Winnipeg Route 57

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Winnipeg Route 57
Dublin Avenue
Notre Dame Avenue / Cumberland Avenue
Carlton Street / Portage Avenue
Westbrook Street
William Stephenson Way / Pioneer Avenue
Provencher Boulevard
Winnipeg Route 57
Route 57 highlighted in red
Portage and Main as seen from Portage Ave Eastbound.JPG
Corner of Portage and Main as seen from eastbound Portage Ave (Route 57)
Route information
Maintained by City of Winnipeg
Length8.4 km [1] (5.2 mi)
Known forJunction of Portage and Main
Major junctions
West end Route 90 (King Edward St)
East end Route 30 (Archibald St)
Highway system
Manitoba provincial highways
Winnipeg city route 52.svg Route 52 Winnipeg city route 62.svg Route 62

Route 57 is a major road located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It connects the suburbs of St. James and St. Boniface with the West End and the downtown core.


Route Description

Route 57 begins as Dublin Avenue at Route 90 in the St. James Industrial Area near the Winnipeg airport. It follows Dublin Avenue, then diverts onto eastbound Notre Dame Avenue. Between Sherbrook Street and Portage Avenue, Route 57 follows different streets, Notre Dame Avenue (westbound), Fort Street (northbound), or Cumberland Avenue (eastbound) and Carlton Street (southbound). The westbound route passes through the Exchange District.

East of Portage Avenue, Route 57 passes by Shaw Park and The Forks as it follows Pioneer Avenue (westbound) or William Stephenson Way (eastbound) via Main Street. It crosses the Provencher Bridge into St. Boniface and follows Provencher Boulevard, the main street of Old St. Boniface. It crosses the Seine River before ending at Archibald Street.


Dublin Avenue is named after the Irish capital. Notre Dame Avenue (not to be confused with Notre Dame Street in St. Boniface) was named for a girls' school which was located on the road (it later moved to Academy Road). William Stephenson Way (formerly Water Avenue) is named after the British-Canadian spy, who was born in Winnipeg. [2]

Provencher Boulevard is named for Norbert Provencher, the first Roman Catholic Bishop of St. Boniface. [2] Many city heritage buildings, including the former St. Boniface City Hall, are located along this street. [3]

Major intersections

From west to east:

Street NameLocationkm [1] miDestinationsNotes
Dublin Avenue St. James-Assiniboia 0.00.0Dublin AvenueContinues west
Winnipeg city route 90.svgOntario M502.svg King Edward Street ( Route 90 ) Airport Route 57 western terminus
0.50.31 St. James Street
Notre Dame Avenue1.20.75Notre Dame AvenueRoute 57 branches east onto Notre Dame Avenue
Midland StreetEastbound right-in/right-out
Dublin Avenue east end • Notre Dame Avenue west end
West End 1.71.1Weston Street
1.751.09 Erin Street One-way, southbound
1.91.2 Wall Street One-way northbound (no access, T-intersection)
2.61.6Winnipeg city route 180.svg McPhillips Street ( Route 180 north)
2.91.8Arlington Street
3.42.1Quebec I-280-1.svg Emily Street Health Sciences Centre
Notre Dame Avenue (westbound)
Cumberland Avenue (eastbound)
Downtown 3.62.2Winnipeg city route 70.svg Maryland Street ( Route 70 south)One-way, southbound
Cumberland Avenue west end (one-way transition)
3.82.4Sherbrook Street Route 70 / one-way, northbound south of Notre Dame Avenue
4.32.7Winnipeg city route 62.svg Balmoral Street / Isabel Street ( Route 62 ) Manitoba Legislative Building
Notre Dame Avenue (westbound)
Carlton Street (eastbound)
4.62.9Carlton StreetRoute 57 east branches south onto Carlton Street; one-way, southbound
Cumberland AvenueOne-way, eastbound; direct eastbound access only
Cumberland Avenue east end • Carlton Street north end
4.93.0Ellice AvenueAccess from Route 57 eastbound
Notre Dame Avenue (westbound)
Portage Avenue (eastbound)
5.13.2Yellowhead Blank.svgWinnipeg city route 85.svgManitoba Highway 1.svg Portage Avenue ( Route 85 west) to PTH 1
Carlton Street
Route 57 east branches east onto Portage Avenue (two-way traffic);
west end of Route 57 east / Route 85 concurrency
Carlton Street south end • Portage Avenue west end (eastbound)
5.23.2Hargrave StreetOne-way, northbound
5.33.3Winnipeg city route 42.svg Donald Street ( Route 42 south) Bell MTS Place, Cityplace One-way, southbound
5.43.4Winnipeg city route 42.svg Smith Street / King Street ( Route 42 north)One-way, northbound
5.53.4Garry StreetOne-way, southbound
Ellice AvenueAccess from Route 57 westbound
Portage Avenue5.63.5Winnipeg city route 57.svg Notre Dame Avenue (Route 57 west) / Fort StreetWest end of Route 57 west / Route 85 concurrency;
one-way northbound (westbound)
Route 57 west branches west onto Notre Dame Avenue
Notre Dame Avenue east end (westbound)
5.73.5Winnipeg city route 52.svgManitoba Highway 1.svg Main Street ( Route 52 ) to PTH 1 See Portage and Main
Yellowhead Blank.svgWinnipeg city route 85.svg Route 85 / Yellowhead Highway eastern terminus
Westbrook Street6.03.7Westbrook Street Shaw Park Route 57 branches south onto Westbrook Street
Portage Avenue east end • Westbrook Street north end
Pioneer Avenue (westbound)
William Stephenson Way (eastbound)
Winnipeg city route 52.svg To Main Street ( Route 52 ) / Pioneer AvenueOne-way westbound; Route 52 west branches north onto Westbrook Street
William Stephenson WayOne-way eastbound; Route 52 east branches east onto William Stephenson Way
Westbrook Street south end • Pioneer Avenue / William Stephenson Way west end (one-way transition)
Pioneer Avenue6.44.0Waterfront Drive / Israel Asper Way Canadian Museum for Human Rights, The Forks
William Stephenson Way east end (one-way transition)
Red River 6.84.2Provencher Bridge
Pioneer Avenue east end • Provencher Boulevard west end
Provencher Boulevard St. Boniface 7.04.3Tache Avenue
7.94.9Thibault Street / Des Meurons Street
8.45.2Winnipeg city route 30.svg Archibald Street ( Route 30 )Route 57 eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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