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Delmark Records
Genre Jazz, blues
Founded1953 (1953)
Founder Bob Koester
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois
Number of locations
United States

Delmark Records is an American jazz and blues independent record label. [1] It was founded in 1958 as Delmar Records and is based in Chicago, Illinois. The label originated in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1953 when then owner, and founder, Bob Koester released a recording of the Windy City Six, a traditional jazz group, under the Delmar imprint.



Born in 1932 in Wichita, Kansas, Bob Koester was the son of a petroleum engineer. While in the hospital with polio when he was a child, he listened to the radio and was cheered up when he heard Eddie Condon and Benny Goodman. In his teens, he was a dedicated jazz fan who began buying old records from a Salvation Army store. At concerts in Kansas City, he heard Red Allen, Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing, Tommy Douglas, Lionel Hampton, and Jay McShann. [2]

Moving from Wichita to St. Louis to attend college, Koester began his career as a record trader in his dormitory room. Joining a local jazz club gave Koester his first taste of live jazz, seeing Clark Terry perform. Koester made acquaintance with a fellow jazz club member, Ron Fister, with whom he opened his first record shop, K & F Sales. Shortly after opening in an old restaurant storefront, they changed the name to the Blue Note Record Shop. About a year after this joint venture, Fister and Koester decided to part ways, with Koester moving to the corner of Delmar and Olive streets in St. Louis. Taking the name from the street his shop was on, Koester recorded a local jazz group the Windy City Six in 1953. Shortly thereafter, Koester found local talent such as James Crutchfield, Speckled Red, J.D. Short, and Big Joe Williams.

Koester moved to Chicago in August 1958. He bought Seymour's Jazz Mart, and in renaming the storefront the Jazz Record Mart, Delmark Records found its new home in the basement of the record shop. By 1963, Koester had moved the shop to a location at 7 West Grand. During this period in Chicago, Delmark released albums by, Barney Bigard, Donald Byrd, Jimmy Forrest, George Lewis, Bud Powell, and Ira Sullivan.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Delmark recorded the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Sonny Stitt, Junior Wells, [3] Luther Allison, Arthur Crudup, Jimmy Dawkins, Sleepy John Estes, Buddy Guy, J. B. Hutto, [4] [5] Jimmy Johnson, Magic Sam, Robert Nighthawk, Yank Rachell, Otis Rush, Roosevelt Sykes, and Malachi Thompson.

In 1966, Chuck Nessa, manager of the Jazz Record Mart, convinced Koester to release albums by musicians associated with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. The first record was Roscoe Mitchell's Sound (1966) which received a five star review in Downbeat . This was followed by Muhal Richard Abrams' Levels and Degrees of Light (1968), Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre's Humility in the Light of the Creator (1969) and Anthony Braxton's For Alto (1969). Delmark released two of the earliest Sun Ra albums, Sun Song and Sound of Joy , in 1967 and 1968 respectively.

Delmark has also released albums by Fred Anderson, Frank Catalano, Rob Mazurek, Nicole Mitchell, Ken Vandermark, Roy Campbell, Jr., and Ethnic Heritage Ensemble; and blues musicians including Zora Young, Ken Saydak, Byther Smith, Michael Coleman, Little Arthur Duncan, Eddie C. Campbell, Jimmy Burns, and ragtime musicians including Terry Waldo.

In March 2010, Delmark announced the release of the album Revisit by the Polish duo Mikrokolektyw. This album was Delmark's first by a European avant-garde jazz group in its 57-year history. [6] In 2012, Delmark released two Chicago blues albums by Linsey Alexander and Mike Wheeler. [7] [8] [9]

In May 2018, Koester retired and sold Delmark Records to Delmark Records LLC, of which Julia A. Miller is the Managing Member. Julia A. Miller became the label President & CEO and Elbio Barilari became the Vice President & Artistic Director. They are two musicians from Chicago and Uruguay, respectively. The sale included Delmark's subsidiary labels, CD and LP inventory, the catalog of masters, and Riverside Studio. [10]



Delmark Records began releasing 12 inch LP jazz albums sporadically from 1959 commencing with the 400 series and continuing with the 500 series in 1998. [11] [12] [13]

Catalog No.AlbumArtistDetails
401The Bob Graf SessionsBob Grafalso released as At Winchester
402 Blue Stroll Ira Sullivan
403The John Young Trio John Young also released as Serenata
404 All the Gin Is Gone Jimmy Forrest recorded 1959
406 Bouncing with Bud Bud Powell
407 Yusef! Yusef Lateef reissue of 1956 Transisition LP also released as First Flight by Donald Byrd
408 Sound Roscoe Mitchell
409 Archie Shepp in Europe Archie Shepp with the New York Contemporary Five partial reissue of 1964 Sonet double LP
410 Song For Joseph Jarman
411 Sun Song Sun Ra reissue of 1957 Transition LP
413 Levels and Degrees of Light Muhal Richard Abrams
414 Sound of Joy Sun Ra
415 Three Compositions of New Jazz Anthony Braxton
416I Remember Newport Leon Sash
417 As If It Were the Seasons Joseph Jarman
418Celebration for Modern ManKent Schneider
419 Humility in the Light of the Creator Maurice McIntyre
420/21 For Alto Anthony BraxtonDouble LP
422 Nicky's Tune Ira Sullivan
423 Young at Heart/Wise in Time Muhal Richard Abrams
424 Birth Sign George Freeman
425 Forces and Feelings Kalaparushna Maurice McIntyre
426 Made for Each Other Sonny Stitt and Don Patterson
427 Black Forrest Jimmy Forrestrecorded 1959
428 Together Alone Joseph Jarman and Anthony Braxton
429Because of You Tab Smith
430 Things to Come from Those Now Gone Muhal Richard Abrams
431Bad Bascomb Paul Bascomb
432/33 Live at Mandel Hall Art Ensemble of Chicago Double LP
434Somebody Done Stole My Blues Chris Woods
435 Night Train Jimmy Forrest
436RealityFrank Walton
437Modus OperandiChris Woods
438Honkers And Bar Walkers 1Various Artists
439Big Band Jazz: Tulsa to HarlemVarious Artists
440Shock of the New Brad Goode
441 Last Trio Session Wynton Kelly
442 Spirit Malachi Thompson
443After Hours Joint Jimmy Coe
444Unit 7 Mike Smith
445Upward SpiralEdward Petersen
446Tough TownJim Cooper
447Jump TimeTab Smith
448On a Cool NightMike Smith
449 Delayed Exposure Lin Halliday
450Takin' Off Sir Charles Thompson
451 Mellow Mama Dinah Washington compilation of 1947 Apollo recordings
452Honkers and Bar Walkers 2Various Artists
453 The Jaz Life Malachi Thompson
454 Experience Jodie Christian
455Ace HighTab Smith
456 New Kingdom Roy Campbell
457NutvilleJim Cooper
458 East of the Sun Lin Halliday
459 Rainbow Mist Coleman Hawkins compilation of 1944 Apollo recordings
460Call of the Gators Willis Jackson compilation of 1949-50 Apollo recordings
461 Straight Up Eric Alexander
462The TravelerMike Smith
463 Lift Every Voice Malachi Thompson
464Brass Knuckles Zane Massey
465Swingtet Live at Andy's Chuck Hedges
466 Renaissance of the Resistance Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio
467 Rain or Shine Jodie Christian
468Where or WhenLin Halliday
469 La Tierra del Fuego Roy Campbell
470And the Duke's Men Earl Hines compilation of 1944/47 Apollo recordings
471 Arnett Blows for 1300 Arnett Cobb compilation of 1947 Apollo recordings
472How D'You Like It So Far? Barrett Deems
473 New Standards Malachi Thompson
474HaintEdward Petersen
475 Hey Donald Roscoe Mitchell
476 Up, Over & Out Eric Alexander
477 Big Cliff Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio with special guest Billy Bang
478 Cerupa Cecil Payne
479Portrait in the Mist Andrew Lamb
480Sinatra Song BookMike Smith
481 Buddy Bolden's Rag Malachi Thompson and Africa Brass featuring Lester Bowie
482Horns AplentyBetty O'Hara
483SkylarkChuck Hedges and Johnny Varro
484That's for Sure!Bobby Smith
485 This Is My House NRG Ensemble
486 Ultimate Frontier Ari Brown
487Safe to ImagineZane Massey
488StablematesEric Alexander and Lin Halliday
489Just Found JoyThe Rich Corpolongo Quartet plus Two
490 Front Line Jodie Christian
491WarriorCarl Leukaufe
492DeemusBarrett Deems
493Sound SongsRoscoe Mitchell
494 Scotch and Milk Cecil Payne
495Motherless ChildAndy Goodrich
496 The Continuum Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
497 47th Street Malachi Thompson
498 Soul Fountain Jodie Christian
499Top and BottomTab Smith
500 Mode for Mabes Eric Alexander
501Cut It Out Frank Catalano
502SmilesRich Corpolongo
503 Playground Rob Mazurek Chicago Underground Orchestra
504 Venus Ari Brown
505Groovin' HardBarrett Deems Big Band
506 Freebop Now! Malachi Thompson
507 Return of the Lost Tribe Bright Momentscollaborative project by Joseph Jarman, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Kahil El'Zabar, Malachi Favors and Adegoke Steve Colson
508Von & Ed Von Freeman and Ed Petersen
509 Payne's Window Cecil Payne
510 In Walked Buckner The Roscoe Mitchell Quartet
511 Possible Cube Chicago Underground Trio
512The Song BirdFrancine Griffin
513Heretic BluesKevin O'Donnell's Quality Six
514 Conversations Archie Shepp and Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio
515Love You Madly Eddie Johnson
516 Design in Time Ken Vandermark 's Sound in Action Trio
517 Freedom Jazz Dance Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
518 Rising Daystar Malachi Thompson
519 Africa N'Da Blues Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio
521 Flamethrower Chicago Underground Trio
522Control FreakKevin O'Donnell's Quality Six
523AireginLin Halliday
524 Jo'burg Jump Ernest Dawkins ' New Horizons Ensemble
525You Talkin' to Me?!Von Freeman and Frank Catalano
526Robbins' Nest: Live at the Jazz ShowcaseSir Charles Thompson
528 Ethnic Stew and Brew Roy Campbell
529 Chic Boom: Live at the Jazz Showcase Cecil Payne
530Modern Man Bobby Broom
531 Reminiscing Jodie Christian Trio
532 Talking Horns Malachi Thompson
533 Spirits Entering Kahil El'Zabar and Billy Bang
534 On the Run, Live at the Velvet Lounge Fred Anderson
535At the PartyEarl Hinesrecorded 1970
536Live at the Green MillFrank Catalano
537I've Got Rhythm: Live at the Jazz ShowcaseSir Charles Thompson
538Jumpin' at Apollo Illinois Jacquet compilation of tracks recorded for Apollo between 1945 and 1948
539Mister LuckyAl Green and Othello Anderson
540 Silver Spines Rob Mazurek
541Love Outside of DreamsKahil El'Zabar Trio
542Honkers & Bar Walkers Volume ThreeVarious Artists
543Like-Coping Jeff Parker
544 Four Compositions (GTM) 2000 Anthony Braxton
545 Cape Town Shuffle Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble
546 Cipher Josh Abrams
547 Titration Active Ingredients
548 Blue Jazz Malachi Thompson and Africa Brass with Gary Bartz and Billy Harper
549 Back at the Velvet Lounge Fred Anderson
550 Up Jumped Spring Curtis Fuller
551Breeding ResistanceTed Sirota's Rebel Souls
552Tribute to HampDuane Thamm and the Chuck Hedges Swingtet
553Morning Song Kalaparush and the Light
554Yes Indeed! Women Vocalists on UnitedVarious Artists
555Crazy WalkTab Smithrecorded for United Records in the 1950s
556Deep Blue BruiseDeep Blue Organ Trio
557 We Is Kahil El'Zabar and David Murray
558Song Songs SongJeff Parker and Scott Fields
559 Mean Ameen Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble
560More Questions Than AnswersJim Baker
561Several LightsChicago Luzern Exchange
562Running Out of TimeSavoirFaire
563 It's Magic Sonny Stitt
564High VoltageCommon Ground
565Blues for HawkYves Francoisrecorded between 1981 and 1986 and originally released on the Pinnacle label
566 Live at the River East Art Center Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio with Billy Bang
567Hypnotic SuggestionBrad Goode
568 Timeless, Live at the Velvet Lounge Fred Anderson
569Goin' to Town: Live at the Green MillDeep Blue Organ Trio
570 The Messenger Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble
571Ready EverydayKeefe Jackson's Fast Citizens
572 Big M: A Tribute to Malachi Favors Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio featuring Billy Bang
573 Chronicle Chicago Underground Trio
574Hot 'n' HeavyEthnic Heritage Ensemble
575 Black Unstoppable Nicole Mitchell 's Black Earth Ensemble
576TransmigrationKahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra
577 Live at the Green Mill Ari Brown
578Nature BoyBrad Goode
579Doctor MidnightSabertooth
580Just Like ThisKeefe Jackson's Project Project
581The Art of DyingJason Ajemian
582Drop ItCorey Wilkes
583Tickle Toe Cy Touff and Sandy Mosse Recorded in Chicago in October 1981
584West of State Street / East of Harlem'John Burnett Swing Orchestra
585Go Red Go! Red Holloway
586 Sound Is Rob Mazurek Quintet
587 Renegades Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Strings
588Old IdeaJosh Berman
589 21st Century Chase Fred Anderson
590Two Cities Aram Shelton 's Fast Citizens
591Revisit Mikrokolektyw
592Get HappyRich Corpolongo Trio
593Tight Like ThisBrad Goode
595Stars Have ShapesExploding Star Orchestra
596Down for DoubleJohn Burnett Orchestra with special guest Buddy DeFranco
597Dew PointMikrokolektyw
598 The Prairie Prophet Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble
599 Awakening Nicole Mitchell

2000 Series

Delmark Records 2000 series consisted of eight CD releases between 2011 and 2012 when Delmark commenced the 5000 series. [14]

Catalog No.AlbumArtistDetails
2011Double DemonStarlickerRob Mazurek, Jason Adasiewicz, John Herndon
2012 Spacer Jason Adasiewicz 's Sun Rooms
2013The Story This TimeJason Stein
2014Explosion!Jim Holman
2015Bright Light in Winter Jeff Parker
2016There NowJosh Berman & His Gang
2017Gather Fred Lonberg-Holm 's Fast Citizens
2018Stellar Pulsations Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet

5000 Series

Delmark Records 5000 series follows the 2000 series as the main series of Delmark jazz albums from 2012 onwards. [15]

Catalog No.AlbumArtistDetails
5001 Afro Straight Ernest Dawkins
5002 What It Is! Kahil El'Zabar Quartet
5003Absent Minded Mikrokolektyw
5004 Aquarius Nicole Mitchell 's Ice Crystals
5005Cicada Music Frank Rosaly
5007The Space BetweenRob Mazurek Exploding Star Electro Acousic Ensemble
5008Heavy Artillery Howard Alden / Andy Brown Quartet
5009A Round GoalKeefe Jackson's Likely So
5010Blue Skies Ira Sullivan presents the Jim Holman Trio featuring Roger Humphries
5011 Groove Awakening Ari Brown
5012Trance Hypothesis Fareed Haque
5013Follow the SunKahil El'Zabar's Ritural Trio
5014High Red CenterJason Roebke Octet
5015Force MajeurePaul Giallorenzo's GitGO
5016FolklordsJason Ajemian
5017From the RegionJason Adasiewicz's Sun Rooms
5018In the Wee Small HoursSax Gordon
5019SoloistAndy Brown
5020The Time Inside a YearDave McDonnell Group
5021A Dance and a HopJosh Berman
5022Invitation Larry Novak Trio
5023Direct CallAndy Brown
5024 Rows and Rows Keefe Jackson and Jason Adasiewicz
5025Lucille!Jason Stein Quartet
5026FlowPaul Giallorenzo Trio with Joshua Abrams
5027Yes, and... Music for Nine ImprovisorsGeof Bradfield
5028Paquito LibreVolcano Radar featuring Paquito D’Rivera
5029New Latin American Music for Guitar And String Quartet Fareed Haque and KAIA String Quartet
5030Soulful DaysSoul Message Band
5031Ephemeral CertaintiesJavier Red’s Imagery Converter
5032It’s Too Hot for WordsMetropolitan Jazz Octet featuring Dee Alexander


Delmark Records began releasing 12 inch LP blues albums in 1961 with the 600 series which continued through the 800s by 2008. [16] [17]

Catalog No.AlbumArtistDetails
601The Dirty Dozens Speckled Red
602Piney Woods Blues Big Joe Williams
603Legend Sleepy John Estes
604Blues on Highway 49Big Joe Williams
605Lonesome Bedroom Blues Curtis Jones
606Mandolin Blues Yank Rachell and his Tennessee Jug-Busters
607 Hard Drivin' Blues Roosevelt Sykes with Homesick James
608Broke and Hungry (Ragged and Dirty, Too)Sleepy John Estes
609Stavin' Chain BluesBig Joe Williams and J.D. Short
611Sleepy John Estes in EuropeSleepy John Estes
612 Hoodoo Man Blues Junior Wells
613Brownsville BluesSleepy John Estes
614Look on Yonder's Wall Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
615 West Side Soul Magic Sam Blues Band
616Roosevelt Sykes in Europe SoloRoosevelt Sykes
617Hawk Squat J. B. Hutto and the Hawks with Sunnyland Slim
618Sweet Home ChicagoVarious Artists
619Electric SleepSleepy John Estes
620 Black Magic Magic Sam Blues Band
621Crudup's MoodArthur "Big Boy" Crudup
622 Carey Bell's Blues Harp Carey Bell
623Fast Fingers Jimmy Dawkins
624Chicago Ain't Nothing But a Blues BandVarious Artists
625 Love Me Mama Luther Allison
626Blues Piano OrgyVarious Artists
627Nine String Guitar BluesBig Joe Williams
628Southside Blues JamJunior Wells with Buddy Guy and Otis Spann
629Blues with a Touch of Soul Mighty Joe Young
630Steady Rollin' Man Robert Lockwood Jr.
631 Kidney Stew is Fine Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
632 Feel Like Blowing My Horn Roosevelt Sykes
633I Want a Little Girl T-Bone Walker
634All for BusinessJimmy Dawkins
635On TapJunior Wells
636SlidewinderJ.B. Hutto
637He May Be Your Man (But He Comes to See Me Sometimes) Edith Wilson
638Cold Day in Hell Otis Rush
639Newport BluesSleepy John Estes
640Blues Hit Big TownJunior Wells
641BlisterstringJimmy Dawkins
642Raining in My HeartRoosevelt Sykes
643So Many Roads: Live in JapanOtis Rush
644Johnson's Whacks Jimmy Johnson
645/646 Magic Sam Live Magic Sam2-LP set of recordings from Chicago in 1963/64 and from the Ann Arbor Blues Festival in 1969
647North/SouthJimmy Johnson
648The Blues World of Little WalterVarious Artists
649Chicago Style Yank Rachell
650Professor Strut Professor's Blues Revue with Karen Carroll
651 The Magic Sam Legacy Magic Sam
652Bluebird Blues Dave Specter and Barkin' Bill Smith
653Ain't It Nice Willie Kent
654 Give Me Time Magic Samcollection of 1968 home recordings
655 House Rent Party Sunnyland Slim featuring Jimmy Rogers, Willie Mabon and St. Louis Jimmy compilation of 1949 Apollo recordings
656Central Avenue Boogie Pete Johnson compilation of 1947 Apollo recordings
657West Coast JiveVarious Artistscompilation of 1946-47 Apollo recordings by Cee Pee Johnson, Duke Henderson, Lucky Thompson, Al "Stomp" Russell, Frank Haywood and Wynonie Harris
658Fortune Tellin' Man Jesse Fortune and Dave Specter
659Lay It on 'em Girls Big Time Sarah and the BTS Express
660Let’s Talk It Over Lonnie Brooks
661Big Wheeler's Bone Orchard Golden "Big" Wheeler with the Ice Cream Men
662The Strongman Reginald R. Robinson
663 Goodbye Mr. Blues Little Brother Montgomery 's State Street Swingers
664BlueplicityDave Specter
665Lonely Traveler Jimmie Lee Robinson
666 Heartaches and Pain Carey Bell
667Too Hurt to CryWillie Kent
668Get Your Kicks Duke Henderson compilation of 1945 Apollo recordings
669East Coast JiveVarious Artistscompilation of 1946-47 Apollo recordings by Babs Gonzales, The Four Blues, Artie Simms, Loumell Morgan, Ben Smith and Babe Wallace
670Sounds in SilhouetteReginald R. Robinson
671Let Your Hair Down!Floyd McDaniel and the Blues Swingers
672Gotcha! Barkin' Bill Smith
673One to Infinity Tad Robinson
674Back in the Game Syl Johnson with Hi Rhythm
675Wild CardsAl Miller
676Sweetheart of the Blues Bonnie Lee
677Live in EuropeDave Specter and the Bluebirds
678Boogie My Blues Away Eddy Clearwater
679Mercurial Son Lurrie Bell
680Had My Fun Karen Carroll
681Live at Westville Prison Little Milton
682I Ain't Lyin' Little Sammy Davis
683Everybody Boogie! Wynonie Harris compilation of 1945 Apollo recordings with Illinois Jacquet, Jack McVea and Oscar Pettiford
684Don't You Feel My LegBlu Lu / Wee Bea / Baby Deecompilation of 1946/50 Apollo recordings
685Blues Around the Clock Willie Bryant
686Homebrew Brewer Phillips
687Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine? Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
688Live at Blue Chicago Johnny B. Moore
689Crying for My Baby Lacy Gibson
690Women of Blue ChicagoVarious Artists
691Mississippi Kid Byther Smith & The Night Riders
692Blues in the Year One-D-OneBig Time Sarah and the BTS Express
693Left Turn On BlueDave Specter
694Leaving Here Walking Jimmy Burns
695Hello World Aaron Moore
696Long Way to Ol' MissWillie Kent
697Blues Guitar GreatsVarious Artists
698Can't Stop Now Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang
699Blues Before Sunrise Live Vol. 1Various Artists
700700 BluesLurrie Bell
701Troubled WorldJohnny B. Moore
702Working the Road: The Golden Age of Chicago GospelVarious Artists
703Chop Chop BoomVarious ArtistsThe Dandeliers and Other Great Groups on States
704Mary Joe The Four Blazes
705Boogie Woogie Stomp Albert Ammons with Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson
706West Side BabyFloyd McDaniel
707Talk to the HandKaren Carroll
708All Night LongByther Smith
709Jump InGolden "Big" Wheeler
710Memphis Slim U.S.AMemphis Slim and his House Rockers featuring Matt "Guitar" Murphy
711Bricks in My Pillow Robert Nighthawk
712Harmonica Blues Kings Big Walter Horton and Alfred "Blues King" Harris
714Windy City Boogie J. T. Brown
715Jump 'n' Shout!Various Artists
716Wrapped in My Baby Morris Pejoe / Arthur "Big Boy" Spires
717Long Man Blues Various Artists
718Euphonic SoundsReginald R. Robinson
719Ready! James Wheeler
720Straight Out of Chicago The Rockin' Johnny Band
721Blues Spoken HereDave Specter and Lenny Lynn
722Last Go RoundTad Robinson
723Make Room for the BluesWillie Kent
724Kiss of Sweet BluesLurrie Bell
725Foolish Man Ken Saydak
726Junk Food A.C. Reed
727Good Blues to You Aron Burton
728American People Tail Dragger
729Talkin' Bout Chicago!Syl Johnson
730Night Time AgainJimmy Burns
731Boot 'Em UpAaron Moore
732Man's TemptationThe Rockin' Johnny Band
733Singin' with the Sun Little Arthur Duncan
734'C' for Chicago Steve Freund
735Smile on My FaceSunnyland Slim with Lacy Gibson and Lee Jackson [18]
736Blues Had a BabyLurrie Bell
738The Neglected Professor Charles Thompson
739Biddle Street Barrelhousin'Various Artists Speckled Red, Henry Brown, Stump Johnson, James Crutchfield, Lawrence Henry
740Dr. FeelgoodPiano Red
741New Role Soul Robert Ward
742All in the JoyThe Big DooWopper
743Can't Take It James Wheeler
744Speculatin'Dave Specter
745Pepper's HangoutJimmy Johnson
746This Is the Blues HarmonicaVarious Artists
747Do Your Thing! Michael Coleman
748Learned My Lesson Zora Young
749Blues Is a Feeling Jesse Thomas
750A Million of YouBig Time Sarah
751Love Without TrustThe Ken Saydak Band
752I'll Be Your MuleSteve Freund
753Joplin's Disciple Brun Campbell
754Hoot & Holler Saturday Night! Piney Brown / Eddie Mackcompilation of 1948/50 Apollo recordings
755The Back Porch Boys Alex "Guitar Slim" Seward and Louis "Jelly Belly" Hayescompilation of 1947-50 Apollo recordings with Blind Willie McTell, Champion Jack Dupree and Brownie McGhee
756McVoutie's Central Avenue Blues Jack McVea compilation of 1945-46 Apollo recordings with Rabon Tarrant, Wynonie Harris, Wild Bill Moore, Cee Pee Johnson and Duke Henderson
757Killer DillerShirley Johnson
758Snake Eyes Eddie Burns
759Bye Bye BabyRobert McCoy
760On the Battlefield... Great Gospel QuartetsVarious Artists
761Bang Goes My HeeartVarious ArtistsThe Moroccans and Other Great Groups on United
762The Come BackMemphis Slim and his House Rockers with Matt "Guitar" Murphy
763I Smell a Rat Lester Davenport
764The Delmark SessionsFrank Morey
765 Rockin' Wild in Chicago Magic Sam
766Feel the Spirit: A Tribute to MahaliaThe Big DooWopper
767I Got WildBig Joe Williams
768Switchin' in the KitchenDave Clark's Blues Swingers featuring Floyd McDaniel
769Rockin' in the Same BoatJohnny B. Moore
770Back to the DeltaJimmy Burns
771If Heartaches Were NickelsCharles Wilson
772Something Within Me William Warfield
773Chicago BoogieRoosevelt Sykes
774Hold That TrainByther Smith
775The United Records StoryVarious Artists
776Tell MeVarious ArtistsThe Five C's and Other Great Groups on United
777Blues on the Internet Detroit Junior
778Stompin' at Mother BluesJ.B. Hutto
779Is What It IsDave Specter and Steve Freund
780This Is the Blues Harmonica Vol 2Various Artists
781All Your Love I Miss LovingOtis Rush
782My Head Is BaldTail Dragger
783One Eye Open Mississippi Heat featuring Lurrie Bell
784Tore Up from the Floor UpZora Young
785Blues Brunch at the MartMichael Coleman and the Delmark All-Stars
786That Ain't Right Magic Slim and the Teardrops / Joe Carter with Sunnyland Slim
787Live at Theresa's 1975Junior Wells
788Alton Blues Barrelhouse Buck McFarland
789Live at B.L.U.E.SJimmy Burns
790Street Singer: Born 1875Cowboy Roy Brown
791Gettin' Up LiveCarey Bell and Lurrie Bell
792Messin' Around Blues Jimmy Blythe
793Live At Rosa's Blues LoungeLittle Arthur Duncan
794Live in ChicagoDave Specter
795Hattiesburg BluesMississippi Heat
796Blues on the MoonByther Smith
797On 80 HighwaySleepy John Estes with Hammie Nixon
798Blues AttackShirley Johnson
799Tear This World Up Eddie C. Campbell
800It Ain't Over: Delmark Celebrates 55 Years of BluesVarious Artists
801Hey Jodie!Quintus McCormick Blues Band
802The French ConnectionZora Young
803Live at Rooster's LoungeTail Dragger
804Boogie Woogie KingsVarious Artists
805The Life I LoveWillie Buck
806Burnin' LoveDave Weld and the Imperial Flames
807Let's Live It Up!Mississippi Heat
808Jimmy Dawkins Presents The Leric StoryVarious Artists
809Live in Boston 1966Junior Wells and the Aces
810That's the Way You Do Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings
811Love You from the TopJames Kinds
812Gettin' Kinda Rough!Graná Louise
813Low Down PapaClarence Johnson
814Bad Girl Demetria Taylor
815Put It On Me!Quintus McCormick Blues Band
816The Real DealSharon Lewis and Texas Fire
817Leaving Mood Toronzo Cannon
818Old School Rockin'Studebaker John
819Spider Eating PreacherEddie C. Campbell
820Grim ReaperThe Rockin' Johnny Band
821Still Called the BluesQuintus McCormick
822Been There Done That Linsey Alexander
823Delta BoundMississippi Heat
824Self Made Man Mike Wheeler
825Cell Phone ManWillie Buck
826...In Between TimeAl Miller Chicago Blues Band
827Sunny RoadArthur "Big Boy" Crudup
828Stop Lyin'Tail Dragger
829Blues In My SoulLurrie Bell
830Kingsville Jukin'Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings
831John the Conquer RootToronzo Cannon
832TroublesJohn & Sylvia Embry
833 Live at the Avant Garde Magic Sam
834Stoned SoulGiles Corey
835Live In Japan with Hammie NixonSleepy John Estes
836Message in BlueDave Specter
837Set Me Free Steve Freund and Gloria Hardiman
838Come Back BabyLinsey Alexander
839Warning ShotMississippi Heat
840Born & RaisedOmar Coleman
841It Ain’t RightJimmy Burns
842Slip Into a DreamDave Weld and the Imperial Flames
843 Truth Guy King
844Corey Dennison BandCorey Dennison Band
845Turn Up!!Mike Wheeler Band
846Omar Coleman Live!Omar Coleman
847Can’t Shake This FeelingLurrie Bell
848Cab Driving ManMississippi Heat
849Grown Ass WomanSharon Lewis and Texas Fire
850Lonesome Highway' Billy Flynn
851Two CatsLinsey Alexander
852Night After NightCorey Dennison Band
853Sometimes the Blues Got Me Breezy Rodio
854Back to ChicagoRockwell Avenue Blues Band
855Tribute to Carey BellLurrie Bell & The Bell Dynasty
856Tribute: Delmark’s 65th AnniversaryVarious Artists
857Willie Buck WayWillie Buck
858Johnny Burgin Live Johnny Burgin
859Blues from the Inside OutDave Specter
860If It Ain't Broke Don’t Fix ItBreezy Rodio

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<i>Talkin Some Sense</i> 1968 studio album by Lightnin Hopkins

Talkin' Some Sense, is an album by blues musician Lightnin' Hopkins recorded in Texas in 1968 and released on Stan Lewis' Jewel Records label.

<i>All the Gin Is Gone</i> 1965 studio album by Jimmy Forrest

All the Gin Is Gone is an album by the American jazz saxophonist Jimmy Forrest recorded in 1959 but not released by the Delmark label until 1965.

<i>Birth Sign</i> (album) 1970 studio album by George Freeman

Birth Sign is the debut album by the American jazz guitarist George Freeman recorded in 1969 and released by the Delmark label.

<i>47th Street</i> (album) 1998 studio album by Malachi Thompson

47th Street is an album by the American jazz trumpeter Malachi Thompson, released by the Delmark label in 1998. The album formed part of Thompson's efforts to revitalize the Sutherland Hotel one of the last remaining links to the 47th Street Jazz Scene in Chicago.

<i>Magic Sam Live</i> 1981 live album by Magic Sam

Magic Sam Live is a live album by the American blues musician Magic Sam, recorded in Chicago in 1963/63 and at the first Ann Arbor Blues Festival in Michigan in 1969, that was released by the Delmark label in 1981.

<i>The Magic Sam Legacy</i> 1989 compilation album by Magic Sam

The Magic Sam Legacy is a compilation of unreleased tracks by the American blues musician Magic Sam, recorded in Chicago between 1966 and 1968, that was released by the Delmark label in 1989.

<i>Rockin Wild in Chicago</i> 2002 live album by Magic Sam

Rockin' Wild in Chicago is a live album by the American blues musician Magic Sam, compiling tracks recorded in Chicago between 1963 and 1968, that was released by the Delmark label in 2021.

<i>Carey Bells Blues Harp</i> 1969 studio album by Carey Bell

Carey Bell's Blues Harp is the debut album by the American blues musician Carey Bell, recorded in Chicago in 1969, that was released by the Delmark label.

<i>Heartaches and Pain</i> 1994 studio album by Carey Bell

Heartaches and Pain is an album by the American blues musician Carey Bell, recorded in Chicago in 1977, but not released by the Delmark label until 1994.

<i>Love Me Mama</i> 1969 studio album by Luther Allison and the Blue Nebulae

Love Me Mama is the debut album by the American blues musician Luther Allison recorded in Chicago in 1969 and released by the Delmark label.

<i>Kidney Stew Is Fine</i> 1969 studio album by Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson

Kidney Stew Is Fine is an album by the American saxophonist/vocalist Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson recorded in France in 1969, and originally released by the French Black & Blue label as Wee Baby Blues, before being re-released by the Delmark label in the United States.

<i>Singing the Blues</i> (Big Joe Turner album) 1967 studio album by Joe Turner

Singing the Blues is an album by blues vocalist Joe Turner recorded in 1967 and originally released by the BluesWay label.

<i>Feel Like Blowing My Horn</i> 1973 studio album by Roosevelt Sykes

Feel Like Blowing My Horn is an album by blues musician Roosevelt Sykes, recorded in 1970 and released by the Delmark label in 1973.

<i>Hard Drivin Blues</i> 1964 studio album by Roosevelt Sykes with Homesick James Williamson

Hard Drivin' Blues is an album by blues musician Roosevelt Sykes with Homesick James Williamson recorded in 1963 and released by the Delmark label the following year.


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