Ruy Blas (film)

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Ruy Blas
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Directed by Pierre Billon
Screenplay by Jean Cocteau
Based on Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo
Produced by Georges Legrand
Nino Martegani
André Paulvé
Starring Danielle Darrieux
Jean Marais
Marcel Herrand
Cinematography Michel Kelber
Edited by Maurice Serein
Music by Georges Auric
Films André Paulvé
Productions Georges Legrand
Martegani Produzione
Distributed by DisCina
Atlantis Film
Release date
15 February 1948
Running time
93 minutes
Box office2,453,187 admissions (France) [1]

Ruy Blas is a 1948 French-Italian historical drama film directed by Pierre Billon and starring Danielle Darrieux, Jean Marais and Marcel Herrand. The screenplay was written by Jean Cocteau based on the 1838 play of the same title by Victor Hugo. [1]


It was shot at the Icet Studios in Milan and on location at Cassis in Southern France. The film's sets were designed by the art director Georges Wakhévitch.


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