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Scientific classification

Burmeister, 1835
Type species
Cimbus versicolor
Laporte, 1833

Tiarodes is a genus of assassin bugs. [1] Eighty-five species are known. [2]

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Harpactorinae Subfamily of true bugs

The Harpactorinae are a large subfamily of the Reduviidae. About 300 genera and 2,000 species worldwide have been described. Some of the species of the genera Zelus, Pselliopus, Sinea, and Apiomerus are of interest as biological pest control agents.

Ectrichodiinae Subfamily of true bugs

The Ectrichodiinae are a subfamily of assassin bugs (Reduviidae) known for specializing on millipedes as prey. The group comprises more than 600 species in about 115 genera, making it a fairly large subfamily. The bugs are also known for their aposematic coloration, often brightly colored metallic blue, red, or yellow.

Harpactorini Tribe of true bugs

Harpactorini is a tribe of the Harpactorinae. This group is the most diverse of the entire assassin bug family, with 51 genera recognized in the Neotropical Region and 289 genera and 2003 species overall.

<i>Sphedanolestes</i> Genus of true bugs

Sphedanolestes is a large genus of assassin bugs in the family (Reduviidae), subfamily Harpactorinae. There are more than 190 described species, which are found in southern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Camptibia is a genus of assassin bugs in the subfamily Harpactorinae. It is reported from China. The lone species is Camptibia obscura.

The Centrocnemidinae are a subfamily of the reduviid, found exclusively on tree trunks, where their bodies camouflage well. There are four genera with about 34 species described.

<i>Rhynocoris</i> Genus of true bugs

Rhynocoris is a genus of assassin bug, family (Reduviidae), in the subfamily Harpactorinae. Species are recorded from Asia, mainland Europe, Africa and North America.

Reduviinae Subfamily of true bugs

The Reduviinae are a subfamily of the reduviid assassin bugs. Many members of the subfamily are nocturnal and their lifecycles are generally poorly known. This subfamily is suspected not to be monophyletic.

Gardena insperata is a thread-legged bug species from the genus Gardena. It is found in Tadjikistan and Afghanistan.

Irantha is a small and little-known genus of assassin bug family (Reduviidae), in the subfamily Harpactorinae. Just four species have been described.

The Peiratinae are a subfamily of assassin bugs (Reduviidae) known as corsairs. The subfamily has a worldwide distribution, but concentrated in tropical areas. About 30 genera with 350 species are described.

Duriocoris is a genus within the subfamily Stenopodainae of Reduviidae. 3 species are known from China.

<i>Pygolampis</i> Genus of true bugs

Pygolampis is a genus of assassin bugs in the family Reduviidae. Five species have been described from Vietnam, and at least eleven worldwide.

<i>Sphedanolestes cingulatus</i> Species of true bug

Sphedanolestes cingulatus is a species of assassin bug belonging to the family Reduviidae, in the subfamily Harpactorinae.

Zalmoxis is a genus of assassin bug family (Reduviidae), in the subfamily Harpactorinae.

<i>Lopodytes</i> Genus of true bugs

LopodytesRondani 1867 is a genus in the family Reduviidae, the assassin bugs. Members of the genus have been unofficially assigned the common name Grass Assassin bugs, but generally this name remains meaningful only to naturalists, because these insects have been too well camouflaged to raise robust public awareness.

<i>Sirthenea</i> Genus of true bugs

Sirthenea is a genus of corsairs in the family Reduviidae. There are at least 40 described species in Sirthenea.

The Dicrotelini are a tribe of assassin bugs in the subfamily Harpactorinae. Originally described by Carl Stål, genera and species have been recorded from Asia and Australia.

<i>Amblythyreus</i> Genus of true bugs

Amblythyreus is a genus of ambush bugs found mainly in Asia with about 16 species. They are predators that lie in wait mainly in flowers, capturing prey using their forelegs.

<i>Cydnocoris</i> Genus of true bugs

Cydnocoris is a genus of assassin bugs found in tropical Asia. It has been suggested that this genus be either treated as a synonym of CutocorisStål, 1859 or the later name be suppressed.


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