1919 in Brazil

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Events in the year 1919 in Brazil .



President of Brazil

The President of Brazil, officially the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil or simply the President of the Republic, is both the head of state and the head of government of Brazil. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the Brazilian Armed Forces. The presidential system was established in 1889, upon the proclamation of the republic in a military coup d'état against Emperor Pedro II. Since then, Brazil has had six constitutions, three dictatorships, and three democratic periods. During the democratic periods, voting has always been compulsory. The Constitution of Brazil, along with several constitutional amendments, establishes the requirements, powers, and responsibilities of the president, their term of office and the method of election.

Delfim Moreira President of Brazil

Delfim Moreira da Costa Ribeiro was a Brazilian politician who served as tenth President of Brazil.

Epitácio Pessoa Brazilian politician and judge

Epitácio Lindolfo da Silva Pessoa was a Brazilian politician and jurist who served as 11th President of Brazil between 1919 and 1922, when Rodrigues Alves was unable to take office due to illness, after being elected in 1918. His period of government was marked by military revolts that would culminate in the Revolution of 1930, which brought Getúlio Vargas into control of the federal government.


Ford Brasil company

Ford Brasil is the subsidiary of American automaker Ford Motor Company, founded on April 24, 1919. The operation started out importing the Ford Model T cars and the Ford Model TT trucks in kit form from the United States for assembly in Brazil. The Ford brand, however, had already been present in the country since 1904 with both vehicles being sold in Brazil.

1919 South American Championship

The 1919 South American Championship of Nations was the third continental championship for South American national football teams. It was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from May 11 to May 29, 1919.


Edgard Cognat was a Brazilian painter and sculptor born in Rio de Janeiro.

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Antônio Olinto Brazilian writer

Antônio Olinto Marques da Rocha was a Brazilian writer, essayist and translator.


Francisco de Paula Rodrigues Alves Brazilian politician

Francisco de Paula Rodrigues Alves, PC was a Brazilian politician who first served as governor of the State of São Paulo in 1887, then as Treasury minister in the 1890s. Rodrigues Alves was elected President of Brazil in 1902 and served until 1906.

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Venceslau Brás President of Brazil

Venceslau Brás Pereira Gomes was a Brazilian politician who served as ninth President of Brazil between 1914 and 1918, during the First Brazilian Republic. Brás was born in Brasópolis, Minas Gerais State. He became governor of that state in 1909, and in 1910 he was elected vice-president under Hermes Rodrigues da Fonseca. He was elected president in 1914 and served until 1918. His government declared war on the Central Powers in October 1917 during World War I. He was the longest-lived Brazilian president, reaching 98 years of age.

João Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Brazilian politician

João Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque was the governor of Paraíba between 1928 and 1930.

1919 Brazilian presidential election

Early presidential elections were held in Brazil on 13 April 1919, following the death of Rodrigues Alves, who had been elected the previous year. The result was a victory for Epitácio Pessoa of the Paraíba Republican Party, who received 71.0% of the vote.

1918 Brazilian general election

General elections were held in Brazil on 1 March 1918. The presidential elections were won by former President Rodrigues Alves, who received 99.1% of the vote. However, he died of the Spanish flu in 1919 before he could take office. Vice-President Delfim Moreira became Acting President until fresh elections were held on 13 April 1919.

The Republican Party of Minas Gerais was a Brazilian political party founded on 4 June 1888 and active during the First Brazilian Republic. It represented the republican ideology of the agrarian elite of the state of Minas Gerais.

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José Joaquim Cardoso de Melo Neto was a lawyer, professor and politician from Brazil.


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