Todd Ames Hunter

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(unseated by Juan M. Garcia, III)

Todd Ames Hunter
Todd Ames Hunter Profile.JPG
Member of the
Texas House of Representatives
from the 32nd district
Assumed office
January 13, 2009
Political offices
Texas House of Representatives
Preceded by Texas State Representative from District 32 (now Corpus Christi; formerly Aransas, Calhoun, Nueces, and San Patricio counties)
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Steve Holzheauser (moved to District 30)
Texas State Representative from District 32 (Aransas, Calhoun, Jackson, and Nueces counties)
Succeeded by
Gene Seaman
Preceded by
Ted B. Roberts
Texas State Representative from District 36 (Aransas and Nueces counties)
Succeeded by
Sergio Munoz