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Catherine J. Cesarsky
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Catherine J. Cesarsky
Born (1943-02-24) 24 February 1943 (age 78)
Ambazac, France
Nationality Flag of France.svg French
Alma mater University of Buenos Aires
Harvard University [1]
Known forDesigning the ISOCAM camera on board the Infrared Space Observatory
Awards COSPAR Space Science Award (1998)
Scientific career
Fields Astronomer
Institutions European Southern Observatory
Thesis Interactions of Cosmic Rays with Hydromagnetic Waves in the Galaxy  (1971)

Catherine Jeanne Cesarsky (born Catherine Jeanne Gattegno on 24 February 1943) is an Argentine and French astronomer, known for her successful research activities in several central areas of modern astrophysics. She was formerly president of the International Astronomical Union (2006-2009) [2] and the director general of the European Southern Observatory (1999–2007). In 2017 she became Chairman of the Board of the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project.



Born in France, Catherine Cesarsky was largely raised in Argentina and she received a degree in physical sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. She graduated with a PhD in astronomy in 1971 from Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass., USA), and for three years was a faculty member at the California Institute of Technology.



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