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Barney at Klubi Tampere 2009-02-18.jpg
Mark "Barney" Greenway performing alongside Napalm Death at Tampere, Finland, 2009
Background information
Birth nameMark Andrew Greenway
Also known asBarney
Born (1969-07-13) 13 July 1969 (age 50)
Great Barr, Birmingham, England
  • Musician
  • singer
  • songwriter
Years active1987–present
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Mark Andrew "Barney" Greenway (born 13 July 1969) is a British extreme metal vocalist, who is currently the lead vocalist of Napalm Death, [1] and was formerly a member of Extreme Noise Terror, [2] and Benediction. [3]


Greenway has stated his nickname "Barney" came from a time when he used to drink alcohol. He stated he would get so drunk that when he went anywhere, he would bump into everything. From this behaviour, he would be called "Rubble", which changed to "Barney Rubble" and then just "Barney". [4]


Greenway was initially the vocalist of death metal band Benediction from 1989 until he joined Napalm Death the following year, replacing the band's previous vocalist Lee Dorrian, who later founded doom metal band Cathedral. Prior to joining Napalm Death, Greenway had worked as an engineer within the motor industry in Birmingham. [5]

Greenway's first album with Napalm Death, Harmony Corruption represented a shift in the band's musical style, incorporating a more death metal-oriented sound. The albums that followed this, including Utopia Banished , Fear, Emptiness, Despair and Diatribes saw the band delve further into the aforementioned style whilst also incorporating elements of groove metal.

Greenway and Napalm Death parted ways in 1996, with bassist Shane Embury referring to the long unrest that had been present between Greenway and the remainder of the band. [6] Greenway later joined Extreme Noise Terror to record vocals on their album Damage 381, [7] with Extreme Noise Terror's vocalist Phil Vane joining Napalm Death to record vocals on their album Inside the Torn Apart . Vane and Napalm Death however were incompatible according to Embury, and after discussions between Greenway and the band, Greenway returned to record the vocals for the above album. [6]

Greenway has remained with Napalm Death since 1997 and have since released a number of critically acclaimed albums.

Personal life

Greenway is a progressive metal fan. He joined Dream Theater on stage at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and performed vocals on Metallica's "Damage, Inc." live. [8] He has reviewed progressive metal bands and albums for the British rock magazine Kerrang! though he no longer does so. [9] He has also stated his admiration for bands such as Motörhead and Throbbing Gristle, stating that the former's album, Ace of Spades , is his all-time favourite album. [10] Greenway is also a voracious reader. [10]

Greenway is a supporter of Aston Villa F.C.. [11] He is a supporter of many animal rights organisations including PETA and has been a vegetarian since he was 14, and vegan since 2012. [12] [13] Barney is recognisable for his strong Birmingham accent which has never waned and which he proudly maintains, and for his distinctive gruff vocal style that many feel has become synonymous with Napalm Death. Greenway is an atheist. [14]


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