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sify Technologies Limited
TypePublic company
Genre Information and communications technology
Founded12 December 1995;27 years ago (1995-12-12) [1] [2]
FounderR. Ramaraj
Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Area served
  • India
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Dubai [2]
Key people
  • Kamal Nath (CEO)
  • Raju Vegesna (Chairman & managing director)
  • Vijay Kumar (CFO)
RevenueIncrease2.svg2,507 crore (US$310 million) (to March 2018), [3]
Number of employees
2,655 [4]

Sify Technologies Limited (formerly Satyam Infoway) [5] is an Indian information and communications technology company providing end-to-end ICT solutions including telecom services, data center services, cloud & managed services, transformation integration services and application integration services. Sify Technologies Limited played an important role during the early spread of Internet and e-commerce in India. It has been listed on NASDAQ as SIFY since October, 1999. Merrill Lynch was the underwriter for Sify's IPO on the NASDAQ. [6] Sify was founded and led to IPO by R. Ramaraj.



In November 1999, Sify paid 122.2 crore for a 24.5% stake in IndiaWorld Communications. It acquired the remaining shares for 325.4 crore on 30 June 2000. [6] [7]

In 2000, Sify sponsored the India Olympics team. [8] In March 2002, Sify made an agreement with Makemytrip to run Sify's travel portal. [9] In January 2002, Sify announced prizes for most emails sent under a 6-week contest called "Sify Greenmail", promoting emails as an ecofriendly way of communication. [10]

Sify used to run the i-way chain of Internet cafes. [11] In 2002, Sify introduced wireless last mile connections with speeds up to 256 kbit/s. [12] By August 2003, it had over 1,000 i-Way cyber cafes in India. [13] In December 2003, Sify launched video-conferencing facilities in its Internet cafes. [14]

In 2004, Sify, with Level Up Games, launched a MMORPG. [15] In June 2004, the Supreme Court of India set a legal precedent regarding domain names in the Satyam Infoway Ltd. v. Sifynet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. lawsuit. [1]

In November 2005, Satyam Computer Services sold its remaining 31.61% shares in Sify to Infinity Capital Ventures, which is owned by Raju Vegesna, for US$ 62.62 million. [16]

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