Henry of Sandwich

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Henry of Sandwich
Bishop of London
Elected13 November 1262
Term ended15 September 1273
Predecessor Richard Talbot
Successor John Chishull
Consecration27 May 1263
Personal details
Died15 September 1273
Denomination Roman Catholic
Previous post(s) Prebendary of Weldland

Henry of Sandwich (died 1273) was a medieval Bishop of London.



Henry was the son of Henry of Sandwich, a knight from Sandwich, Kent. He held the prebend of Weldland in the diocese of London. [1]

Henry was Archdeacon of Oxford from 1259 to 1262. [2] He was elected Bishop of London on 13 November 1262, confirmed 21 December and consecrated on 27 May 1263. He was suspended from office on 1 December 1265 but was reinstated by Pope Gregory X on 31 May 1272. He returned to England from exile on 31 January 1273. [1]

Henry died on 15 September 1273. [3] After his death, his nephew Sir Ralph de Sandwich was made administrator of the See of London, having already acted as their administrator during Henry's exile in Rome.


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