Tilikum Place

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Tilikum Place
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Statue of Chief Seattle overlooking Tilikum Place. Cedar Street is in the background.
Tilikum Place
Location Seattle, Washington
Coordinates 47°37′06″N122°20′51″W / 47.618382°N 122.347411°W / 47.618382; -122.347411 Coordinates: 47°37′06″N122°20′51″W / 47.618382°N 122.347411°W / 47.618382; -122.347411 [1]
Etymology"Welcome," "greetings" (Chinook Jargon) [2] [3]
Operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation
Open6 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Website Tilikum Place

Tilikum Place is a small plaza in the Belltown neighborhood of downtown Seattle, Washington.

Location and history

This land is indigenous to the Duwamish People. The site once marked the junction of the land claims of Arthur Denny, William Nathaniel Bell, and Carson Boren. [2] The triangular plaza lies at the intersection of 5th Avenue, Cedar Street, and Denny Way. [4]

Tilikum Place has several tables and benches for public use. Lighting was installed in 2008. [4]

The 5 Point Cafe faces Tilikum Place. [4] A notable feature of the square is the life-size [4] statue of Chief Seattle by local [3] sculptor James Wehn. [2] [3] [4]

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