Time Waits for No Slave

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Time Waits for No Slave
Napalm Death - Time Waits for No Slave.jpg
Studio album by
Released23 January 2009 (2009-01-23)
RecordedAugust–October 2008
StudioFoel Studios, Llanfair Caereinion; Parlour Studios, Kettering
Label Century Media
Producer Russ Russell, Napalm Death
Napalm Death chronology
Smear Campaign
Time Waits for No Slave

Time Waits for No Slave is the thirteenth studio album by the British grindcore band Napalm Death. It was released through Century Media on 23 January 2009. [2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svgStar empty.svg [3]
The Aquarian Weekly A [4]
Blabbermouth.net 9.5/10 [5]
Chronicles of Chaos 10/10 [6]
The Metal Forge8.5/10 [7]
MetalReviews89/100 [8]
The Quietus Favourable [1]
The Washington Post Favourable [9]

Track listing

1."Strong-Arm" Mark Greenway Shane Embury 3:04
2."Diktat"Greenway Mitch Harris 3:41
3."Work to Rule"GreenwayEmbury3:17
4."On the Brink of Extinction"EmburyEmbury3:30
5."Time Waits for No Slave"GreenwayHarris4:27
6."Life and Limb"HarrisHarris4:01
7."Downbeat Clique"GreenwayHarris4:26
8."Fallacy Dominion"Harris, GreenwayHarris4:07
9."Passive Tense"GreenwayHarris3:49
10."Larceny of the Heart"EmburyEmbury3:36
11."Procrastination on the Empty Vessel"GreenwayEmbury2:57
12."Feeling Redundant"GreenwayEmbury3:23
13."A No-Sided Argument"GreenwayEmbury2:14
14."De-Evolution ad Nauseum"GreenwayHarris3:49
Digipak CD bonus tracks
15."Suppressed Hunger"GreenwayEmbury3:09
16."Omnipresent Knife in Your Back"GreenwayEmbury5:41
Japanese edition bonus tracks
15."Suppressed Hunger"GreenwayEmbury3:09
16."We Hunt in Packs"GreenwayHarris3:49
17."Omnipresent Knife in Your Back"GreenwayEmbury5:41


Napalm Death


Chart positions

Chart (2009)Peak position
French Albums (SNEP) [10] 178
German Albums (Offizielle Top 100) [11] 95
US Heatseekers Albums (Billboard) [12] 19

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