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Vernon Yard Recordings was an independent label owned by Virgin Records. Vernon Yard is a small mews off the Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Although Virgin owned a controlling interest in the label, they let Vernon Yard operate as a traditional indie (much like Virgin's relationship with Caroline Records), and therefore very few Vernon Yard releases were distributed by Virgin. In fact, Vernon Yard used many different distributors throughout its run, primarily the aforementioned Caroline, but also competing major label Capitol Records and other willing distributors. The label had a strong relationship with Virgin's British indie, Hut Records, importing Hut bands into the US, and sending Vernon Yard-signed acts over to the UK for release on Hut.

The label was known for its emphasis on modern psychedelic rock and its many subgenres, including shoegaze (The Verve), slowcore (Acetone and Low), and indie Britpop (The Auteurs). [1]

Although the Vernon Yard label would still pop up occasionally up to the early 21st century, Virgin took greater control over the label in 1997, leading many key acts to leave the label. Virgin wanted to heavily promote The Verve's 1997 Urban Hymns and, as such, released the album on Virgin and not Vernon Yard. The label's other two most popular acts, Acetone and Low, left for Vapor Records and Kranky Records, respectively, around the same time. These moves effectively left Vernon Yard without its key artists, and only a handful of releases on Vernon Yard have appeared over the years. The most notable post-1997 release on Vernon Yard was the Low remix album OwL Remix.

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<i>Urban Hymns</i> 1997 studio album by The Verve

Urban Hymns is the third studio album by English alternative rock band the Verve, released on 29 September 1997 on Hut Records. It earned nearly unanimous critical praise upon its release, and went on to become the band's best-selling release and one of the biggest selling albums of the year. As of 2019, Urban Hymns is ranked the 18th best-selling album in UK chart history and has sold over ten million copies worldwide. This is the only Verve album to feature guitarist and keyboardist Simon Tong, who initially joined the band to replace their original guitarist Nick McCabe. McCabe rejoined the band soon after, however, and Tong was considered the fifth member of the band; this makes the album the only one that the band recorded as a five-piece.

<i>A Northern Soul</i> 1995 album by The Verve

A Northern Soul is the second studio album by English alternative rock band The Verve. The album was released in the United Kingdom on 20 June 1995 on the Hut label and in the United States on 3 July 1995 on Vernon Yard Records. The title is a reference to Northern Soul, a popular soul movement in Britain during the 1970s.

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VC Recordings trading as Hut Records was a British record label brand which was started in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Virgin Records. Despite being wholly owned by a major label, it was classed as an independent label for the purposes of the UK Indie Chart due to the independent distribution, which was used by Virgin as a means of gaining exposure for new acts.

<i>A Storm in Heaven</i> 1993 studio album by Verve

A Storm in Heaven is the debut studio album by the English rock band the Verve, at the time known just as Verve, released on 21 June 1993 on the Hut label. It charted at number twenty-seven in the UK. In 2013, NME ranked it at number 473 in its list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

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Independent music is music produced independently from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing. The term indie is sometimes used to describe a genre, and as a genre term, "indie" may include music that is not independently produced, and many independent music artists do not fall into a single, defined musical style or genre and create self-published music that can be categorized into diverse genres. The term ‘indie’ or ‘independent music’ can be traced back to as early as the 1920s after it was first used to reference independent film companies but was later used as a term to classify an independent band or record producer.

<i>No Come Down</i> 1994 compilation album by The Verve

No Come Down is a compilation album of B-sides and outtakes by The Verve, released in 1994 for Vernon Yard and Hut Recordings. It was the first release on which the original band's name Verve was changed to The Verve due to conflict with the jazz record label Verve.

Slide Away (The Verve song)

"Slide Away" is a song by the English rock band the Verve. It scraped the top 100 in the UK singles chart, peaking at #98. The song was taken from the band's first album A Storm in Heaven. Although the single was not a success on the conventional charts, the song shot straight to the top of US Indie Rock charts throughout 1993, and due to the popularity of the song The Verve were invited onto the successful 1990s alternative rock festival, Lollapalooza, in the following year, 1994.

<i>Mic City Sons</i> 1996 studio album by Heatmiser

Mic City Sons is the third and final album by American indie rock band Heatmiser, released on October 29, 1996 through record label Caroline.

<i>I Could Live in Hope</i> 1994 studio album by Low

I Could Live in Hope is the debut studio album by American indie rock band Low. It was released on December 2, 1994 on Vernon Yard Recordings.

Blue (The Verve song)

"Blue" is a song by the English rock band the Verve. It was released as the first single from their first album, A Storm in Heaven, which was released through Hut Records. The song peaked at number 69 on the UK charts.

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