Thornton, Hamilton

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Country New Zealand
Local authorityHamilton, New Zealand
Electoral ward Hamilton West
 (2006 Census)
Te Rapa
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Thornton is a name sometimes used [1] for part of a suburb in western Hamilton in New Zealand. [2]

Aldershot Place, [3] Arundel Place, [4] Dorchester Place, [5] Farnborough Drive, [6] Hadrians Way, [7] Highbury Place, [8] Sandhurst Place, [9] Twickenham Place, [10] Wembley Close [11] and Wimbledon Close were named in 1997 by Thornton Estates Ltd., the developer, using English place names. They are more usually described as being in Nawton [12] and are in the Nawton West census area. [13]

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Stonebridge, also known as Stonebridge Estate, is a suburb close to the western boundary of Hamilton in New Zealand. It adjoins Dinsdale to the east and Western Heights to the north. The suburb was farmland until development began about 1996; a large farming operation still takes place in the land between sections today. The land is mainly rolling with a winding gully. Developers have modified the existing vegetation and landscape to create a series of ponds connected by a creek.

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Harrowfield is a suburb in eastern Hamilton in New Zealand. It was built in about 1991.

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