True/False Film Festival

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True/False Film Fest
Location Columbia, Missouri, United States
Hosted byThe Ragtag Film Society
Festival dateMarch 3 - 6, 2022

True/False Film Fest is an annual documentary film festival that takes place in Columbia, Missouri. The Fest occurs on the first weekend in March (sometimes beginning in late February), with films being shown from Thursday evening to Sunday night. Films are screened at multiple locations around downtown Columbia, including Ragtag Cinema, Jesse Hall, Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, The Picturehouse, The Blue Note, The Globe, Rhynsburger Theater and the Forrest Theater in the Tiger Hotel. It offers one award each year, the True Vision Award.

True/False Film Fest and Ragtag Cinema are programs of the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, the Ragtag Film Society. Ragtag Film Society seeks to champion independent film and media art and to serve film communities both locally and globally.


True/False was started by Paul Sturtz and David Wilson (who also founded the Ragtag Cinema) in February 2004. [1] In 2006, it won the Riverfront Times best film festival. [2] In 2008, the film fest lost 1,200 seats due to the renovation work taking place at the Missouri Theatre. To adjust for the loss, the fest expanded beyond its usual boundaries in order to take advantage of additional screens at Macklanburg Cinema, Windsor Cinema, and The Den on the campus of Stephens College. After the completion of its restoration, the historic Missouri Theatre was once again a featured venue for the 2009 edition of the fest. [3] The True/False Film Fest and Stephens College amicably ended their partnership after the 2011 fest, and Stephens College continued to host the annual Citizen Jane Film Festival through its demise in 2018. [4]

The 2021 edition of the festival was moved to outdoor venues in nearby Stephens Lake Park due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [5] The event is expected to make a return to its downtown Columbia settings in 2022.


The first True/False Film Festival in 2004 sold 4,200 tickets and the fest has since experienced rapid growth, increasing attendance by 25% or more in all but two years through its first decade. [6] Since then, the festival has increased attendance each year with the exception of 2014, which saw a 3% decrease amid a winter snowstorm. [6] [7] The latest event in 2017 saw another record high in ticket sales, nearly 3,000 more than 2016. [8] [9]

Over the years, the festival has expanded its presentation of other arts, including music and decorative art. [10] [11] The event kicks off with a parade, the "March March," and ends with "Buskers Last Stand," in which many of the invited musicians come together for a closing performance. It encourages additional attendee involvement through participatory events like the "True Life 5K run," [12] and the "Gimme Truth!" game show. The festival has risen from its meager origins to earn praise from both the Chicago Tribune [13] and Los Angeles Times . [14]

In 2019, the festival received thousands of submissions and sold over 54,000 tickets, bringing thousands of people to mid-Missouri from around the world. The festival is sponsored by almost every downtown store, restaurant and bar, and has multiple other events such as a Camp for both local & national high schools, year-long film programs, and more.


Media Literacy Initiative

In early 2016, Columbia Public Schools, Ragtag Film Society, and the Columbia Public Schools Foundation announced a new, landmark multi-year partnership that brings together film, the CPS curriculum, and teacher training. The Media Literacy initiative is a year-round program that supports teacher efforts to incorporate more film and multimedia into their classrooms.

The program champions the belief that as students catapult into a world of ever-changing media, distribution platforms, and news outlets, the skills to be thoughtful, critical consumers of media must grow. Students deserve the tools to think consciously about the ways their world is presented to them and the ways they present their world. The primary goals are to increase the presence of film in core classrooms, help teachers and students learn to read film as text, and to cultivate and enhance critical thinking skills as teachers and students practice analyzing new media.

Camp True/False

Camp True/False brings high school students with varying interests insider access to the fest for a weekend of exciting films, music, art, conversations and workshops with a diverse crew of exceptional guests and local hosts. Camp True/False convenes before the Fest to discuss relevant issues, share research and plot their course. Participating students get a chance to meet the founders of the festival and meet with directors of the films showing at the festival in a private, personal manner. The camp is completely free for the students, who are selected through an application process in November. All Columbia Public Schools participate, as well as 10 out-of-town schools (4 of those, out-of-state). In 2019, the camp included around 80 high schoolers, including 30 local students and 50 students from nearby and national areas. Students from Saint Louis, Jefferson City, North Carolina, New Mexico, and more attended the 4 day camp.


On the Friday morning of the Fest, 10th graders from across all four Columbia public high schools take buses to a True/False venue where their nonfiction cinema & art experience begins! The students watch buskers and a festival film (listed below, by year), and students are encouraged to participate in a Q&A with the filmmaker. Afterward, 200 self-selected students attend interactive artist workshops and join in the anyone-can-join March March parade.

Educational Screening Films

The Educational Screenings are a special screening for local high school sophomores as a field trip to watch one film from the festival for free.

2021: Undefeated, dir. Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin

2020: The Order of Myths, dir. Margaret Brown

2019: Amazing Grace, guest Dr. King

2018: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, dir. Morgan Neville

2017: I Am Not Your Negro, dir. Raoul Peck

2016: The Bad Kids, dir. Keith Fulton & Lou Pepe

2015: What Happened Miss Simone?, dir. Liz Garbus

2014: Particle Fever, dir. Mark Levinson

2013: Crash Reel dir. Lucy Walker


TitleFest YearDirector (s)YearRuntimeTypeProgram
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail 2017Steve James201788 minFeature
All Good Things2017Chloe Domont201726 minShortThe New Family
Antonio, Dashing Antonio2017Ana Maria Gomez201742 minShortEdith + Eddie + Antonio
Balloonfest2017 Nathan Truesdell 20176 minShortThe World Laughs With You
Best of Luck with the Wall2017 Josh Begley 20177 minShortMaking Good Neighbors
Brief History of Princess X2017Gabriel Abrantes7 minShort
Brimstone & Glory2017Viktor Jakovleski201767 minFeature
Casting JonBenet2017Kitty Green201780 minFeature
The Challenge2017Yuri Ancarani201675 minFeature
Commodity City2017 Jessica Kingdon 201610 minShort
Communion2017Anna Zamecka201677 minFeature
Deer Squad: The Movie2017Pipus Larsen, Kenneth Gug, & Scott J. Ross20175 minShort
Describe What You Heard2017Joe Callander & Jason Tippet20173 minShort
Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?2017Travis Wilkerson201790 minFeature
Dina 2017Dan Sickles & Antonio Santini2017102 minFeature
Distant Constellation2017Shevaun Mizrahi201780 minFeature
The Diver2017Esteban Arrangoiz201516 minShort
Donkeyote2017Chico Pereira201786 minFeature
Edith+Eddie2017Laura Checkoway201730 minShort
Fares2017Thora Lorentzen201621 minShort
Fish Story2017Charlie Lyne201712 minShort
The Force2017Peter Nicks201793 minFeature
The Graduation2017Claire Simon2016120 minFeature
The Grown-Ups2017Maite Alberdi201683 minFeature
Gulîstan, Land of Roses 2017 Zaynê Akyol 201684 minFeature
Happy Happy Baby2017Jan Soldat201722 minShort
The Hollow Coin2017Frank Heath201613 minShort
HyperNormalisation2017Adam Curtis2016187 minFeature
I Am Not Your Negro 2017 Raoul Peck 201693 minFeature
If Only There Were Peace2017Carmine Grimaldi & Deniz Tortum201730 minShort
Koropa2017Laura Henno201619 minShort
Lindy Lou, Juror Number 22017Florent Vassault201784 minFeature
Long Strange Trip2017Amir Bar-Lev2017259 minFeature
LoveTrue2017Alma Har'el201682 minFeature
Manifesto2017 Julian Rosefeldt 201790 minFeature
Mimi2017Claire Simon2003105 minFeatureTrue Vision
Miss Kiet's Children2017Petra Lataster-Czisch & Peter Lataster2016114 minFeature
My Daughter Nora2017Jasna Krajinovic201616 minShort
No Man's Land2017David Byars201784 minFeature
one of the roughs, a kosmos2017Carmine Grimaldi201621 minShort
Polonaise2017Agnieszka Elbanowska201616 minShort
Project X2017Laura Poitras & Henrik Moltke201610 minShort
Quest2017Jonathan Olshefski2017105 minFeature
The Rabbit Hunt2017Patrick Bresnan201712 minShort
Railway Sleepers2017Sompot Chidgasornpongse2016102 minFeature
Rat Film2017Theo Anthony201687 minFeature
Récréations2017Claire Simon199254 minFeatureTrue Vision
The Road Movie2017Dmitrii Kalashnikov201672 minFeature
Safari2017Ulrich Seidl201690 minFeature
Servicing Guide: Fannie Mae Single Family, Subpart A4-2.1-02, Property Inspection Vendor Management and Oversight (11/12/2014)2017Carmine Grimaldi201613 minShort
Step2017Amanda Lipitz201783 minFeature
Still Tomorrow2017FAN Jian201688 minFeature
Stranger in Paradise2017Guido Hendrikx201677 minFeature
Strong Island2017Yance Ford2017107 minFeature
Venus2017Lea Glob & Mette Carla Albrechtsen201680 minFeature
Whose Streets? 2017 Sabaah Folayan 2016104 minFeature
Adriana's Pact2018Lissette Orozco201796 minFeature
América2018Erick Stoll & Chase Whiteside201875 minFeature
American Animals 2018 Bart Layton 2018116 minFeature
António e Catarina2018Cristina Haneș201740 minFeature
Artemio2018Sandra Luz López Barroso201748 minFeature
The Atomic Soldiers2018Morgan Knibbe201823 minShort
Baby Brother2018Kamau Bilal201814 minShort
Bisbee '172018 Robert Greene 2018118 minFeature
Black Mother2018 Khalik Allah 201877 minFeature
La Bouche2018Camilo Restrepo201719 minShort
Caniba2018 Verena Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor 201797 minFeature
Combat Obscura2018Miles Lagoze201867 minFeature
Community Patrol2018Andrew James201813 minShort
Concussion Protocol2018Josh Begley20186 minShort
Crime + Punishment2018Stephen Maing2018112 minFeature
Dessert-Disaster2018Alison Nguyen20172 minShort
Disintegration 93-962018 Miko Revereza 20176 minShort
Duelo2018Alejandro Alonso201712 minShort
Durango2018Matt Sukkar201714 minShort
The Family2018Rok Biček2017106 minFeature
Flight of a Bullet2018Beata Bubenec201781 minFeature
La Flor de la Vida2018Adriana Loeff & Claudia Abend201786 minFeature
Gabriel and the Mountain2018Fellipe Barbosa2017131 minFeature
Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami2018Sophie Fiennes2017115 minFeature
Graven Image2018Sierra Pettengill201711 minShort
Hale County This Morning, This Evening2018RaMell Ross201876 minFeature
John 7462018Ana Vijdea201734 minShort
Kinshasa Makambo 2018 Dieudo Hamadi 201875 minFeature
Las Nubes2018Juan Pablo González201821 minShort
Liminals2018Jeremy Shaw201731 minShort
Love Means Zero2018Jason Kohn201889 minFeature
Lovers of the Night2018Anna Frances Ewert201757 minFeature
Makala2018Emmanuel Gras201796 minFeature
The Making and Unmaking of the Earth2018Jessica Bardsley201817 minShort
MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.2018Steve Loveridge201896 minFeature
Mini Miss2018Rachel Daisy Ellis201816 minShort
Mon Amour, Mon Ami2018Adriano Valerio201716 minShort
National Diploma2018 Dieudo Hamadi 201492 minFeatureTrue Vision Award Repertory Series
The Next Guardian2018Dorottya Zurbó & Arun Bhattarai201774 minFeature
Handsworth Songs2018John Akomfrah198661 minFeatureNeither/Nor
Twilight City2018Reece Auguiste198953 minFeatureNeither/Nor
Testament2018John Akomfrah198879 minFeatureNeither/Nor
Who Needs a Heart?2018John Akomfrah199178 minFeatureNeither/Nor
Of Fathers and Sons2018Talal Derki201798 minFeature
Our New President2018 Maxim Pozdorovkin 201878 minFeature
Palenque2018Sebastián Pinzón Silva201725 minShort
Personal Truth2018Charlie Lyne201718 minShort
The Price of Everything 2018 Nathaniel Kahn 201898 minFeature
Playing Men2018Matjaž Ivanišin201761 minFeature
Primas 2018 Laura Bari 2017100 minFeatureTrue Life Fund
Pumpkin Movie2018 Sophy Romvari 201710 minShort
Pure Difference2018Byron Peters201712 minShort
The Rider 2018 Chloé Zhao 2017105 minFeature
Self-Portrait: Birth in 47 km2018ZHANG Mengqi2016101 minFeature
SHAKEDOWN2018 Leilah Weinraub 201869 minFeature
Shirkers 2018 Sandi Tan 201896 minFeature
Taming the Horse2018GU Tao2017129 minFeature
The Task2018 Leigh Ledare 2017120 minFeature
They Just Come and Go2018Boris Poljak201720 minShort
The Trader2018Tamta Gabrichidze201722 minShort
Three Identical Strangers 2018Tim Wardle201896 minFeature
Voices of the Sea2018Kim Hopkins201899 minFeature
The Water Slide2018Nathan Truesdell201810 minShort
Westwood2018Lorna Tucker201883 minFeature
Won't You Be My Neighbor? 2018 Morgan Neville 201894 minFeature
Amazing Grace 2019 Sydney Pollack 201887 minFeature
American Factory 2019Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert2019115 minFeature
Apollo 11 2019Todd Douglas Miller201993 minFeature
Atman2019Pirjo Honkasalo199776 minFeatureNeither/Nor
Black 142019Darius Clark Monroe201815 minShort
Caballerango 2019Juan Pablo González201860 minFeature
Celebration2019Olivier Meyrou201873 minFeature
The Changing Same2019Michèle Stephenson & Joe Brewster201821 minShort
Chez Jolie Coiffure2019Rosine Mbakam201870 minFeature
Chinese Portrait2019WANG Xiaoshuai201879 minFeature
Cold Case Hammarskjöld 2019 Mads Brügger 2019123 minFeature
The Commons2019Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky201971 minFeature
Crannog2018Isa Rao201815 minShort
Dark Suns 2019Julien Élie2018151 minFeature
The Edge of Democracy2019Petra Costa2019120 minFeature
Djo2019Laura Henno201812 minShort
Dramatic and Mild2019Nastia Korkia20186 minShort
Due2019Riccardo Giacconi201717 minShort
every dog has its day2019Alison Nguyen20196 minShort
Fainting Spells2019Sky Hopinka201811 minShort
Finding Frances 2019 Nathan Fielder 201784 minFeature
The Game2019Marine de Contes201853 minFeature
Ghosts of Sugar Land2019 Bassam Tariq 201921 minShort
Goodbye Thelma2019Jessica Bardsley201914 minShort
The Grand Bizarre 2019Jodie Mack201861 minFeature
The Harvesters2019Derek Howard20186 minShort
Home, Sweet Home2019ISE Shinichi2018110 minFeature
The Hottest August2019Brett Story201992 minFeature
I Signed the Petition2019Mahdi Fleifel201810 minShort
Island of the Hungry Ghosts2019Gabrielle Brady201898 minFeature
Knock Down the House 2019Rachel Lears201985 minFeature
Landless2019Camila Freitas2019110 minFeature
Lasting Marks2019Charlie Lyne201814 minShort
Let It Burn2019Maíra Bühler201982 minFeature
The Lost Head and the Bird2019Sohrab Hura201810 minShort
The Magic Life of V2019Tonislav Hristov201985 minFeature
The Men Behind the Wall2019Inés Moldavsky201828 minShort
Midnight in Paris2019Roni Moore & James Blagden201975 minFeature
Midnight Traveler 2019Hassan Fazili201987 minFeature
Mike Wallace is Here2019Avi Belkin201986 minFeature
Mysterion2019Pirjo Honkasalo199194 minFeatureNeither/Nor
Mr. SOUL!2019Melissa Haizlip & Sam Pollard2018115 minFeature
The Naked Room2019Nuria Ibáñez Castañeda201370 minFeature
No data plan2019 Miko Revereza 201970 minFeature
‘Now something is slowly changing’2019mint film office2018105 minFeature
One Child Nation2019Nanfu Wang & Jialing Zhang201989 minFeature
Our Time (Nuestro Tiempo)2019Carlos Reygadas2018173 minFeature
Over the Rainbow2019Jeffrey Peixoto201971 minFeature
Reason2019Anand Patwardhan2018235 minFeature
Segunda Vez2019Dora Garcia201894 minFeature
The Tightrope2019Nuria Ibáñez Castañeda200980 minFeature
Treasure Island2019Guillaume Brac201897 minFeature
Untitled Amazing Johnathan Documentary2019Ben Berman201991 minFeature
Up the Mountain2019Zhang Yang2018126 minFeature
Vesuvius at Home2019Christin Turner201914 minShort
Vever (for Barbara)2019Deborah Stratman201812 minShort
Walled/Unwalled2019Lawrence Abu Hamdan201820 minShort
A Wild Stream2019Nuria Ibáñez Castañeda201872 minFeatureTrue Vision
453652020Bill & Turner Ross200994 minFeature
A Machine to Live In2020Yoni Goldstein & Meredith Zielke202087 minFeature
A Song About Love2020Rikki Wright201914 minShort
A Supa Special Wakaliwood Event for All True/False Commandos2020IGG Nabwana202061 minFeature
Aswang2020Alyx Ayn Arumpac201985 minFeature
Aurora2020Everlane Moraes201816 minShort
Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets2020Bill & Turner Ross202098 minFeatureTrue Vision
Boys State2020Amanda McBaine & Jesse Moss2020109 minFeature
Catskin2020Ina Luchsperger201958 minFeature
City So Real2020Steve James2020240 minFeature
Civil War Surveillance Poems (Part 1)2020Mitch McCabe201915 minShort
Collective2020Alexander Nanau2019109 minFeature
Crestone2020Marnie Ellen Hertzler202073 minFeature
Crip Camp2020Jim LeBrecht & Nicole Newnham2019102 minFeature
Dadli2020 Shabier Kirchner 201815 minShort
Dick Johnson is Dead2020Kirsten Johnson202089 minFeature
Distancing2020 Miko Revereza 202010 minShort
Dope is Death2020Mia Donovan202078 minFeature
Down a Dark Stairwell2020Ursula Liang202083 minFeature
Faith2020Valentina Pedicini201993 minFeature
Feels Good Man2020Arthur Jones202095 minFeature
Good Ended Happily2020Basir Mahmood201913 minShort
Hampton2020Kevin Jerome Everson & Claudrena Harold20198 minShort
How to Disappear2020Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf202021 minShort
IWOW I Walk on Water2020Khalik Allah2020197 minFeature
JESA2020Kyungwon Song20196 minShort
Lost Three Make One Found2020Atsushi Kuwayama201927 minShort
Love It/Leave It2020Tom Palazzolo197315 minShort
Lovemobil2020Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss2019106 minFeature
małni—towards the ocean, towards the shore2020Sky Hopinka202081 minFeature
Mayor2020David Osit202087 minFeature
Mucho Mucho Amor2020Cristina Constantini & Kareem Tabsch202096 minFeature
Nofinofy2020Michaël Andrianaly202073 minFeature
Partial Differential Equation2020Kevin Jerome Everson20208 minShort
Pier Kids2020Elegance Bratton201984 minFeature
Recklessly Eyeballing2020Christopher Harris200414 minShort
Ridge2020John Skoog201970 minFeature
San Vittore2020Yuri Ancarani201912 minShort
Secret Screening Short2020201924 minShort
See You Next Time2020Crystal Kayiza20206 minShort
Seven Years in May2020Affonso Uchoa201942 minFeature
Shortcuts2020Daniela Delgado Viteri201918 minShort
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes2020Riccardo Giacconi, Paolo Pennuti, Mirko Fabbri201912 minShort
So Late So Soon2020Daniel Hymanson202070 minFeature
Some Kind of Heaven2020Lance Oppenheim202081 minFeature
Specialised Technique2020Onyeka Igwe20197 minShort
Spit on the Broom2020Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich201911 minShort
Sunless Shadows2020Mehrdad Oskouei201974 minFeature
Talking About Trees2020Suhaib Gasmelbari201993 minFeature
Tchoupitoulas2020Bill & Turner Ross201282 minFeature
That Cloud Never Left2020Yashaswini Raghunandan201966 minFeature
The Faculties2020Eloísa Solaas201977 minFeature
The Giverny Document2020Ja'Tovia Gary201942 minFeature
The Metamorphosis of Birds2020Catarina Vasconcelos2020101 minFeature
The Mole Agent2020Maite Alberdi202090 minFeature
The Sea, The Stars, A Landscape2020Alison O'Daniel201918 minShort
The Spirit Keepers of Makuta'ay2020Yen-Chao Lin201911 minShort
The Viewing Booth2020Ra’anan Alexandrowicz201970 minFeature
This is an Address2020Sasha Wortzel201917 minShort
Those That, At a Distance, Resemble Another2020Jessica Sarah Rinland201965 minFeature
Time2020Garrett Bradley202085 minFeature
To the North (Part 2)2020Kelman Duran201623 minShort
Unskinned2020Inês Gil201976 minFeature
Up at Night2020Nelson Makengo201921 minShort
Welcome to Chechnya2020David France2020107 minFeature
what remains/geriye kalanlar2020belit sağ20197 minShort
When two or three2020Carmine Grimaldi201920 minShort
.srt2021Africanus Okokon20209 minShort
All Light, Everywhere2021Theo Anthony2021106 minFeature
Brontosaurus2021Jack Dunphy20208 minShort
Club Quarantine2021Aurora Brachman20207 minShort
Das Spiel2021Roman Hodel202017 minShort
Delphine's Prayers2021Rosine Mbakam202090 minFeature
Deparment of Injustice2021Travis Wood & Chloe Gbai20206 minShort
Dirty Feathers2021Carlos Alfonso Corral202175 minFeature
Faya Dayi2021Jessica Beshir2021120 minFeature
Fire Season2021Quinn Else20207 minShort
From the Wild Sea2021Robin Petré202178 minFeature
Halpate2021Adam Piron & Adam Khalil202014 minShort
Homage to the Work of Philip Henry Gosse2021Pablo Weber202022 minShort
Homeroom2021Peter Nicks202190 minFeature
Inside The Red Brick Wall2021HK Documentary Filmmakers202188 minFeature
Lemongrass Girl2021Pom Bunsermvicha202117 minShort
Maat Means Land 2021Fox Maxy202030 minShort
My Own Landscape2021Antoine Chapon202018 minShort
No Kings2021Emilia Mello202085 minFeature
O arrais do mar2021Elisa Celda202018 minShort
Petit Samedi2021Paloma Sermon-Dai202075 minFeature
Red Taxi2021Anonymous202014 minShort
Rock Bottom Riser2021Fern Silva202170 minFeature
Sabaya2021Hogir Hirori202193 minFeature
Songs That Flood the River2021German Adolfo Arango202175 minFeature
Spirits and Rocks: An Azorean Myth2021Aylin Gökmen202014 minShort
Summer of Soul (…Or, When The Revoluation Could Not be Televised)2021Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson2021117 minFeature
The Bodies2021Eloy Domínguez Serén202011 minShort
The Cut2021Zac Manuel20207 minShort
The Flooded House2021Lucía Malandro & Daniel D. Saucedo202014 minShort
The Golden Buttons2021Alex Evstigneev202020 minShort
The Grocer's Son, the Mayor, the Village and the World2021Claire Simon2020110 minFeature
The I and S of Lives2021Kevin Jerome Everson20217 minShort
The Rain Will Never Stop2021 Alina Gorlova 2020103 minFeature
The Rifleman2021Sierra Pettengill202018 minShort
The Truth About Hastings2021Dan Schneidkraut202110 minShort
The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman2021Rosine Mbakam201876 minFeature
Users2021Natalia Almada202181 minFeature
VO2021Nicolas Gourault202017 minShort
Why Don't You Eat More?2021George Du; Sinclair Neff20204 minShort
2nd Chance2022Ramin Bahrani202289 minFeature
Abisal2022Alejandro Alonso202130 minShort
Açucena2022Isaac Donato202171 minFeature
After Sherman2022Jon-Sesrie Goff202188 minFeature
Brotherhood2022Francesco Montagner202197 minFeature
Caballerango2022Juan Pablo González201860 minFeature
Canoa: A Shameful Memory2022Felipe Cazals1976115 minFeature
Children of the Mist2022HÀ Lệ Diễm202190 minFeature
Days and Nights of Demetra K2022Eva Stefani202172 minFeature
Death2022Nadia Hallgren20219 minShort
Dos Estaciones2022Juan Pablo González202299 minFeature
Eventually2022Rikke Nørgaard202156 minFeature
Expo Film (this film is my memory)2022Penny McCann20209 minShort
Factory to the Workers2022Srđan Kovačević2021106 minFeature
Fire of Love2022Sara Dosa202193 minFeature
GES-22022Nastia Korkia202177 minFeature
Gods of Mexico2022Helmut Dosantos202297 minFeature
Golden Jubilee2022Suneil Sanzgiri202119 minShort
Greetings from Myanmar2022Sunniva Sundby & Andreas J. Riiser20206 minShort
H62022Yé Yé2021113 minFeature
I Didn’t See You There2022Reid Davenport202277 minFeature
Ikebana2022Rita Ferrando202113 minShort
In Flow of Words2022Eliane Esther Bots202122 minShort
It Runs in the Family2022Victoria Linares Villegas202283 minFeature
Kalsubai2022Yudhajit Basu202120 minShort
Kicking the Clouds2022Sky Hopinka202116 minShort
Las Nubes2022Juan Pablo González201721 minShort
Last Days of August2022Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck & Robert Machoian202213 minShort
Let the Little Light Shine2022Kevin Shaw202286 minFeature
Liberation Radio2022Esther Johnson202114 minShort
Miguel’s War2022Eliane Raheb2021128 minFeature
Mija2022Isabel Castro202288 minFeature
Mr Landsbergis2022Sergei Loznitsa2021146 minFeature
Nazarbazi2022Maryam Tafakory202219 minShort
No U-Turn2022Ike Nnaebue202292 minFeature
Nuisance Bear2022Jack Weisman & Gabriela Osio Vanden202114 minShort
Octopus2022Karim Kassem202064 minFeature
Our Ark2022Deniz Tortum & Kathryn Hamilton202112 minShort
Quitting Time2022Cameron Yates20228 minShort
Riotsville, USA2022Sierra Pettengill202291 minFeature
Sirens2022Rita Baghdadi202278 minFeature
The Balcony Movie2022Paweł Łoziński2021100 minFeature
The Delights2022Eduardo Crespo202165 minFeature
The Rightful2022Ana Galizia202221 minShort
The Still Side2022 Miko Revereza & Carolina Fusilier202170 minFeature
The Territory2022Alex Pritz202285 minFeature
Turn Your Body to the Sun2022Aliona Van der Horst202193 minFeature
Vedette2022Claudine Bories & Patrice Chagnard202199 minFeature
We Met in Virtual Reality2022Joe Hunting202191 minFeature
Where are we Headed2022Ruslan Fedotow202163 minFeature
You Can't Stop Spirit2022Vashni Korin202116 minShort
You've Never Been Completely Honest2022Joey Izzo202111 minShort
Zigipouse2022Alan Sahin202110 minShort

True/False includes films by local and international filmmakers, with thousands of films being sent in each year for consideration.

True Vision Award

The True/False Film Fest offers a single award. The True Vision Award is given annually to the filmmaker, or filmmakers, whose work shows a dedication to the creative advancement of the art of nonfiction filmmaking. Each winner is presented with an original bronze sculpture, created by nationally known Columbia artist Larry Young.

2004 Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
2005 Stephen Marshall This Revolution
2006 Kirby Dick Chain Camera
2007 Brett Morgen Nimrod Nation
2008 Alex Gibney Gonzo and Taxi to the Dark Side
2009 Kim Longinotto Rough Aunties
2010 Laura Poitras The Oath
2011 James Marsh Project Nim
2012 Victor Kossakovsky ¡Vivan las Antipodas!
2013 Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel Leviathan
2014 Amir Bar-Lev Happy Valley
2015 Adam Curtis Bitter Lake
2016 Mehrdad Oskouei Starless Dreams
2017 Claire Simon The Graduation
2018 Dieudo Hamadi Kinshasa Makambo
2019Nuria Ibáñez CastañedaA Wild Stream
2020Bill & Turner RossBloody Nose, Empty Pockets
2021Rosine MbakamChez Jolie Coiffure
2022Juan Pablo GonzálezDos Estaciones

*The newest film presented by the chosen winner in each year's festival.

True Life Fund

Since 2007, the True/False Film Fest has also featured the True Life Fund, a fundraising program which goes to demonstrate that documentaries can create change by offering tangible assistance to the real-life subjects of a new non-fiction film each year. The fund further acknowledges that documentary filmmakers and festivals thrive because of the stories provided by people of often limited means. The True Life Fund is presented by the Crossing (a Missouri church group) and is supported by the Bertha Foundation.

YearFilmDirector(s)Funds RaisedSupported Cause
2007 We Are Together Paul Taylor $8,500Purchase school supplies for the Children of Agape singing choir of South Africa. [15]
2008 Very Young Girls David Schisgall$9,000Provide services to girls recovering from the trauma of sexual exploitation, through GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Service).
2009 Burma VJ Anders Østergaard$9,000Purchase equipment for underground journalists in Burma.
2010 Enemies of the People Thet Sambath and Rob Lemkin$10,000Help efforts to interview former members of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. [16]
2011 The Interrupters Steve James $15,000Help Ameena Matthews, Cobe Williams and Eddie Bocanegra of the anti-violence group CeaseFire.
2012 Bully Lee Hirsch $30,000Help the five families featured in the film, which were victimized by bullying. [16]
2013 Restrepo Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington $36,760Support RISC (Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues) and The Milton Margai School for the Blind. [16]
2014 Private Violence Cynthia Hill $23,000Support the work of Deanna Walters, Kit Gruelle, Stacy Cox and Naomi Jean Kilpatrick.
2015 The Look of Silence Joshua Oppenheimer $35,000Support Adi Rukun's efforts to open an optometry shop in Indonesia.
2016 Sonita Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami $43,000Provide assistance for Sonita, an Afghani musician and undocumented Iranian immigrant.
2017 Quest Jonathan Olshefski$34,750Support Christopher and Christine'a Rainey's in-home studio for North Philadelphia neighborhood recording artists.
2018 Primas Laura Bari $25,000Support Rocío and Aldana's future artistic and collegiate endeavors. [17]
2019 Midnight Traveler Hassan Fazili[To Be Announced]Help alleviate legal expenses, and support them in setting up their new home
2020 Welcome to Chechnya David France[To Be Announced]
2021 Sabaya Hogir Hirori[To Be Announced]
2022 The Territory Alex Pritz[To Be Announced]

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Columbia, Missouri College town in the U.S. state of Missouri

Columbia is a city in the U.S. state of Missouri. It is the county seat of Boone County and home to the University of Missouri. Founded in 1821, it is the principal city of the five-county Columbia metropolitan area. It is Missouri's fourth most-populous and fastest growing city, with an estimated 126,254 residents in 2020.

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is the world's largest documentary film festival held annually since 1988 in Amsterdam. Over a period of twelve days, it has screened more than 300 films and sold more than 250,000 tickets. Visitors to the festival have increased from 65,000 in 2000 to 285,000 in 2018.

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The Adelaide Film Festival is an international film festival usually held for two weeks in mid-October in cinemas in Adelaide, South Australia. Originally presented biennially in March from 2003, since 2013 AFF has been held in October. Subject to funding, the festival stages full or briefer events in alternating years; some form of event has taken place every year since 2015. It has a strong focus on local South Australian and Australian produced content, with the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund (AFFIF) established to fund investment in Australian films.

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The Sarasota Film Festival is a film festival located in Sarasota, Florida and is held in April. Its mission is "to celebrate the art of filmmaking and the contribution of filmmakers by hosting an international film festival and developing year-long programs for the economic, educational, and cultural benefit of our community".

Ragtag Cinema

Ragtag Cinema is a non-profit independent movie theater located on Hitt Street in Columbia, Missouri. The theater was founded by a group including Paul Sturtz and David Wilson in May 2000. The theater is the home of the Ragtag Film Society, a nonprofit organization which strives to champion film and other media arts to stimulate and encourage the culture of the community. It does so by spotlighting film as an art form, promoting media literacy, education and new ideas as well as supporting local artists. The theater also serves as a primary venue for the True/False Film Fest, which was launched by Sturtz and Wilson in 2004.

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival is an annual celebration of the best in Canadian cinema held in Kingston, Ontario. It is the largest stand-alone showcase of feature films from across Canada. The 2021 festival took place from February 26 to March 7, and was the first-ever digital version of the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

The St. Louis International Film Festival is an annual film festival in St. Louis, Missouri, which has been running since 1992. The coordinating organization changed its name to "Cinema St. Louis" in 2003. The festival screens approximately 300 films over a period of 10 days during November.


DokuFest is an international documentary and short film festival held in the Kosovo city of Prizren, held annually during August. It was founded in 2002 by a group of friends. It has since grown into a cultural event that attracts international and regional artists and audiences. Films are screened throughout the eight-day festival and accompanied by programs, activities, and workshops.


Branchage is a film festival held in the Channel Island of Jersey. The festival was founded in 2008 by filmmaker Xanthe Hamilton to bring film and arts to the island. It is a mix of site-specific film screenings held across the island in churches, castles, barns, and bunkers alongside more conventional arts spaces and cinemas, alongside film and art commissions, live soundtracks to film, short film programmes, industry networking and spectacular themed parties mixing live performance, name DJs and cabaret.

Lindsey Dryden is a British film director, producer and writer.

<i>Starless Dreams</i> 2016 Iranian film

Starless Dreams is a 2016 Iranian documentary directed by Mehrdad Oskouei.

Film Critics Circle of India

Film Critics Circle of India (FCCI) is a society comprising notable film critics from all the major film producing states of India.

Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami

Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami is a Sundance Award-winning Iranian documentary filmmaker who was born in Tehran. She has directed one full-length documentary, four short documentaries and one animated documentary.

<i>Edith+Eddie</i> 2017 film

Edith+Eddie is a 2017 American documentary film directed by Laura Checkoway and produced by Thomas Lee Wright. It was distributed by Kartemquin Films. When singer and entertainer Cher learned about the couple from a local news story, she offered to pay for repairs to the couple's home as well as Edith's medical bills. Cher is also the executive producer of the documentary film. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject at the 90th Academy Awards.

Dieudo Hamadi is a documentary filmmaker from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kinshasa Makambo is a documentary film from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, directed by Dieudo Hamadi and released in 2018. The film centres on three young Congolese democracy activists who were involved in the 2016 protests against president Joseph Kabila.


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