, the Solstice roadster began production in Wilmington, Delaware, [2] starting in mid-2005 for the 2006 model year. It is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.4 L I4 engine, producing 177 hp (132 kW) and 166 lb⋅ft (225 N⋅m) of torque. [3] The exterior styling of the production Solstice is similar to that of the 2002 Solstice concept [4] that preceded it. Production of the Solstice was to be running before summer 2005, but delays at the Wilmington plant pushed volume production to the fourth quarter. [5] The new hardtop targa top 2009 model was announced in mid-2008. [6] The Solstice uses the GM Kappa platform, which also underpins the Saturn Sky, Opel GT, and Daewoo G2X. It was the brand's first two-seater since the Pontiac Fiero was discontinued in 1988.


Interior of a 2006 Pontiac Solstice Pontiac Solstice Dash.jpg
Interior of a 2006 Pontiac Solstice

The Solstice was nominated for the North American Car of the Year award and Design of the Year award from the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) for 2006. It was a runaway hit for Pontiac, with 7,000 orders in the first 10 days of availability and 6,000 more orders before winter. Although first-year production was planned at 7,000, GM apologized to customers for delays and increased production, delivering 10,000 by March 1.

Following the 2008 economic recession, GM discontinued the Pontiac division. Production ended with the closure of the Wilmington Assembly plant in July 2009.

GXP (2007–2009)

2007 Pontiac Solstice 2007 Pontiac Solstice (34168415513).jpg
2007 Pontiac Solstice
Pontiac Solstice GXP convertible Pontiac-Solstice-GXP-DC.jpg
Pontiac Solstice GXP convertible

The GXP version of the Solstice debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006. [7] It is powered by a new 2.0 Liter (121.9  cu in) I4 Ecotec engine equipped with a dual-scroll turbocharger. The engine's output is 260 hp (194 kW) and 260 ft⋅lbf (353 J). This is the highest specific output of any engine by cubic inches in the history of General Motors at 2.1 hp (1.6 kW) per cubic inch, and it is the first gasoline direct injection engine from an American automaker. According to pontiac.com, the GXP accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in under 5.5 seconds. [8]

Other GXP features include standard Stabilitrak traction control, a limited-slip differential, and anti-lock brakes. Summer tires on 18 inch wheels are standard. An available dealer installed option was a modified computer tune and two new sensors that resulted in an increased output to 290 bhp (216 kW; 294 PS) and 340 lb⋅ft (461 N⋅m), further enhancing the performance of the GXP model.

Solstice Coupe (2009-2010)

2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP coupe 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP coupe rear -- 11-13-2009.jpg
2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP coupe

A targa coupe version of the Solstice was unveiled at the 2008 New York Auto Show. Engine choices are the same as the convertible versions. The roof can be removed, but the hard roof cannot be fitted into the trunk. An optional cloth top is available, which can be fitted into the trunk.

The car went on sale in early 2009. [6] The Pontiac Solstice Coupes are considered to be quite rare: There were a total of 1,266 Solstice Coupes that were able to be manufactured before the production line in Wilmington, Delaware was shut down: 102 pre-production 2009 models, 1,152 sequentially vin'd regular production 2009 models, and 12 pre-production 2010 models. This is in contrast to over 64,000 of the Pontiac Solstice Convertibles that were manufactured.

Summary of all 1,266 Pontiac Solstice Coupes Built: [9]

2010 production

Starting in April 2009 the Wilmington, DE. plant was business as usual and pre-production builds began for the 2010 model year. Between April 21, 2009 and May 28, 2009 thirty 2010 model year VIN-coded cars were built on the Kappa platform. Of those, were 12 Pontiac Solstice Coupes and 8 Pontiac Solstice roadsters. Of the other remaining, 8 were Saturn SKYs and 2 were Opel GTs. They were then used as GM company vehicles to be evaluated and also as special event display vehicles. These vehicles were built to the 2010 model year specs with 2010 model year changes and had legal 2010 VIN numbers. Following the end of use term within the GM fleet, the vehicles were sent to auction. After these 30 2010 models, more 2009-spec Solstices were produced and were the last ones made at the plant.

2010 changes

2010 Pontiac Solstice (US) Pontiac Solstice 2010 (9189239782).jpg
2010 Pontiac Solstice (US)


-(QFX) P245/45R18 all-season, blackwall tires -Exterior color (22U) Fresh (Hydro Blue Metallic) -Exterior color (28U) Brazen (Inferno Orange Metallic) -Exterior color (38U) Envious (Emerald Green Metallic) -Exterior color (48U) Deep (Blue) -Exterior color (75U) Sly (Dark Steel Gray Metallic)

New features

-Exterior color (GHF) Hypnotic (Ocean Blue Metallic)( premium paint) -Exterior color (GGW) Sly (Storm Gray Metallic) -(QKR) P245/45R18-96V performance, all-season radial tires (standard on 2MB67 Convertible and 2MB07 Coupe) -(BAY), (B4N), (BAZ) and (BIG) Heritage Editions -(BTV) Remote vehicle start (Included and only available with (MX0) 5-speed automatic transmission) -(20T) Blue Top (Included and only available with Heritage Edition Convertibles )


-(AU0) Remote Keyless Entry, with 2 transmitters, panic button and content theft alarm, RPO Code has changed to "(ATG)"

Heritage Edition

Heritage Edition, includes Blue or White Rally Stripe, Blue accent stitching on seats, steering wheel and shift knob (manual transmission only), (Q9Y) 18" polished aluminum split-spoke wheels, interior trim (192) Ebony leather seating surfaces and (20T) Blue cloth convertible top (Convertible). Only available with exterior colors (50U) Pure (Summit White) with Blue Rally Stripe or (GHF) Hypnotic (Ocean Blue Metallic) with White Rally Stripe.

2010 Solstices produced

Production [10]

Yearly American sales

Calendar YearTotal American sales
2005 [11] 5,445
2006 [12] 19,710
2008 [13] 10,739
2009 [14] 5,642

Concept variations

Weekend Club Racer concept

The custom Pontiac Solstice that represents Jazz's alternate mode at the General Motors at the 2007 Detroit River Walk Jazz-realcar.jpg
The custom Pontiac Solstice that represents Jazz's alternate mode at the General Motors at the 2007 Detroit River Walk

Built by GM Performance Division, this special Solstice features a removable hardtop that drew inspiration from the Dodge Viper roadster, an aggressive body kit, and an oversized spoiler. Engine is rated 325 hp (242 kW). It includes 18-inch wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 255/45ZR18 tires, cat-back performance exhaust system, T-2 race suspension package, along with larger diameter disc brakes. The car was unveiled at the 2005 SEMA Show. [15] This vehicle is featured as Jazz in the 2007 film Transformers .

GXP-R concept

The GXP-R concept is a modified GXP with an engine rated 300 hp (224 kW) and 315 lb⋅ft (427 N⋅m) of torque. It includes an SSBC Performance Brake Package and 19-inch x 8.5-inch wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 245/40ZR19 tires.

The car was unveiled at the 2006 SEMA Show. [16]

SD-290 race concept

The SD-290 race concept is a single-seat Solstice GXP with engine rated 290 hp (216 kW). Weight is reduced by installing driver-side only windscreen and elimination of door glass/hardware, convertible top/hardware, HVAC system and wiper system. It includes Solo Performance cat-back exhaust system, KW Automotive coil-over suspension package, 6-piston aluminum calipers with 13-inch (330 mm) rotors from Stainless Steel Brake Company, forged 19-inch wheels with Hoosier R6 racing tire, rear spoiler, Removable racing-style steering wheel, Racing seat with four-point safety harness, Chrome fire extinguisher, Pegasus center console gauge package, Driver's roll bar

The car was unveiled at the 2006 SEMA Show. [17]

Solstice GXP Coupe concept

The Pontiac Solstice Coupe at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. Pontiac Solstice Coupe.jpg
The Pontiac Solstice Coupe at the 2009 North American International Auto Show.

The Solstice GXP Coupe concept is based on the GXP coupe. It is equipped with a GM Performance Parts Stage 2 performance kit and a performance air intake kit, which boosts engine power to about 290 hp (216 kW). The car also includes a GM Performance Parts cat-back exhaust system and race-ready suspension kit, polished factory wheels. The first version of the Coupe Concept was a metallic orange.

The car was unveiled at the 2008 SEMA Show. [18]


Shared technology

The sharing of technology and various components is a common practice among automakers, resulting in reduced parts costs. The Solstice shares major components with nearly every GM division:


In April 2009, after GM announced the discontinuation of the Pontiac brand by the end of 2010, CEO Fritz Henderson stated that the Solstice would not continue under another GM brand. [20] Although they considered selling the Wilmington plant and the Solstice/Sky products to an outside business, [21] the Wilmington assembly plant closed in July 2009. [22] In October 2009, the new DeLorean Motor Company expressed interest in continuing production of the Solstice, going so far as to release concept artwork for a 2011 DeLorean Solstice. These plans were shelved shortly thereafter, when Fisker Automotive instead acquired the Wilmington Assembly where the Solstice was produced. [23]


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