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Time in Tennessee, as in all U.S. states, is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation.


About 73 percent of the counties in the state of Tennessee lie in the Central Time Zone, mostly the western and middle grand divisions, while East Tennessee is mostly in the Eastern Time Zone except for three counties in that division. [1] [2]

All counties observe Daylight Saving Time.

Time zone boundary areas

Central boundary counties

Eastern boundary counties

IANA time zone database

The IANA time zone database identifier for Tennessee is America/New_York for the Eastern Time Zone portion and America/Chicago for the Central Time Zone portion. [4]

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U.S. Route 79 in Tennessee enters the state from Arkansas via the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge in Memphis, and runs northeast through western and the northwestern portions of middle Tennessee, and leaving the state into Kentucky northeast of Clarksville. Along the route, US 79 is accompanied with several concurrencies, including hidden designations, throughout its alignment in Tennessee.

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State Route 27 is an east–west state highway in southeastern Tennessee. The 48.51-mile-long (78.07 km) route traverses portions of Marion and Hamilton counties in Tennessee, including the Chattanooga area. Both of this route's termini are at state lines. Its western end is at the Alabama state line near South Pittsburg, and its eastern end is at the Georgia state line on Chattanooga's south side.

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State Route 140 is a west–east state highway located entirely in Henry County in northwest Tennessee.

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State Route 134 is an east–west state highway in southeastern Tennessee. The 6.55 miles (10.54 km) state route traverses portions of southern Marion and southwestern Hamilton Counties. It travels along a path from Haletown to the Georgia state line.


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