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Harold Arlen, Peggy Lee and Vic Damone from "Happy With the Blues", 1961 Peggy Lee Harold Arlen Vic Damone 1961.JPG
Harold Arlen, Peggy Lee and Vic Damone from "Happy With the Blues", 1961

The DuPont Show of the Week is an American television anthology drama series which aired for three seasons on NBC from September 17, 1961 to August 30, 1964. [1] It was nominated one time for an Edgar Allan Poe Award and eight times for Primetime Emmy Awards. [1]


Episode guide

Season 1

Episode #Episode titleOriginal airdate
1-1"Laughter USA"September 17, 1961
1-2"Happy with the Blues"September 24, 1961
1-3"Hemingway"October 1, 1961
1-4"USO - Wherever They Go!"October 8, 1961
1-5"The Ballet of the Paper Bullet"October 15, 1961
1-6"Merrily We Roll Along"October 22, 1961
1-7"The Ziegfeld Touch"October 29, 1961
1-8"America's Music - Music of the Thirties"November 5, 1961
1-9"The Wonderful World of Toys"November 12, 1961
1-10"Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians"November 19, 1961
1-11"America's Music - Chicago and All That Jazz"November 26, 1961
1-12"Trick or Treason"December 17, 1961
1-13"Hollywood - My Home Town"January 7, 1962
1-14"Circus"January 21, 1962
1-15"The Forgery"February 4, 1962
1-16"Police Emergency"February 18, 1962
1-17"America's Music - Regards to George M. Cohan"March 4, 1962
1-18"Cops and Robbers"March 18, 1962
1-19"The Beauty of a Woman"April 1, 1962
1-20"The Action in New Orleans"April 15, 1962
1-21"The World's Greatest Robbery: Part 1"April 29, 1962
1-22"The World's Greatest Robbery: Part 2"May 6, 1962
1-23"America's Fads and Foibles"May 13, 1962
1-24"A Sound of Hunting"May 20, 1962
1-25"HurricaneMay 27, 1962
1-26"D-Day"June 3, 1962
1-27"The Movie Star"June 10, 1962
1-28"The Richest Man in Bogota"June 17, 1962
1-29"Seven Keys to Baldpate"June 24, 1962

Season 2

Tuesday Weld in "The Legend of Lylah Clare", 1963 Tuesday Weld Legend of Lylah Clare 1963.jpg
Tuesday Weld in "The Legend of Lylah Clare", 1963
Episode #Episode titleOriginal airdate
2-1"The Outpost"September 16, 1962
2-2"The Interrogator"September 23, 1962
2-3"Fire Rescue"September 30, 1962
2-4"Big Deal in Laredo"October 7, 1962
2-5"The Betrayal"October 21, 1962
2-6"The Shadowed Affair"November 4, 1962
2-7"Emergency Ward"November 18, 1962
2-8"Mutiny"December 2, 1962
2-9"The Ordeal of Dr. Shannon"December 16, 1962
2-10"Windfall"January 13, 1963
2-11"Two Faces of Treason"February 10, 1963
2-12"Comedian Backstage"March 10, 1963
2-13"Diamond Fever"March 24, 1963
2-14"The Shark"April 7, 1963
2-15"Prisoner at Large"April 21, 1963
2-16"Something to Hide"May 5, 1963
2-17"The Legend of Lylah Clare"May 19, 1963
2-18"The Triumph of Gerald Q. Wert"June 9, 1963
2-19"San Francisco Detective"June 16, 1963
2-20"A Dozen Deadly Roses"June 23, 1963
2-21"Opening Night"June 30, 1963

Season 3

Episode #Episode titleOriginal airdate
3-1"To Bury Caesar"September 8, 1963
3-2"The Last Hangman"September 15, 1963
3-3"Hold-Up!"September 22, 1963
3-4"The Bachelor Game"September 29, 1963
3-5"The Takers"October 13, 1963
3-6"Manhattan Battleground"October 20, 1963
3-7"The Silver Burro"November 3, 1963
3-8"Miss America - Behind the Scenes"November 17, 1963
3-9"Ride with Terror"December 1, 1963
3-10"The Gambling Heart"February 23, 1964
3-11"The Hell Walkers"March 8, 1964
3-12"Jeremy Rabbitt - The Secret Avenger"April 5, 1964
3-13"A Day Like Today"April 19, 1964
3-14"Incident on Wilson Street"May 3, 1964
3-15"More, More, More, More"May 31, 1964
3-16"The Patient in Room 601"June 7, 1964
3-17"The Missing Bank of Rupert X. Humperdink"June 21, 1964
3-18"High Wire - The Great Wallendas"July 19, 1964
3-19"Don't Go Upstairs"August 16, 1964
3-20"Flight Deck"August 23, 1964
3-21"Ambassador at Large"August 30, 1964

Notable Guest Stars

Entertainers who have appeared on The DuPont Show of the Week include: [1]

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