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Location in Burkina Faso
Coordinates: 10°25′N4°48′W / 10.417°N 4.800°W / 10.417; -4.800 Coordinates: 10°25′N4°48′W / 10.417°N 4.800°W / 10.417; -4.800
Country Flag of Burkina Faso.svg Burkina Faso
Region Cascades Region
Province Comoé Province
Department Banfora Department
Population (2005 est.)
  Total 907

Tiempagora is a village in the Banfora Department of Comoé Province in south-western Burkina Faso. The village has a population of 907. [1]

Banfora Department Department in Comoé Province, Burkina Faso

Banfora is a department or commune of Comoé Province in southern Burkina Faso. Its capital lies at the town of Banfora. According to the 1996 census the department has a total population of 88,808.

Comoé Province Province in Cascades Region, Burkina Faso

Comoé is one of the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso, located in its Cascades Region. The capital of Comoé is Banfora. The population of Comoé was 400,534 in 2006.

Burkina Faso country in Africa

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa. It covers an area of around 274,200 square kilometres (105,900 sq mi) and is surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north; Niger to the east; Benin to the southeast; Togo and Ghana to the south; and Ivory Coast to the southwest. The July 2018 population estimate by the United Nations was 19,751,651. Burkina Faso is a francophone country, with French as the official language of government and business. Roughly 40% of the population speaks the Mossi language. Formerly called the Republic of Upper Volta (1958–1984), the country was renamed "Burkina Faso" on 4 August 1984 by then-President Thomas Sankara. Its citizens are known as Burkinabé. Its capital is Ouagadougou.

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