Timmy the Timid Ghost

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Timmy the Timid Ghost
Publication information
Publisher Charlton Comics
First appearance Atomic Mouse vol. 1, #5 (Nov. 1953)
Created by Al Fago
In-story information
Abilitiesflight, intangibility

Timmy the Timid Ghost is a fictional comic book ghost, whose adventures were published by Charlton Comics. [1]


Publication history

Timmy the Timid Ghost first appeared as a minor character in an Atomic Mouse story, "3-D Crime Wave" by Al Fago, in Atomic Mouse #5 [2] (November 1953).

Possibly in response to the popularity of Casper the Friendly Ghost, Timmy later graduated to his own comic book, beginning in Timmy the Timid Ghost #3 [3] (February 1956). The numbering of this series continued from Charlton's Win a Prize #2, as indicated in the Statement of Ownership in issue #4. [4] This series ran until issue #45 (September 1966).

Timmy returned in a new series in 1967, which ran for 23 issues until 1971. [5] [6]

In 1985, Timmy the Timid Ghost returned for a brief three-issue run, [7] continuing the numbering from the last series. Issues #24-26 were reprints of previously published stories. This final series was canceled when Charlton Publications closed its comic book division.

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