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University of California Press
Parent company University of California
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Berkeley, California
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John Wiley & Sons (UK)
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University of California Press, otherwise known as UC Press, is a publishing house associated with the University of California that engages in academic publishing. It was founded in 1893 [2] to publish scholarly and scientific works by faculty of the University of California, established 25 years earlier in 1868, and has been officially headquartered at the University's flagship campus in Berkeley, California, since its inception. [3]


As the non-profit publishing arm of the University of California system, the UC Press is fully subsidized by the University and the State of California. [3] A third of its authors are faculty members of the University. The Press publishes over 250 new books and almost four dozen multi-issue journals annually, in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and maintains approximately 4,000 book titles in print. [4] It is also the digital publisher of Collabra and Luminos open access (OA) initiatives.

The University of California Press publishes in the following subjects: African studies, American studies, ancient world (classics), anthropology, art, Asian studies, communication, criminology & criminal justice, economics, environmental studies, film & media studies, food & wine, gender & sexuality, global studies, health, history, language, Latin American studies, literary studies & poetry, Middle Eastern studies, music, philosophy, politics, psychology, religion, sciences, and sociology. [4]

The Press has its administrative office in downtown Oakland, California, an editorial branch office in Los Angeles, and a sales office in New York, and distributes through marketing offices in Great Britain, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. A Board consisting of senior officers of the University of California, headquartered in Berkeley, holds responsibility for the operations of the Press, and authorizes and approves all manuscripts for publication. The Editorial Committee consists of distinguished faculty members representing the University's nine campuses. [3]

The Press commissioned as its corporate typeface University of California Old Style from type designer Frederic Goudy from 1936 to 1938, although it no longer always uses the design. [5] [6] [7] [8]

Notable books

Open access (OA) programs at UC Press


Collabra is University of California Press's open access journal program. The Collabra program currently publishes two open access journals, Collabra: Psychology and Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, with plans for continued expansion and journal acquisition. [9]


Luminos is University of California Press’s open access response to the challenged monograph landscape. With the same high standards for selection, peer review, production, and marketing as its traditional book publishing program, Luminos is a transformative model, built as a partnership where costs and benefits are shared. [10]

Notable series

The University of California Press re-printed a number of novels under the California Fiction series from 1996 to 2001. These titles were selected for their literary merit and for their illumination of California history and culture. [11] [12]

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Frederic Goudy American artist

Frederic William Goudy was an American printer, artist and type designer whose typefaces include Copperplate Gothic, Goudy Old Style and Kennerley.

The Graduate School of Education and Information Studies (GSE&IS) is one of the professional graduate schools at the University of California, Los Angeles. Located in Los Angeles, California, the school combines two distinguished departments whose research and doctoral training programs are committed to expanding the range of knowledge in education, information science, and associated disciplines. Established in 1881, the school is the oldest unit at UCLA, having been founded as a normal school prior to the establishment of the university. It was incorporated into the University of California in 1919. The school offers a wide variety of doctoral and master's degrees, including the M.A., M.Ed., M.L.I.S., Ed.D., and Ph.D., as well as professional certificates and credentials in education and information studies. It also hosts visiting scholars and a number of research centers, institutes, and programs.

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Eve Eliot Sweetser is a professor of linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley. She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley in 1984, and has been a member of the Berkeley faculty since that time. She has served as Director of Berkeley's undergraduate Cognitive Science Program and is currently Director of the Celtic Studies Program.

Delbert Duane Thiessen is an American psychology professor emeritus whose research focused on evolutionary mechanisms of reproduction and social communication. Del Wolf Thiessen, Ph.D., Born: August 13, 1932 Professor Emeritus Psychology at University of Texas at Austin, Texas.

The College of Letters and Science (L&S) is the largest of the 14 colleges at the University of California, Berkeley and encompasses the liberal arts. The college was established in its present state in 1915 with the merger of the College of Letters, the College of Social Science, and the College of Natural Science. As of the 2013–14 academic year, there were about 19,000 undergraduates and 2,763 graduate students enrolled in the college. The College of Letters and Science awards only Bachelor of Arts degrees at the undergraduate level, in contrast to the other schools and colleges of UC Berkeley which award only Bachelor of Science degrees at the undergraduate level.

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Film Quarterly, a journal devoted to the study of film, television, and visual media, is published by University of California Press. It publishes scholarly analyses of international and Hollywood cinema as well as independent film, including documentary and animation. The journal also revisits film classics; examines television and digital and online media; reports from international film festivals; reviews recent academic publications; and on occasion addresses installations, video games and emergent technologies. It welcomes established scholars as well as emergent voices that bring new perspectives to bear on visual representation as rooted in issues of diversity, race, lived experience, gender, sexuality, and transnational histories. Film Quarterly brings timely critical and intersectional approaches to criticism and analyses of visual culture.

Frederic Evans Wakeman, Jr. was a prominent American scholar of East Asian history and Professor of History at University of California, Berkeley. He served as president of the American Historical Association and of the Social Science Research Council. Jonathan D. Spence said of Wakeman that he was an evocative writer who chose, "like the novelist he really wanted to be, stories that split into different currents and swept the reader along," adding that he was "quite simply the best modern Chinese historian of the last 30 years."

George Peter Lyman was an American professor of information science who taught at the University of California, Berkeley School of Information, and was well known in U.S. academia for his research on online information and his leadership in remaking university library systems for the digital era.

University of California Old Style 1938 serif typeface by Frederic Goudy

University of California Old Style is a serif font designed by Frederic Goudy and created for the University of California Press from 1936–8. It is one of Goudy's most popular serif fonts.

Kennerley Old Style typeface

Kennerley Old Style is a serif typeface designed by Frederic Goudy. Kennerley is an "old-style" serif design, loosely influenced by Italian and Dutch printing traditions of the Renaissance and early modern period. It was named for New York publisher Mitchell Kennerley, who advanced Goudy money to complete the design. While Goudy had already designed 18 other typefaces, it was one of Goudy's most successful early designs in his own style. The regular or roman style was designed in 1911, the italic in 1918; bold styles followed in 1924.

Deepdene (typeface)

Deepdene is a serif typeface designed by Frederic Goudy from 1927–1933. It belongs to the "old-style" of serif font design, with low contrast between strokes and an oblique axis. However, Deepdene has crisp serifs and a nearly upright italic, with much less of a slant than is normal for this style.

The Frederic W. Goudy Award & Lecture were established in 1969 by funds donated to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust in memory of Mrs. Cary's late husband, Melbert B. Cary, Jr., a typographer, type importer, fine printer, book collector, and president of AIGA. The award was named after illustrious American type designer Frederic W. Goudy, a friend and business associate of Mr. Cary.

Goudy Sans

Goudy Sans is a sans-serif typeface designed by Frederic Goudy around 1929–1931 and published by Lanston Monotype.

Bertha M. Goudy American typographer

Bertha Matilda Sprinks Goudy was an American typographer, fine press printer, and co-proprietor with Frederic W. Goudy of the Village Press from 1903 until her death in 1935.


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