Toijala railway station

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VR station
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A VR Class Tr1 steam locomotive no. 1088 in Toijala
General information
Coordinates 61°10′15″N23°51′36″E / 61.170791°N 23.859987°E / 61.170791; 23.859987
Owned by Finnish Transport Agency
Line(s) Riihimäki–Tampere
Preceding station Helsingin lahiliikenteen logo.png Helsinki commuter rail Following station
towards Helsinki
R Viiala
towards Riihimäki or Tampere
Terminus M Viiala
towards Nokia
Preceding station VR Group Following station
towards Riihimäki
Riihimäki–Tampere Lempäälä
towards Tampere
towards Turku Harbour
Turku–Toijala Terminus

Toijala railway station (Finnish : Toijalan rautatieasema; Swedish : Toijala station) is located in the Toijala district of the town of Akaa, Finland. [1] [2]

The station is located at a crossing point of three different railway tracks: from Riihimäki to Tampere, from Turku to Toijala, and from Toijala to Valkeakoski. Originally, all three tracks served both personnel and cargo traffic, but personnel traffic to Valkeakoski was discontinued in 1956. Nowadays, all passenger trains between Helsinki and Tampere, except Pendolino trains, and all trains from Turku to Tampere and on towards Oulu and Pieksämäki stop at Toijala. Toijala also serves InterCity and InterCity² trains and local trains.

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Toijala is a former town and municipality of Finland, located some 40 kilometres south of Tampere. On 1 January 2007, it was consolidated with Viiala to form the town of Akaa.

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Tesoma railway station is a railway station in the Tesoma district in Tampere, Finland. The station opened on August 16 2021, with one track at first. The station is located on the Tampere–Pori railway between the track kilometres 196+080 and 196+370. It serves the Tampere commuter rail line M and long-distance traffic between Tampere and Pori. The trip from Tesoma to the Tampere railway station takes about 9 minutes. The location of the station is to the south of the Tesomajärvi shopping centre on the border of the districts of Ristimäki and Rahola.

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The Turku–Toijala railway is a 1,524 mm railway in Finland. Running through the regions of Southwest Finland, Kanta-Häme and Pirkanmaa, it connects the junction stations of Turku and Toijala in the southwest–northeast direction.

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VR commuter rail is a Finnish commuter rail system operated by VR – the national railway operator of Finland – under a public service obligation agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland. The operations are planned in trilateral co-operation between the ministry, the operator and various regional transport authorities.


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