Wellfield Middle School

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Wellfield Middle School
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Wellfield Middle School
Kielder Road

Type Community middle school
MottoWe Care
Local authorityNorth Tyneside
Head of SchoolMrs S Winter
Enrolment300 (approx)
HousesWarkworth, Alnwick and Bamburgh
Website http://www.wellfieldmiddleschool.org.uk/

Wellfield Middle School is located in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, serving the areas of Wellfield, Earsdon and Monkseaton. In 2015 it had about 300 pupils on its roll from the ages of 9 up to 13.



Prior to 1972 there was a primary school in Wellfield. With Northumberland's creation of a three-tier education system, the school was divided into a First School (South Wellfield First School) and a Middle school (originally called South Wellfield Middle School).

In 1993, South Wellfield Middle School and other schools were threatened with closure by North Tyneside Council with a view to reduce surplus places. After a campaign by staff, parents and pupils to keep the school open, the school successfully applied in 1994 to become one of the few grant-maintained schools in North East England. [1]

Following this success, the school changed its name in September 1994 to Wellfield Middle School (Grant-Maintained). When grant-maintained status was abolished, it became known simply as Wellfield Middle School.


Pupils at Wellfield complete their KS2 SATs tests in Year 6. Wellfield, along with all other schools in England, have their results published on the DfES website. [2]

Reading testMaths testSPAG testWriting TA
Level 4 and above94%97%78%81%
Level 5 and above56%49%56%27%

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John Gair "Jack" Robson was an English schoolmaster, musician and songwriter. Many of his 40-plus songs are in Geordie dialect. His most famous song must be "Whereivvor ye gan ye’re sure te find a Geordie".


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