Thomas Street, Perth

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Thomas Street

Thomas Street, Perth
General information
Type Road
Length3.3 km (2.1 mi)
Route number(s)
Tourist routes Tourist Drive 200 (Kings Park)
Major junctions
Southwest endAustralian state route 61.svgAustralian Tourist Drive 200.svg Winthrop Avenue (State Route 61 / Tourist Drive 200), Shenton Park
  • Australian state route 64.svg Rokeby Road (State Route 64)
  • Australian Tourist Drive 200.svg Kings Park Road (Tourist Drive 200)
  • Australian state route 65.svg Hay Street (State Route 65)
  • Australian state route 65.svg Roberts Road (State Route 65)
  • Australian state route 65.svg Wellington Street (State Route 65)
Northeast endAustralian state route 61.svg Loftus Street (State Route 61), West Leederville
Major suburbs Subiaco, West Perth

Thomas Street is a major northeast-southwest road in the Perth suburbs of Subiaco and West Perth , connecting Winthrop Avenue with Loftus Street. These roads, together with London Street further north, form State Route 61, [1] which links Crawley with West Perth and Yokine.



The road is named after James Thomas, the Director of Public Works 1876 to 1884. [2] [3]

A railway station, to be located at the corner of Thomas Street and Subiaco Road, was proposed in 1892. [4] [5] There were mixed responses from the public, [6] [7] but the construction costs would have been too expansive due to the steep grade. [8] [9] [10] An alternative site was selected nearby, at Kimberley Street. [10] West Leederville railway station opened there on 12 July 1897. [11]

In 1939, there were calls for the road to be rebuilt and upgraded to dual carriageway standard in the vicinity of Kings Park. [12] In 1940, a plan for construction of the second carriageway was announced by the King's Park Board, the Perth City Council and the Subiaco Municipal Council. [13] The councils would be jointly responsible for the building of the road, with the King's Park Board responsible for the clearing of vegetation. [13] The resumption of a strip of land along the edge of the park needed for the works was approved by an Act of Parliament. [13]

Route description

Thomas Street's southern terminus is a traffic light controlled intersection with Winthrop Avenue and Aberdare Road in Shenton Park, at the north-eastern corner of the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, where Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital is located. The road follows the edge of Kings Park for 2.1 kilometres (1.3 mi) as a six lane dual carriageway, heading in a north-easterly direction to West Perth. North of Kings Park, Thomas Street narrows to a four lane single carriage, with a narrow median strip. It forms the boundary between Subiaco to the west and West Perth to the east of the road. After 600 metres (2,000 ft), the street passes by Princess Margaret Hospital, located between Hay Street and Roberts Road. This section is also part of State Route 65 westbound. The road's northern terminus is situated 600 metres (2,000 ft) further northeast, at its intersection with Loftus Street and Railway Parade. The major intersections along the road are controlled by traffic lights, with the exception of Murray Street. [14] [15]

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The 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games were held in Perth, Western Australia, from 22 November to 1 December 1962. Athletic events were held at Perry Lakes Stadium in the suburb of Floreat and swimming events at Beatty Park in North Perth. They were held after the 1962 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games for wheelchair athletes.

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Daglish is a small western suburb of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. It is approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) west of the Perth central business district, and within the City of Subiaco local government area. It was named after Henry Daglish, who was the Mayor of Subiaco, member for the electoral district of Subiaco and Premier of Western Australia from 1904 to 1905. The Daglish railway station opened in 1924 in response to population growth in the neighbouring suburb of Subiaco. The following year, the Municipality of Subiaco bought the land west of the railway station to sell for housing. Development occurred over the following 20 years. The initial development next to the railway station used the garden suburb principles, with large lots and gardens, curved streets, and lots of green space. Today, the suburb has significant heritage value due to its uniform streetscape, with most original homes still standing. It has a population of 1,419 as of the 2016 Australian census.

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Electoral district of Nedlands

Nedlands is a Legislative Assembly electorate in the state of Western Australia. Nedlands is named for the inner western Perth suburb of Nedlands which falls within its borders.

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Mueller Park is a park in Subiaco, Western Australia, situated next to Bob Hawke College between Perth Modern School and Subiaco Oval. It originally comprised the land area which included Subiaco Oval and in the early 1900s housed tennis, croquet, bowls, cricket and football clubs.

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The Perth tramway network served Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, from 1899 until 1958. The network was initially run by a private company but was taken over by the state government in 1913. From a single line along Hay Street, the network expanded north as far as Osborne Park, east as far as Welshpool, south as far as Como, and west as far as Claremont. The tramways were gradually replaced by buses after World War II.

Winthrop Avenue Road in Perth, Western Australia

Winthrop Avenue is a major north-south road in the Perth suburbs of Nedlands and Crawley. For most of its length, the road travels alongside the south-western edge of Kings Park, connecting Thomas Street with Stirling Highway, Mounts Bay Road, and the University of Western Australia's Crawley campus. It is the southernmost section of State Route 61, which links Crawley with West Perth and Yokine.

Loftus Street is a major north-south road in the Perth suburbs of Subiaco and West Perth, connecting London Street with Thomas Street. It is home to loftus recreation centre which is owned by Pat Gregory. These roads, together with Winthrop Avenue further south, form State Route 61, which links Crawley with West Perth and Yokine.

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Newcastle Street is a road in Perth, Western Australia. It connects Leederville with East Perth, starting from Oxford Street and ending at Lord Street, crossing a number of roads leading north out of Perth including Loftus Street, Charles Street, Fitzgerald Street, William Street, and Beaufort Street.


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