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The Tokaleya people are indigenous to the area surrounding Mosi oa Tunya in Zambia and Zimbabwe. They comprise two related groups, the Toka (Batoka) and the Leya (Baleya), and they speak dialects of the Tonga language.

The Tokaleya have a long history in the area. For them the Mosi oa Tunya are a sacred and essential element in their culture. Mosi oa Tunya forms an integral part of their way of life and they have inhabited the area for hundreds of years. The Batoka give their name to the gorges downstream of Mosi oa Tunya.

An example of a Tokaleya village is the Songwe Village, located 5 km downstream from the Mosi oa Tunya. Many specialist Botswana wilderness safaris take visitors to a traditional Tokaleya village.

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The proposed Batoka Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station is a 2400 MW hydroelectric power station, planned to be on the Zambezi River across the International border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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