Tom Hingley and the Lovers

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Tom Hingley and the Lovers
Tom Hingley and the Lovers, 2012
Background information
Origin Manchester, England
Genres Alternative rock
Years active1997–2013, 2023
Members Tom Hingley
Steve Hanley
Paul Hanley
Kelly Wood
Jason Brown
Rahman Baloch
Andrew Tarling

Tom Hingley and the Lovers were a British alternative rock band formed by singer Tom Hingley (of Inspiral Carpets), brothers Steve Hanley (bass guitar) and Paul Hanley (drums) (both former members of The Fall), keyboardist Kelly Wood and guitarist Jason Brown. Brown was initially replaced by Rahman Baloch and Andrew Tarling joined on guitar in 2012 for their final dates. In September 2022 the band announced they were reforming with Jason Brown back on guitar for two one off shows in 2023 February 3 AATMA in Manchester and February 4th at the 100 Club in London , the band have no intention of adding any more release or shows these two shows


Their first album, Abba Are The Enemy , was released in 2004. [1] The follow-up, Highlights , was released in March 2008. [2]

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